37 Mimosa Instagram Captions For Mother's Day Toasts To Your Favorite Person

I can't remember my first mimosa. I can't even remember why I wanted one. Maybe it was Gossip Girl. Maybe it was the allure of a fancy breakfast. Maybe it's just that orange juice is always a hit. Whatever the reason, this Mother's Day, it's time to break out the champagne and OJ. Who doesn't love a good mimosa, right? Mom included, of course. It's the perfect way to celebrate her, and the perfect excuse for a few mimosa Instagram captions.

The thing about your mom is that she very likely raised you, so, like it or not, you're probably a lot alike. Or, of course, you could be polar opposites. Regardless of whether or not you're cut from the same cloth or totally different, if you're thinking a mimosa toast might be a good day to make her day on Mother's Day, she might be, too. So honestly, what are you waiting for? You've still got time to plan the ultimate Mother's Day mimosa-filled brunch (and you've even got time to invite all your best friends and their moms, too), and lots of time to perfect that casually-toasting Instagram plandid pose.

In the meantime, I've got you covered with these 37 boozy mimosa captions. They're funny, they're sweet, and they're 100 percent toast-approved. Don't forget to drink up once you get the Insta shot!

Kayla Snell/Stocksy

1. "Here's my advice: have a little faith, and if that doesn't work, have a lot of mimosas."Gossip Girl

2. "Hakuna mimosa: it means it's brunchtime." — Unknown

3. "Sip, sip, hooray!" — Unknown

4. "I'm so healthy that sometimes I put orange juice in my champagne." — Unknown

5. "Mimosas: a socially acceptable way to start partying at breakfast." — Unknown

6. "Cheers to you, mom, and to many more mimosas." — Unknown

7. "Mornings are for mimosas." — Unknown

8. "If you have to ask if it's too early to drink champagne... you're an amateur and we can't be friends." — Unknown

9. "A mimosa a day keeps the worries away." — Unknown

10. "Move over coffee. Today is a day for champagne." — Unknown

11. "Brunch without champagne is just a sad breakfast." — Unknown

12. "Mimosas are a good source of vitamin C." — Unknown

13. "Too much of anything is bad. But too much champagne is just right." — F. Scott Fitzgerald

14. "Start the day with a smile and a mimosa." — Unknown

15. "Brunch is always a good idea." — Unknown

Jill Chen/Stocksy

16. "If by juice cleanse you mean more mimosas then OK, I'm down." — Unknown

17. "Mom's Day calls for mimosas." — Unknown

18. "Two mimosas, hold the orange juice." — Trainwreck

19. "Start your day sparkling." — Unknown

20. "Brunch so hard mimosa wanna find me." — Unknown

21. "Know when to give up and have a mimosa." — Unknown

22. "My mom taught me right when she taught me about mimosas." — Unknown

23. "Brunch because mimosas." — Unknown

24. "Sip happens." — Unknown

25. "Save water, drink mimosas." — Unknown

26. "I'll have my champagne with a side of glitter, please." — Unknown

27. "Mimosas, because sometimes coffee doesn't cut it." — Unknown

28. "There's too much champagne in my mimosa! Said no one ever." — Unknown

29. "Brunch is kind of our thing." — Unknown

30. "Soup of the day: champagne." — Unknown


31. "On a juice cleanse (mimosas)." — Unknown

32. "Let there be brunch." — Unknown

33. "Let's just call these mom-osas today." — Unknown

34. "Happy Mother's Day to my favorite mimosa lover." — Unknown

35. "No champagne, no gain." — Unknown

36. "They invented brunch so we could have wine for breakfast." — Unknown

37. "What's a bottle of champagne between mom and daughter? Empty." — Unknown