39 Bloody Mary Instagram Captions For Mother's Day Brunch Pics

Mother's Day calls for a dope brunch. It's everything you need to properly celebrate the occasion: great food (because breakfast is the real MVP), even better company, and the best boozy drinks. I think all of us who are 21 and up can agree brunch isn't complete without bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys. Therefore, to get the party started on May 13, Bloody Mary Instagram captions for Mother's Day are in order.

If Mom is the life of the party and is always down to upgrade her brunch game, you just may be in luck. It sounds like a Bloody Mary Mother's Day brunch is the way to go. Whether you're planning a big get-together with the whole family, or hosting an intimate boozy breakfast at your apartment before you head out for the day, she'll appreciate the effort you put into planning.

The best part of all, creating a Bloody Mary bar is easier than you think. Organize all of Mom's favorite drink toppings: olives, celery, tomatoes, pickles, cheese (seriously, go for it), and her favorite mix. Make the spread look cute for the 'Gram with some Mother's Day decorations. She'll be super surprised, and you'll get the perfect Mother's Day snapshot of her with her DIY Bloody Mary. When you're done, these 39 captions will tie your post together.

Jeremy Pawlowski/Stocksy

1. "Every bloody needs a buddy." — Unknown

2. "Do Bloody Marys count as a vegetable?" — Unknown

3. "This is my resting brunch face." — Unknown

4. "You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary." — Unknown

5. "Brunch, because Bloody Marys." — Unknown

6. "Eat. Drink. Be Bloody Mary." — Unknown

7. "My aesthetic: sunglasses and Boody Marys." — Unknown

8. "Brunch so hard Bloody Marys want to find me." — Unknown

9. "Brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast." — Unknown

10. "Brunch: the socially acceptable excuse for day drinking." — Unknown

11. "This calls for a Bloody Mary." — Unknown

12. "Sip happens." — Unknown

13. "Keep calm and sip a Bloody Mary." — Unknown

14. "It's a Bloody Mary kind of morning." — Unknown

15. "Make mine a Bloody Mary." — Unknown

16. "Bloodies for breakfast." — Unknown

17. "Cheers to Mom." — Unknown

18. "Bloody Mary is a state of mind." — Unknown

19. "Empty glass? That just means room for more Bloody Mary." — Unknown

20. "I love you from my head tomatoes." — Unknown

Luke Mattson/Stocksy

21. "I'll take olives with a side of Bloody Mary." — Unknown

22. "Let's celery-brate a good life!" — Unknown

23. "Hakuna m'vodka, Mom." — Unknown

24. "Why limit happy to an hour?" — Unknown

25. "Sip, sip, hooray." — Unknown

26. "If life gives you tomatoes, add vodka." — Unknown

27. "It's never too early for Bloody Mary o'clock." — Unknown

28. "This might have vodka in it." — Unknown

29. "I make Bloody Marys disappear. What's your superpower?" — Unknown

30. "Unless you're vodka or family, the answer is yes, I can live without you."— Unknown

31. "Let there be Bloody Marys." — Unknown

32. "Why be moody when there are Bloody Marys around?" — Unknown

33. "To the woman who gave me her love for Bloody Marys." — Unknown

34. "A healthy day begins with a healthy breakfast... of Blood Marys." — Unknown

35. "A Bloody Mary a day keeps the doctor away." — Unknown

36. "Here's to you, Mom." — Unknown

37. "Mom, isn't life way more fun now that we can drink together? Cheers!" — Unknown

38. "You can't brunch with us." — Unknown

39. "On Sundays, we brunch." — Unknown

Darren Muir/Stocksy