Three happy friends wearing swimsuits and sunglasses laugh while sunbathing on a yacht.

38 Boat Puns For Instagram When You're Knot Shore What To Caption Your Snaps


There's nothing quite like being out on the water, sailing on a sunny day. It's no wonder you get the urge to pull a Rose from Titanic, and stand at the front of the boat screaming, "I'm flying." Whether your friends are just soaking up the sun on the lake, or your family is sailing the ocean on a cruise, you'll want to have some boat puns for Instagram with you for all the amazing pics you take on your journey.

Let's face it: As cheesy as they can be, a good pun can make just about anyone smile. You might want to caption your next boat selfie with something that will make your friends as happy as the perfect sea day makes you. That's why you need these 38 boat puns at your fingertips for your snaps.

After singing, "I'm On A Boat" by The Lonely Island to yourself, you'll want to take a few pictures to remember it all. Of course, as a diehard Titanic fan, I always get a shot of myself standing at the bow, pretending I'm Rose, but you might just want to get a few sunglasses selfies of you lounging on the top deck or with the water in the background. Either way, you'll be ready to post that pic ASAP with a fun boat pun already in hand, because you're all a-boat seas-ing the moment.


1. "I have very Pacific taste."

2. "Yacht do you want?"

3. "Buoy, are these views seriously fin-tastic."

4. "Today, I'm not getting tied down by pier pressure."

5. "Saying goodbye to my piers."

6. "I anchor-age you to get out on the water more often."

7. "I'm all a-boat loving you."

8. "How a-boat it?"

9. "I'm really just seas-ing the day."

10. "Feeling a little nauti."

11. "It's al-waves fun when we're out on the boat."

12. "It's always ferry fun with you around."

13. "I like big boats and I cannot lie."

14. "Loving this day boatloads."

15. "Getting into ship shape."

16. "You know ship happens."

17. "This boat is giving me a stern look."

18. "What's up, dock?"

19. "Water you doing today?"

20. "It's a-boat time!"


21. "This will be my lega-sea."

22. "Don't mean to just barge in here."

23. "Today is knot too bad."

24. "Taking the sea-nic route today."

25. "I'm knot shore if you noticed, but I'm on a boat."

26. "What an oar-deal."

27. "I'm naut ready to get off the boat just yet."

28. "Canoe think of a more perfect day? Neither can I."

29. "Having a reely good day."

30. "Yeah, buoy!"

31. "Wet-ever floats your boat."

32. "I knew schooner or later I'd get out on the water."

33. "I'm a total ketch."

34. "To be honest, I don't give a ship."

35. "Last boat naut least."

36. "I haven't got a crew."

37. "Oh ship, the party just started."

38. "This is the mast fun I've had in a long time."