37 Freaky Things On Amazon That Keep Selling Out


Let's be real: There's some weird stuff out there on the Internet. And if you're anything like me, once you stumble across some of the freakiest things on Amazon, it's impossible to look away.

I consider myself a pretty practical shopper and, luckily, some of the weirdest stuff out there is also ridiculously useful, too. Take this egg white and yolk separator that looks like a tiny goldfish. It seems silly at first glance, but when you read the cult-like love for this thing, you can see why it's such a hit: It makes a complicated task easy. Just suck up the yolks in the fish's mouth and spit them out in a separate bowl. It also doesn't hurt that it's fun.

The strangest finds also usually combine ingredients or functions you wouldn't ever expect to go together. Like who would have thought to throw some seaweed in a rich night cream? Or to put bee venom in a face mask? Or to design a mask that's made for your butt cheeks instead of your face cheeks? Even better, these strange combinations work so well that Amazon can't even keep them in stock for long.

If you're ready to branch out and try something weirdly awesome, here's a round-up of some of the most interesting products out there, butt mask included.

A Silicone Fish That Separates Your Eggs

Not only is this silicone egg separator adorable, but it's also makes a difficult task too easy. First, crack your eggs into a bowl. Then, grab the egg separator, touch the fish's lips to the yolk, and squeeze. It literally swallows up the yolk right into its mouth from the bowl. Just squeeze again to drop it into a separate bowl and you're done. And if fish aren't your thing, you can go with the equally cute frog or pig options.

A Tiny Comb That Can Also Trim Your Hair

This tiny comb untangles stubborn knots while also trimming your hair. One side of the comb features a series of slim razor blades that add texture to fine hair, while the other side features wider blades for thicker, coarser hair. Just pull the comb through in short strokes to trim and texturize your hair just as quickly as it takes to give it a quick comb through. Amazon reviewers rave that this is fantastic for trimming split ends, as well.

A Travel Pillow That Has Holes For Your Arms

This travel pillow looks a little different than those standard U-shaped options, but that's a good thing. It comes in a small, portable bag that you can easily throw in your purse or carry-on. Just unpack it, blow it up with a few breaths, and use it to prop your head up while you watch movies or slip your arms through the center while you snooze. The options are pretty much endless with this pillow, and when you're done, just deflate and slip it back in its bag.

A Dish That Makes Your Soap Last Longer

No more dealing with soggy soap with these unique waterfall dishes. These attach to the corner of just about any sink or tub, and prop up your soap at an angle. They also feature a spout that hangs right over the edge of the tub so as the dish gets wet, the water drains right back into the tub. Reviewers love these little device, swearing that it helps their soap last at least twice as long. And, since this comes in a pack of two, you can use it for a bar of soap in your shower and by your sink.

Instant Underpants That You Can Take With You

These instant underpants have literally got you covered. They come compact inside a tiny tin you can slip in your bag. To use, add water (yes, really) to the underwear to help them loosen, then wear. As the description says, "It's better to have damp underpants than none at all!" And bonus: They're unisex so anyone can wear them.

Charcoal Pads That Neutralizes Gas Odor

If your stomach's rumbling, slip one of these charcoal pads into your underwear to keep the gas under wraps. Here's how it works: The activated charcoal in the pad is actually antimicrobial, so it traps gas on the way out and neutralizes the odor before anyone catches wind that you're breaking wind. Plus, they come in a pack of five disposable pads so you always have a back up if you're backed up.

A Powerful Cream That Banishes Foot Fungus

Not only does this foot cream feel amazing, but it also features natural antiseptics to clear up stubborn foot and toenail fungus. It's made with a blend of antibacterial essential oils, include tea tree and eucalyptus oils. Lavender and rose oils help to soothe inflammation and give this cream a pleasant floral scent. Amazon reviewers say this cream has helped clear up everything from athlete's foot to eczema.

A Handy Travel Lock That Gives You Peace Of Mind

This genius portable lock is super easy to install on any door and just as simple to remove. Take it with you when you're traveling for extra peace of mind. Just slip the metal part of the tool over the lock that's already on the door, close and lock it up, and that's it. The additional lock ensures that no one else can get in, even if they have a key.

An Odor-Neutralizing Soap Made From Stainless Steel

This soap bar looks like your standard soap, only it's made from stainless steel. Even so, you use this "soap" the same way; just rinse your hands under cold water while rubbing this steel bar over them. The negatively-charged ions in the soap help to remove odors that tend to cling, like onions, garlic, and other tough scents.

An Organic Charcoal Mask That Makes Your Skin Glow

Reviewers swear this activated charcoal mask has saved their skin from blackheads and blemishes. It's formulated with all-natural, organic ingredients, including charcoal, Dead Sea clay, and bentonite clay. It's also infused with anti-inflammatory herbs and supplements, including marshmallow extract, turmeric, and coconut milk powder. This unique blend leaves your skin feeling hydrated and looking absolutely luminous.

