38 Strange Finds On Amazon With Massive Followings

It's easy to see why some products gain a massive following pretty quickly — things like wireless headphones, extra-comfortable sneakers, or plush travel pillows come to mind. But what about those other, lesser-known items? I'm talking about the absolute weirdest things on Amazon. Things like underarm sweat pads or detoxifying salt blocks. What makes these products rack up such enormous fan bases?

When you think about it, most of it comes down to basic utility — the products actually work. Sure, they're a little quirky, but they do their job and they often solve tricky, infrequently discussed problems. For example, how your cereal gets soggy halfway through breakfast. Why not have a bowl that separates the milk and funnels your breakfast through a slide on the side? Or how about the little gap between the fridge and the cupboard that's so hard to clean? Why not use a small, bendable brush that fits perfectly into small crevices? It's no wonder these problem-solving items have so many fans.

To salute these oddball products, I've rounded up the a list of the best weird but genius products on Amazon that have a massive fanbase. Take a look to find your next obsession.

This Electric Bug Zapper That Has Nearly 3,000 Fans On Amazon

You wouldn't think something as simple as a fly swatter would garner such an enthusiastic fan following but this electric bug zapper has nearly 3,000 reviews on Amazon. Customers love that you don't have to use toxic sprays — instead, simply swat the battery-operated racket and watch the pesky insects drop from the sky. It works on both flies and mosquitoes.

A Snack Dish With A Built-In Receptacle For Pits And Shells

Rather than leaving a pile of pits and shells on the plate every time you eat olives, pistachios, or other similar items, this cleverly-designed snack dish offers a built-in receptacle for them. Just fill the main bowl with snacks and then as you eat, dispense the shells into the tray underneath — where they stay out of sight, out of mind.

These Sophisticated Wine Chillers That Keep Your Rosé Cold

If you're into rosé all day, there's no better way to keep it chilled than with these fun wine gems. The reusable ice cubes are constructed from high-quality stainless steel that's specially designed to be food-safe (i.e. it won't rust into your beverage). The chillers allow you to keep your drink cold without ice melting and watering it down.

These Handy Toaster Bags For Contamination-Free Sandwiches

Anyone who is gluten-free knows how easy it is experience cross-contamination from toasters. These clever toaster bags, however, offer a way for you to use any toaster without fear. Just slide your bread or grilled cheese into the sammie bag, pop it inside the toaster on a medium setting, and watch the magic happen. They are fully reusable (just rinse to clean) and work with both regular toasters and toaster ovens — and are useful even if you do consume gluten, as they help you make a grilled cheese without the use of a pan.

A Relaxing Foot Massager That Cleans While It Soothes Your Tired Feet

This two-in-one foot rejuvenation system not only cleans and scrubs your feet, but it gives them a relaxing massage, too. The concept may seem a little weird but fans absolutely love it. To use it, you simply stick the suction cups to the bottom of your tub or shower, suds it up with soap and water, and rub your feet right through it. The device has gentle bristles on the bottom to massage your soles and stiffer ones on the outside to smooth down calluses.

A Comprehensive Sushi-Making Kit That Has Everything You Need For At-Home Unagi

If you're a sushi aficionado, this cool sushi-making kit provides you with all the tools you need to whip up amazing Japanese fare from the comfort of your own kitchen. The kit comes with an easy-to-use instant sushi maker and a sleek bamboo rolling mat, along with a non-stick knife, rice paddle, spreader, and chopsticks. It even has two cute duck-shaped chopstick holders and a bonus avocado tool thrown in there (for uniform slices and easy pitting), too.

This Double Omelet Maker That Creates Delicious Breakfast Treats In Minutes

If you're always making breakfast in a hurry, this automatic omelet maker is a fantastic way to have perfect, restaurant-style eggs every time. Simply stir the ingredients together, pour them into the machine, and press down the lid. Minutes later, you'll have perfectly-shaped omelets all ready to go. The best part is that it houses two omelet trays under one lid so if you're cooking for two, you can make different varieties at the same time.

