37 Viral Products On Amazon That Are Kinda Wild & 100% Genius

by Andrea Hannah

I'm a big fan of genius Amazon products that are going viral (even if they're a bit odd) — and I bet you are, too. Believe it or not, some of the most brilliant products out there are a combination of the well-known and the wild. Take this toothbrush wall mount, for example. It's a handy combination of a traditional toothbrush holder and those little plastic caps you snap over your bristles while you're traveling. With this genius device, you can get the best of both worlds: an accessible place to keep your toothbrush, and the removable cover that keeps dirt and debris at bay.

Plus, you never know what you might find that can totally change your life while you're shopping and reading customer reviews. For example, who knew that an egg yolk-removing kitchen tool even existed? Now that I know, it's been a total game-changer for quickly separating eggs without the mess. And I can't even tell you how many hours I've saved searching for my keys with this strong magnet that can hold multiple rings at once.

When it comes down to it, Amazon shoppers know what's up. Here's a collection of some of the most innovative products that are going viral amongst reviewers because they're just that good.

A Bungee Cord That Holds Your Bags Together

This bag bungee cord is a must-have for anyone who struggles to drag their luggage through the airport. It features straps around each end that can work with either one or two poles on your suitcase. To use the cord, just clip it around your bag handle and slip it into place. Then, squeeze your carry-on, purse, or coat beneath it. The super stretchy, yet durable band holds everything in place so you can head to your departure gate with ease.

A Wooden Body Brush With Soft Bristles

You can use this wooden body brush with wet or dry skin to give it a luxurious glow. It features a mixture of soft bristles and smaller, harder nodes — and both feel amazing when you rub them. The brush itself is circular and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand (with added sturdiness, thanks to its canvas strap). Using it for a few minutes each day can increase circulation and help skin cell replenishment.

These Stick-On Lights You Can Control With A Remote

This six-pack of LED lights is ridiculously easy to install — and once they're set up, you can control them from a remote. They feature strong adhesive on one side so you can place them just about anywhere. The remote allows you to turn them on or off, dim them, and even set them to a timer. Plus, they aren't like typical puck-style lights that give off a cold glow; these lights feature warm, white light.

A Mesh Stand That Keeps Your Laptop Cool

If you spend a lot of time on your laptop, this mesh stand will save you from reading your screen at awkward angles. It's made out of metal and can be tilted up to 35 degrees so you don't have to look down for hours while you type. On top of that, reviewers raved that this stand pretty much saved their laptops from overheating. The combination of mesh and height pulls heat away from your laptop to keep it cool.

These Armrest Covers That Save Your Elbows From Bruises

These armrest pads save your arms and elbows from bruising — especially if you spend hours in your desk chair. They're made from high-density memory foam (so your arms literally sink into them), and their covers are made from a velvety poly-blend. Not only that, but these genius little pads can fit onto just about any desk chair. If you happen to spill your coffee, they're even machine-washable.

A Shower Curtain Liner That Snaps Into Place

Forget about dealing with those shower hooks that tend to rust with this snap-on liner. Here's how it works: Slip the thick, durable shower curtain liner over your shower bar, and then snap it into place — no hooks needed. When you're ready to replace the liner, you can snap off the bottom half and replace it without having to unhook the whole thing. But it'll probably be a while before you need to replace it; reviewers insist it lasts "forever" and that it's easy to clean.

An Automatic Soap Dispenser For Your Home Bathroom

This automatic soap dispenser for your home is pure genius. It works the same way any dispenser in a public restroom: Just place your hand under the sensor and let the soap fall into your palm. It can hold 17 ounces of soap before it needs to be refilled, and its cylindrical shape and silver frame make it perfect for just about any bathroom.

A Pack Of Fan-Favorite Japanese Washcloths

These Japanese exfoliating washcloths don't look like much at first — but almost 2,000 reviewers swear these are the best shower cloths on the market. The textured clothes look like mesh loofas that you'd use in the shower. Just apply a bit of soap and rub your skin in gentle, circular motions, achieving exfoliation all over your body. Then, pat yourself dry.

A Toothbrush Wall Mount With A Bristle Covering

Keep germs and dust off your toothbrush with this wall mount that comes with a protective cover. When you slip your toothbrush into the holder, you can close the lid to keep your bristles clean. And when you're ready to brush, just grab your toothbrush's handle and pull. The lid will automatically open. On top of that, the holder is super easy to install. The back of features a double-sided adhesive that'll stick to your bathroom wall.

These Light Switches You Can Control From Your Phone

Not only are these smart light switches super sleek and modern, but you can actually control them from your smartphone. Once you have them up and running, you can download the advised app to your phone or tablet and use your WiFi connection to turn them on or off (even if you aren't home). Even better: These switches are compatible with your Google Home or Alexa, so you can also control them with your voice.

A Sound-Proof Doorstopper That Prevents Cold Drafts

This door draft stopper does way more than prevent cold air from entering; it also muffles sound. It's made from thick silicone that does the job of keeping air and sound out, but it's also adjustable. Just stick this stopper to the bottom of any door, and then snip off the excess silicone that may hang over the edge until you have a perfect fit. Reviewers have written that this brilliant little device has brought down their energy bills while keeping out neighborhood noise.