A Coffee Mug That Stirs Itself

You won't waste any precious moments at your desk with this self-stirring coffee mug. Just fill it with your favorite morning brew and creamer, press the button on the handle, and get moving. The battery-operated stirrer at the bottom gentle stirs your coffee to keep it fresh. When you're finished, hit the button again to shut it off. You can even remove the stirrer for easy washing.

A Batter Dispenser That Makes Perfect Pancakes

This batter dispenser is a kitchen must-have for anyone who loves their morning pancakes. It features a BPA-free container that holds up to 4 cups of liquid batter at a time, as well as a tightly-sealed lid and pulley handle. To use, fill up the dispenser with batter and hold over your pan or griddle. Squeeze the handle to release the perfect amount of batter, then release to close it off again between pancakes.

A Survival Tool That's As Slim As A Credit Card

Not all tools have to be bulky — including this super slim survival tool. It's about the same size as a thin wallet or credit card, and even fits into it's own leather sleeve for easy carrying. It's also made from heat-resistant stainless steel, and the various holes and edge shapes can be used for a ton of different purposes. Reviewers write that they've used this tool as a bottle opener, screwdriver, and more.

Body Wipes That Can Replace Your Shower

If you're running late, go ahead and reach for these showerless body wipes to get you through the day. Each wipe is extra thick and made from pearl-knotted cotton so they won't tear as you wipe, plus they're big enough to use one to cover your whole body. They're also infused with tea tree and peppermint oils, which are both naturally antiseptic, and aloe vera and lavender oil for a pleasant, soothing scent.

A Nightlight That Lights Up Your Toilet

It may seem strange, but this toilet nightlight makes getting to the bathroom in the dark a whole lot easier. For one, it's simple to install — just hook the adjustable arm over any toilet basin and that's it. The light itself features a motion detector so the bowl lights up as soon as you enter the bathroom. Plus, you can even change the colors for a rainbow effect.

Gardening Gloves That Have Sharp, Built-In Claws

These gardening gloves look a bit freaky at first glance, but reviewers insist they're a must for avid and amateur gardeners alike. For one, they're completely waterproof, and they cover your skin all the way past your wrists. They also feature four built-in plastic claws that you can use to dig in deep without reaching for a separate tool. These gloves are also totally puncture-proof so you can dig through the toughest soil without worrying about ruining them.

Wool Balls That'll Replace Your Dryer Sheets

Not only are these wool dryer balls reusable, but they're better for your clothes, too. Each is made from 100 percent organic, New Zealand wool, and when you toss a couple into the dryer with your clothes, they significantly reduce drying time and wear-and-tear on your clothes. These dryer balls are also hypoallergenic and fragrance- and dye-free, so they help soften your clothes without any toxic chemicals.

A Soap Bar That Covers Cheek To Cheek

Whether you're into this double-sided soap bar for a gag or to streamline your soap options, reviewers love this sudsy little bar. One side is white and features the word "Face," while the other is brown and reads, "Butt." The entire bar has a clean soap scent, and it's got you covered from cheek to cheek, no matter which side you're using.

A Shower Curtain That Has Mesh Pockets

If you're tired of tracking down all your shower stuff, this pocketed shower curtain is the perfect solution. It's a typical clear curtain that you could also use as a liner, except it also has nine mesh pockets to store your stuff. The pockets come in various sizes so you can store everything from your shampoo to your razor to even your towel. Plus, the pockets are made from mesh so they dry super quickly and won't leave your stuff soaked.

A Drying Rack That You Can Roll Up

This drying rack isn't just for dishes — reviewers love it for drying fruits and veggies, too. The bars are made from rust-proof stainless steel, and they attach to silicone edges that hold them carefully in place. To use, just roll out the mat across your kitchen sink and place anything from glasses to pans to fresh produce on top. The water will run right back into the sink while they dry.

A Butt Mask That's Made With Caffeine

Not all masks are made for your face — this caffeine mask is just for your butt. To use, apply to clean skin and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. The potent caffeine in the mask helps to retexture and revitalize your skin to leave your bum silky smooth. Even the most skeptical reviewers swear this mask works.

Gel Guards That Prevent Foot Pain

These gel guards help to protect bunions and callouses you may already have, while also preventing future ones from forming. The guards lip around your big toe, separating it from the rest of your toes to gently guide your toes into proper alignment and relieve pain. The guard also cradles the side of your big toe to prevent any rubbing or chafing against your skin while you wear your shoes.

A Face Mask That's Made With Real Bee Venom

This rich face mask is infused with actual bee venom to boost the natural levels of collagen in your skin. It's also made with manuka honey and royal jelly, both of which help repair and turnover new, fresh skin cells, leaving your skin brighter. Some reviewers even use this mask as an overnight treatment for super dry skin with tons of success.

A Neti Pot That Won't Spill Over

This ergonomic neti pot works similarly to the traditional nasal irrigation systems, just without all the spillage. The spout is angled so that the water can adequately flush out your sinuses without spilling over your face. The soft silicone nozzle also fits comfortably against your nostril to prevent leaks. On top of that, this pot is dishwasher safe for super simple clean-up.