These Detoxifying Salt Blocks You Can Use To Soothe And Relax Your Feet

Made from pure Himalayan salt, these unique bricks are perfect for a little upgrade to your at-home spa treatment. According to customers, these feel nice and relaxing — and can also be used to treat swelling and soreness. The manufacturer suggests you warm them up in the microwave or oven for the best results, and they're antiseptic and hypoallergenic so no clean-up is required.

A Tongue-Cleaning Kit That Prevents Unwanted Mouth Odors

It's easy to forget when you're brushing your teeth — but your tongue is a critical part of dental hygiene. This complete dental care kit comes with a gel that's formulated with zinc. along with a special tongue brush designed to clean your tongue and reduce bad breath. The bristles work to lift microbes from your tongue that cause odor while the gel neutralizes the sulfur gas, leaving your mouth feeling fresh.

A Weird But Effective Tool That Uses A Coil Spring To Pluck Facial Hair

Rather than using painful waxes or depilatory creams with strong odors, this innovative facial hair remover pulls unwanted hair up with ease. Simply bend the tool into a U-shape over your lip or other target area and twist it upwards. The 300+ spring coils work together to pull the hair up quickly and efficiently — and best of all, results last up to six weeks.

These Super-Absorbent Underarm Sweat Pads That Prevent Armpit Stains

Instead of dealing with chalky deodorant or unwanted pit stains, these clever sweat pads soak up perspiration at the source. Simply stick them under your armpit like a patch and leave them on all day. The hypoallergenic material absorbs sweat and keeps your armpits dry for hours. The pads are soft, lightweight, and super breathable.

A Set Of Battery-Operated Salt And Pepper Shakers

These sleek stainless steel salt and pepper grinders are fully automatic, allowing you to have fresh spices at every meal with the simple push of a button. Each battery-operated unit has a lever at the bottom that you can use to adjust the coarseness, depending on your preference. The grinders are made with sharp, efficient ceramic and the set comes with a convenient stand to store them on. As a bonus, the stand keeps your counter clean, too.

These Lightsaber Chopsticks That Are Perfect For Geeky Food Fights

These bizarrely popular light-up chopsticks are a huge hit with more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon. The novelty utensils are built with bright LED lights that make them look like lightsabers. One reviewer wrote: "I brought these with my lunch to the office and it was a big hit with my coworkers."

A Six-Piece Knife Set Made From High Quality Stainless Steel

Constructed from top-grade stainless steel, this high-quality knife set is a great buy for anyone interesting in upgrading their kitchenware. It's affordable yet also made with long-lasting materials and features a chic, sophisticated design. The set — which comes on an acrylic stand — includes a chef's knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife, and paring knife.

This Genius Sneaker Bag That Attaches To The Door Of Your Dryer

This genius dryer bag prevents your sneakers from clunking around in the laundry, making a bunch of noise and potentially damaging your machine. Simply attach the bag to the door of the dryer and your shoes will receive all of the same hot air without the tumbling motion. You can also use the bag in the washing machine to keep your shoes together.

This Strange Serum That Reviewers Say Makes Your Skin Feel Amazing

It sounds a little weird to smear your face with snails but but more 1,100 reviewers swear by this stuff. Made with mucin extract (from our favorite slimy critters), the popular serum hydrates your face and rejuvenates your skin. It's formulated with 80 percent mucin and customers say it works to moisturize and even out skin tone.

These Convenient Arch Sleeves That Increase Circulation And Help Swollen Feet

These arch compression sleeves fit around the main part of your foot, boosting blood flow and increasing circulation. They're great if you're someone who's prone to swollen feet or who has a condition like plantar fasciitis that makes your feet sore. In addition to improving your circulation, they help oxygenate your blood and reduce the build-up of lactic acid.

