'Shadow And Bone' Darkling Quotes

'Shadow And Bone's The Darkling Has 38 Quotes Perfect For Your Intense Selfies

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It's no surprise that Shadow and Bone is trending on Netflix. The fantasy drama was already a beloved book trilogy from Leigh Bardugo, and now that it's been adapted for the screen, fans can finally see the Grishaverse come to life. One particular member of the Grishaverse that you love to hate — and hate to love — is the Darkling. At first, you're definitely drawn to the mysterious Shadow Summoner (aka General Kirigan in the show), but by the end, you realize he's not what he seems. That duality is something you can relate to, which is why you need Shadow and Bone Darkling quotes for your light and dark selfies.

Warning: Spoilers for Shadow and Bone, Season 1 follow. There is an intensity to the Darkling that really shines through in his relationship with Alina Starkov. You may have shipped these two together at one point in the show, but the reveal of the Darkling's past quickly changed all of that. While you may not be a Shadow Summoner who created a deadly Fold, you do have your sassy moments similar to the Darkling. This is why you need some Darkling quotes from Shadow and Bone every once in a while to caption your more serious selfies.

You could use a Darkling quote to go along with an #OOTD pic of you wearing all black or showing off a dark lip lewk. Or use one of his lines to caption a romantic pic between you and your partner. After all, just like Alina and the Darkling, you are pretty powerful together. If you're feeling a little bit mystical, there's a Darkling quote from Shadow and Bone just waiting for you to caption your photo.

  1. "Can you summon light?"
  2. "You and I are going to change the world."
  3. "You mean a lot... to everyone."
  4. "Enter the Fold. Destroy it from within."
  5. "It came from everywhere, because you called upon it to come."
  6. "So, who actually saw what happened?"
  7. "Our enemies are threatened by your mere existence."
  8. "Answer the question. What are you?"
  9. "You were perfect."
  10. "I have been waiting a long time for you."
  11. "Now call the sun."
  12. "The only thing more powerful than you and me: the two of us."
  13. "She'll realize she has only one equal."
  14. "There are no others like us, and there never will be."
  15. "Not many people surprise me, Miss Starkov."
  16. "You are Grisha. You are not alone."
  17. "Tell me something only few about her would know."
  18. "You were supposed to enter accompanied by palace guards."
  19. "Fine, make me your villain."
  20. "You know it just from these old pictures."
  21. "I have been fighting this war alone for so long."
  22. "You look lovely, by the way."
  23. "Submit to me."
  24. "I read your letters."
  25. "I just want to talk to you."
  26. "No, you don't."
  27. "Orphans of Keramzin. Reunited. Adorable."
  28. "They are traitors who tried to kill you. This is retribution."
  29. "You are a child."
  30. "Today, we redraw all the maps."
  31. "It's just you and me now, Alina. And we are all we need anyway."
  32. "There will be no more war with Ravka. All countries will answer to us. For who would oppose us now?"
  33. "It’s why I built the Little Palace in the first place."
  34. "You stay in the dark."
  35. "I've survived for centuries. Did you really think you could kill me?"
  36. "It will take more than this!"
  37. "I was trying to save us."
  38. "Follow."

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