A Self-Massager That Looks Like A Giant Hook

This massaging tool may look like an enormous hook, but reviewers insist it's extremely lightweight and easy to use. It features multiple plastic balls that are placed strategically on both the inside and outside of the hook to release trigger points in stiff muscles. You can use it to massage your upper and lower back, loop it around your neck for a massage, or even wrap it around your obliques to relieve sore muscles.

A Massage Ball With Over 600 Needles

No need to head up to the spa for a massage with this spiky massager ball. With over 600 pliable rubber needles, this massage ball rolls across your hands and feet to increase circulation and relieve pain. The needles apply just enough pressure without causing any additional pain. Some reviewers even mention that using this ball regularly has helped prevent fatigue and increases their energy.

A Korean Foil Mask That's Super Hydrating

This shiny foil mask looks pretty when you put it on and your skin looks even better when you take it off. The foil helps to lock in moisture as you wear the mask for up to 20 minutes while the luxe, hydrating serum goes to work. When you take off the mask, just rub in the excess serum and go about your day with petal soft, glowing skin.

A Tiny Disc For Organizing Your Coins

This coin organizer may come in a small package, but it's majorly useful. This little disc is less than an inch thick, yet it can hold up to 18 coins without ever getting bulky or heavy. Each type of coin has its own slot so you can easily locate the change you need. Plus, it's small enough to fit into your pocket without making your jeans look and feel bulky.

Fingerless Compression Gloves That Are Infused With Real Copper

If you struggle with arthritis, reviewers absolutely swear by these copper compression gloves to relieve pain. For one, they're fingerless so you can slip them on and still use your hands to swipe through your phone, cook, or drive as usual. The gentle compression helps to reduce swelling, while the copper woven through the fabric helps to virtually eliminate joint pain.

A Sheet Of Paper That Keeps Your Produce Fresh

You don't have to dump all your uneaten fruit into the composter with these genius food saver sheets. They're just regular paper, except they're infused with a secret, completely edible spice blend that has natural antibacterial properties to keep produce fresh for up to four times longer. Plus, the sheets are small enough to slip into just about any storage drawer or container, and some reviewers have even cut the paper into smaller strips to spread out over multiple containers.

A Kitchen Gadget That Strips Your Corn Cob

You never realize how much you need this unique kitchen tool until you find out it exists. This corn stripping tool slides down a corn cob to cut away the kernels, swipe by swipe. The clear plastic cover on top of the blade also corrals the kernels into one space so you can easily remove the lid and pour them into a bowl when you're finished.

An Exerciser That's Just For Your Feet

This quirky little exercise machine is just the right size for your feet. It features a small pulley that you curl your toes around to strengthen the muscles in your feet. There's even a textured footpad to keep your heel firmly in place while you work. Reviewers have used this machine to help repair their feet after surgery or build up muscles in their feet so they can stand for longer time periods.

A Nasal Spray That's Perfect For Long Flights

This nasal spray is perfect for travelers who struggle with the dry air on planes. It works similarly to other nasal sprays, except this one is formulated with all-natural, plant-based ingredients that actually help reduce swelling in your nasal passages. On top of water, it's formulated with spearmint and turmeric, both of which are known to calm inflamed skin. Some reviewers love this spray so much that they take it everywhere with them.

A Glass Dispenser That Keeps Your Honey Fresh

You can say goodbye to crusty honey jars and syrup bottles with this brilliant glass dispenser. It's made from lightweight glass that holds thick, sticky liquids and the lid seals off tightly to keep them from drying out. To use, just press the trigger on the handle to release the honey in a slow drizzle, then let go to stop it. You can even store syrups and honey in this jar for a long time without worrying it'll get crusty.

A Luxe Night Cream That's Made With Seaweed

One reviewer swears this luxe night cream is "heaven in a bottle." Hundreds of other reviewers agree, and it all comes down to the star ingredient: seaweed. This cream is infused with bladderwrack seaweed, which is rich in vitamins and nutrients to deeply nourish your skin. It also features collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to leave your skin silky smooth.

Travel Underwear That Has A Secret Pocket

Reviewers insist this pocketed underwear is perfect for traveling, and for good reasons. For one, they're extremely comfortable. These underwear are made from a super soft poly-spandex blend, and they're high waisted to keep you comfortable all day long. Plus, they feature a 6-inch secret pocket in the front that also has a zipper. You can store your credit card, cash, or ID without anyone ever knowing you have them on you.

Full Body Wipes That Are Great For A Quick Clean-Up

These full body wipes are super easy to tuck into your gym bag if you don't have time to hit the shower after a tough workout. They're made from cotton and are large enough to use on your entire body, plus they're sulfate-free and completely biodegradable. Each wipe is infused with soothing aloe vera, oatmeal, and vitamin E to wipe away odor-causing bacteria and leave you squeaky clean before you head out for the night.

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