A Unique Funnel That Props Up The Bottle You Are Pouring From

Whether you're refilling dish soap, shampoos, or other slow-moving fluids, this innovative funnel will get them moving without spills. Unlike regular funnels that require you to hold the bottle while you pour, this clever device allows you to attach it directly to the container that you're filling. "Works well, even with heavier bottles," wrote one customer.

A Bathroom Stool That Makes It Easier To...Go

If ever there was a bizarre and brilliant product on Amazon, it's the Squatty Potty. This strange yet beloved bathroom contraption slides underneath your toilet to give you more leverage when you poop. The idea is that it lifts your hips up so they're better aligned with your colon, allowing your bowel movements to flow more naturally. If you don't trust me, just ask the nearly 10,000 fans who are obsessed with it.

A Champagne Gadget You Can Use To Chug Bubbly At Bachelorette Parties

If you've ever had the urge to chug your champagne like a Miller High Life, here's your chance. The Chambong is just what is sounds like — a beer bong for champagne — that lets your pour the bubbly stuff directly down the hatch. The novelty drinking gadget is designed for events like bachelorette parties where you want to be classy while also letting loose — although, as always, please drink responsibly.

These Multi-Use Gear Ties For Keeping Miscellaneous Items Together

These ultra-handy gear ties are a great way to bunch up cords, roll up cables, or twist together random objects. The versatile DIY ties features sturdy wires in the middle and tough rubber on the outside, making them bendy, strong, and easy to use. On top of that, they're waterproof and fully UV-resistant.

A Small, Flat Multi-Tool That Can Fit In The Credit Card Sleeve Of Your Wallet

Constructed with sturdy heat-treated steel, this convenient 18-in-1 multi-tool is not only strong but extremely versatile. It features a can opener, fruit peeler, bottle opener, ruler, box opener, two screwdrivers, six hex wrenches, and more. Most impressively, the wallet-friendly contraption — which lies completely flat — is roughly the size of a credit. card.

A Clever Bowl With A Spiral Slide To Keep Your Cereal From Getting Soggy

If you love cold cereal but hate how it's always getting soggy, this strange but brilliant kitchen gadget will solve your dilemma. The innovative cereal bowl is designed with two compartments — one for your milk and one for the cereal itself. On the side there's a spiral slide that you can use to filter cereal into the milk as you go: and the result is crisp and fresh cereal with every bite.

These Unique Patches You Wear In Your Underwear To Make Your Gas Less Odorous

If you're prone to odorous gas, these incredibly strange yet extremely effective patches may solve your woes. The gas neutralizers attach to your underwear like maxi pads, soaking up odors with activated charcoal before they have a chance to escape. The thin antimicrobial filters, which feature strong adhesives, really work — according to satisfied reviewers.

These Anti-Snoring Nose Vents That Treat Sinus Congestion

Built from soft silicone, these nasal dilators can be used to treat sinus congestion or prevent snoring. The odor-free nose vents slide inside your nostrils to help open up your nasal passage. "Love these!" wrote one reviewer. "Helps with my deviated septum significantly and now I can breathe at night."

A Stainless Steel Scrubber That Preserves The Seasoning On Your Cast Iron Pans

Never worry about scrubbing the seasoning off of your cast iron pans again with this clever pan cleaner. The stainless steel device is made from high-quality chain mail, allowing you to clean your cast iron pans without soap or harsh sponges. On top of that, it works on glassware and ceramic plates, too.

These Convenient Gap Cleaning Tools That Scrub Between Narrow Spaces

Whether it's the track in the window or the space between the mirror and the sink, these handy gap cleaning tools are the perfect way to scrub hard-to-reach places. The nylon bristles are gentle but effective while the handles are built with sturdy polypropylene. They come in a three-pack with convenient holes on one end for hanging.

A Mushroom Coffee Mix That Supports Your Immune System And Is Full Of Antioxidants

Whether you're interested in boosting your memory or improving your focus, this unique mushroom coffee mix will do the trick. It's made with a blend of organic chaga mushroom and rhodiola root to support your immune system and reduce stress. The mixture is vegan, gluten-free, and fully paleo-friendly. Reviewers say it doesn't taste like mushrooms, either.