A Stand That Charges Your Phone (Without The Wire)

Thousands of reviewers have agreed that this wireless smartphone charger is an absolute must. The charger itself remains plugged-in, but you never have to use a wire to charge your phone. Here's how it works: Set your phone directly on the stand — and that's literally it. It can even charge your phone's battery through its case (depending on how thick it is). Plus, you can still use your phone while it's hanging out on the platform.

A Squishy Kitchen Toy That Separates Your Egg Yolks

If you love egg whites and would rather skip the yolk, then this BPA-free silicone separator is a must-have for your kitchen. To use it, crack an egg open into a bowl. Then, place the tip of this separator over the yolk and squeeze. It'll suck the entire yolk right up into its round center, leaving behind only the whites. To remove the yolk from the separator, just squeeze it again over an empty bowl. It'll drop right back in.

A Silicone Water Bottle That Collapses For Easy Storage

This water bottle is the perfect travel companion, whether you're on your way to the gym or traveling across the globe. It's made of silicone that's food-grade and BPA-free, so you can use it for anything from water to juice. When it isn't completely filled, you can push the top down to gently collapse it for easy storage when you're on the go. In fact, the top even features a hook so you can attach it to your purse or suitcase.

A Magnet Man That Holds Your Keys

If you tend to lose your keys all the time, then this adorable magnet man has your back. Sire, it's pretty small —  don't be fooled by its size. The magnet can actually hold up to 30 keys at a time. Plus, the extra magnets in the figure's hands and feet are so strong that you can attach it to various magnetic surfaces. The holder comes in three colors: black, pink, and red.

A Peel-Off Face Mask That's Made With 24-Karat Gold

This peel-off facial mask is made with 24-karat gold (seriously), and has cleansing properties that can help refresh your skin. Reviewers have written that this mask glitters as it goes on — and when it dries, it clings to any impurities in your pores. Then, it gently peels off, creating a clearer-looking complexion in the process. This mask leaves your skin calm, clean, and hydrated.

An Inflatable Lounger That You Can Take Anywhere

No matter where you go, you can always have a place to relax with this inflatable lounger. Even better: You don't have to blow it up. One side is completely open, so you just have to capture some air by swinging it around a few times. Then, roll up the side and snap it shut. That's it. This lounger is extremely durable and can hold up to 500 pounds at a time, and it comes with its own travel bag.

A Mini Pan That Makes Ramen In Minutes

Ramen lovers can unite over these brilliant mini pans that cook noodles in a flash. Fill it with noodles and water, and then put it in the microwave. These BPA-free pans will cook your ramen in three minutes or less (so you don't have to wait for water to boil). You can even add extra broth or veggies to your ramen before you cook it. Some reviewers have also used these pans for hot dogs, oatmeal, and other quick-cook foods.

A Pulley That Zips Your Clothes For You

This zipper-puller is genius, to say the least. Instead of shimmying to reach your back zipper, hook this tool onto the latch and pull. Its strong metal clasp can hold onto any zipper — even boot zippers and bag zippers. Some reviewers have even used it for extra leverage while trying to close an overstuffed bag (and it totally works).

These Corn Cob Holders That Are Way Too Adorable

Why go for plain ol' corn-shaped holders when these adorable pig holders exist? They work the same way any cob holder would — only these holders feature the top half of a pig at one end and its bottom one the other (curly tail included) . This set comes with four pairs so your guests can be just as delighted as you are while you enjoy their corn on the cob.

A Handheld Tool That De-Fuzzes Your Sweaters

If you've ever dealt with your favorite sweater pilling up after a while, I have good news for you. This fabric "de-fuzzer" can smooth it out again. At a first glance, it looks like a little handheld fan — but it actually uses three "shaving" settings to renew sweaters, rugs, and other fabrics that tend to pill. Plus, this little device is rechargeable, so you don't have to worry about replacing the batteries.

A Personal Luggage Scale That You Can Travel With

Thousands of reviewers have insisted this handheld luggage scale has saved them from overweight baggage fees. Instead of waiting to weight your bags at the airport, hook the strap of this scale to any bag, and then gently lift it. The digital display at the top will show how much your luggage weighs down to the ounce. It even has an automatic shut-off feature so you won't waste any battery power.

A Water Bottle That Reminds You To Drink Up

If you have trouble staying hydrated throughout the day, then this motivational water bottle can help cheer you on. For one, it's gallon-sized, so you only have to fill it up once to meet your water quota for the day. It also features time markers reminding you to drink up ever couple of hours, along with fun motivational phrases that tell you that you're doing great. And really, who doesn't want to be reminded of how awesome they are on a daily basis?

These Shoelaces That You'll Never Have To Tie

These silicone shoelaces are a breeze to insert into your shoes — and they won't ever come undone. They're stretchy and have enough give that your feet won't feel restricted while you're wearing them. Plus, there's no excess "lace," so you don't have to tie them. Even better: They're waterproof, so you can go ahead and traipse through those puddles. These laces come in over 10 different colors, including rainbow options.

