39 Candy Puns For Instagram If You Have A Few Twix Up Your Sleeve

Reese's, and Twix, and Snickers, oh my! Candy is just the best, amiright? An awesome chocolate bar is pretty much like the perfect boyfriend. It's always there for you when you need it, and it's totally sweet. Candy also comes in every color you could ever imagine, so not only is it delicious to eat, but it's also a beautiful sight to look at. You know that moment you instantly light up when you get to the checkout counter and see that display of candy right next to the register? Yep, I think we can all agree that candy is life. This is why having a picture of something sweet with some candy puns for Instagram is essential if you're looking to increase those likes.

This can be a picture of your Halloween candy, a selfie with your favorite sugary treat, a picturesque view of the gorgeous aisles of a candy store, or just a sweet pic of you and your bae. Either way, just like everyone loves candy, everyone will love a good candy pun. But, you don't have to stress yourself out trying to come up with them on your own. Thanks to the Pinterest gods, we have been blessed to find these 39 sweet candy puns ready for you to pair with your sugary picture. So, grab your favorite one (just like candy in a bowl), and work on that perfect Instagram post that will please everyone's sweet tooth.

1. "There are so many 'Resse' ons why you're the best." — Unknown

2. "I'm not playing Twix when I say I love you." — Unknown

3. "I won't let you slip through my Butter Fingers." — Unknown

4. "I can't Resse-ist you." — Unknown

5. "My life would suck without you." — Kelly Clarkson

6. "Baby, you make my heart Starburst." — Unknown

7. "You are the Kit Kat's meow." — Unknown

8. "You stole a Resse's Piece of my heart." — Unknown

9. "You are my Hot Tamale." — Unknown

10. "You are my sweetie." — Unknown

11. "I like the way you Rolo." — Unknown

12. "I wanted to show my appreciation by giving you 100 Grand." — Unknown

13. "You are Extra special." — Unknown

14. "You might be going through a Sour Patch, but I know you will make it through." — Unknown

15. "I miss you beary much." — Unknown

16. "Thank you for your Tootsie Roll in my life." — Unknown

17. "Starbursting to tell you, you're amazing." — Unknown

18. "I love your commit-mint to being great." — Unknown

19, "You're a superStar. I'm so thankful I could Burst." — Unknown

20. "Thanks, that mint a lot to me." — Unknown

21. "You are o-fish-ally the best." — Unknown

22. "You are the brightest star in the Milky Way." — Unknown

23. "Here's a little encourage-mint." — Unknown

24. "You bring me so much Almond Joy." — Unknown

25. "All my Kisses are for you." — Unknown

26. "You make my heart do Flipz." — Unknown

27. "Thanks for bean here with us." — Unknown

28. "You're a Smartie pants." — Unknown

29. "You'll forever always without a doubt be my Sugar Daddy." — Unknown

30. "I'm nuts about you." — Unknown

31. "You Pop Rock my world." — Unknown

32. "I hit the big PayDay with you." — Unknown

33. "No Duds with you." — Unknown

34. "Candy Worms, I'm hooked on you." — Unknown

35. "Have I told you Resse-ently how much I appreciate you?" — Unknown

36. "I'm a sucker for puns." — Unknown

37. "Nothing can come be-Twix-t us." — Unknown

38. "We are going to have a Jolly good time." — Unknown

39. "No Snickers intended, you are the best." — Unknown