A Multi-Functional Pen That's Small Yet Has Seven Different Uses

This versatile seven-in-one multi-tool is the size of a pen yet equipped with tons of features — the gadget has a bottle opener, ruler, mini flat-head screwdriver, Phillips heads, and a phone stand, along with a ballpoint pen and stylus. It is TSA-friendly and barely weighs a thing.

A Quick-Pairing Bluetooth Headset For Making Hands-Free Calls

This ultra-fast Bluetooth earpiece offers a great way to make or accept hands-free calls on the go. The headset pairs quickly and offers crisp, clear sound. What's more, the inner piece is soft and comfortable so it doesn't make your ear sore. The sleek device is compatible with iPhones, Androids, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

A Gel-Filled Cooling Eye Mask That You Can Also Use For Heat Therapy

Whether you're someone who gets migraines or you're simply prone to puffy eyes, this cooling eye mask will help. The soft, soothing mask is constructed with therapeutic gel that's surrounded by a durable, double-stitched casing. It's fully leakproof and features plush fabric on the section that touches your eyes. Best of all, you can use it as either a warm or cold pack.

These Strange Yet Genius Magnetic Eyelashes That Are 100% Glue-Free

Rather than dealing with sticky adhesives and glues, these clever false eyelashes attach to your eyelids with simple magnets. To apply them, put one on top of your lash and the other on the bottom, essentially using the magnets to clamp them together. The set comes with a special alloy applicator to help you affix them with ease.

A 102-Decibel Alarm Clock That Blares Loudly And Shakes Your Pillow To Get You Up

If you're not exactly what people would call a "morning person" (read: you hit snooze approximately 16 times before finally leaping out of bed in a panic), this is the alarm clock for you. The exceptionally loud Sonic Bomb Jr. features a 102-decibel beeper that blares at top volume when the alarm goes off. If that's not enough to get you out of bed, it also has a vibrating feature that shakes your bed repeatedly.

A Bamboo Charcoal Odor Neutralizer You Can Hang In Your Car

Made with bamboo charcoal that acts as a natural odor absorber, this unique air purifier works great for neutralizing smells in your car. The charcoal essentially creates a sponge effect, trapping odor particles inside the porous material. It does a fantastic job eliminating pet odors, cigarette smoke, and other unwanted auto scents. What's more, it can last for more than 365 days.

An Antifungal Toenail Treatment That You Can Apply Like Nail Polish

These simple toenail pens offer an easy way to prevent or treat nail fungus: Simply apply the clear liquid with the soft brush like regular nail polish and let it dry naturally. "I don't think I could be happier with the results," wrote one customer. "Using one pen twice a day almost completely cleared my infection up within only a couple of weeks."

A Miniature Camera That Lets You Watch Your Pet And Talk To Them When You're Away

For pet owners who want to be able to watch their dog or cat while they're away, this adorable pet camera is the way to go. It syncs with your phone so you can watch them remotely and there's also an intercom to talk to them — a great way to soothe pets who are prone to separation anxiety. The convenient contraption features motion detection, night vision, and 80-degree rotation.

A Motion-Detecting Toilet Light So You Can Get Up In The Night To Pee

This convenient toilet light is designed for people who get up in the middle of the night a lot to pee and don't want to have to turn on the overhead light. With a soft, flexible PVC neck, it fits inside any toilet, featuring a motion-detector that turns it on when you enter the room. You can set it to five different brightness levels and 16 different colors.

A Smooth Ice Roller That Soothes Headaches With Cold Therapy

This ultra-soothing ice roller glides smoothly across your face, offering cooling therapy for headaches, migraines, or puffy eyes. Keep the device in your freezer and take it out when you're ready to use it — just roll the cool wand across your skin and it will help your blood vessels contract almost instantly. The simple tools is also good at reducing redness due to sunburn, fevers, or menopause.

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