A Tiny Umbrella That You Can Put In Your Pocket

This little umbrella weighs less than a pound and is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. But even though it's super tiny, it expands to 38 inches when extended, giving you more than enough coverage when it's raining. It also features eight ribs (instead of the standard six), making it even more resistant to wind gales. Plus, this umbrella can even block out 95% of UV rays, making it perfect to use at the beach, too.

A Nylon Strap That Helps With Stretches

This nylon strap helps you get a super deep stretch in your muscles. It features a loop around one end so you can place your foot inside of it while you pull. You can lie on your back to stretch out you hamstrings, or flip over onto your stomach to stretch out your quads. This strap also comes with a book of stretches for each part of your body to you can finally get some relief from sore muscles.

A Lumbar Pillow That Has Thousands Of Fans

If you spend long hours at a desk, this lumbar support pillow is a game-changer. Thousands of reviewers have raved that this is one of the best support pillows out there because of its luxe, high-density memory foam core. The cover is also made of soft mesh that allows for airflow, so you won't get too hot. And when it's time for a cleaning, it's easy to unzip and remove the cover so you can throw it into the wash.

A Hydrating Hair Mask That's As Good As Going To The Salon

This luxe, paraben-free hair mask hydrates your hair without ever having to set foot into a salon. It's made with high-quality argan oil, which is extremely rich and nourishing. It even works to heal damaged locks while also detangling them. Reviewers of all different hair types have sworn by this mask, saying their hair has never felt silkier or smoother.

A Waist-Wrap Dog Leash That Frees Up Your Hands

With this hands-free dog leash, you can take your best buddy for a walk while talking on your phone and holding you coffee mug (at the same time). One end of the leash hooks around your waist, and it features two stainless steel clips for reinforcement. The leash itself also features a bungee center to give your dog a little bit of freedom to roam. There's even a handle at the end of the bungee so you can hold your pup close when you need to.

An Extra-Firm Roller That Relieves Muscle Pain

This firm foam roller does the tough work of relieving muscle tension without a professional massage. To use it, sit (or lie) on top of the roller and allow it to push through tense muscles as you move. It even comes with an exercise video so you can be sure to hit every last muscle. Some reviewers have mentioned that this roller feels tough at first — but once you get used to its firmness, you'll want to use it after every workout. It comes in three different sizes and colors.

These Redness-Relief Drops That Cure Tired Eyes

These redness-relief eye drops make your eyes look luminous with just one treatment. The key is in the main ingredient: brimonidine. These drops are one of the only FDA-approved over-the-counter treatments with this ingredient that targets redness, specifically. The drops migrate straight to the problem areas with redness, giving them a concentrated dose to make them appear clearer.

A Super Durable Bag That Protects Your Mattress

If you're planning to move anytime soon, this plastic mattress bag will preserve your bedding while you haul it to your new home. It's extremely durable and resistant to tears, so it can handle all of the rough-and-tumble that comes with moving. It also seals tightly to keep our dust, debris, and moisture. Some reviewers have even used these bags just for storing extra mattresses in their basement or garages to keep them like new.

These Little Caps That Keep Your Beer Fresh

These little silicone caps keep your beer fresh when you aren't ready to finish it. The caps is high-quality and food-safe, and they fit all standard bottles (and most larger ones, too). Once applied to your bottle, they create a tight seal to hold in carbonation and keep out dirt and debris. Plus, they come in a pack of six so you can share them with your friends or use them to preserve multiple drinks at the same time.

A Huge Blanket That Looks Like A Burrito

There's nothing better than wrapping up like a burrito when you're cold — but now, you can actually look like one with this burrito blanket. It's made from super warm micro-fleece, and the best part? It actually looks like a real tortilla. Whether you roll yourself up into a life-size burrito or cover your bed like a quesadilla, the possibilities are endless.

This Steamer That Cooks Your Food In Under 10 Minutes

This steam case works amazingly well to steam your veggies in 10 minutes flat. Here's how to use it: Place your veggie of choice inside the case, and then close the double lid. The curve at the top helps hot air circulate more effectively to quickly steam your vegetables in their juices. This can help your veggies keep their essential nutrients.

A Silicone Hair Diffuser That's Totally Collapsible

This collapsible hair diffuser works just as well as any other diffuser (but without the added bulk). Instead of hard plastic, it's made from soft silicone so you can easily fold it up when you're finished drying. It also cuts down on drying time by up to 75%. On top of that, the silicone is completely heat-resistant so you can drop it in your bag when you're finished.

A Memory Foam Leg Sling You Can Use On An Airplane

You never have to deal with sore muscles and painful pins-and-needles with sling footrest. It's super easy to use: To set it up, slip its band over the top of your tray table. That's literally it. Then, place your feet or ankles into the sling in a way that's comfortable for you. It can help relieve muscle tension and improve circulation when you're on a long flight.

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