36 Captions For Your Office Halloween Party Pics, Because Your Work Crew Is #Ghouls

by Ciara Johnson

It's nearly Halloween, so grab your best costume to celebrate. This is the one day of year where you can get super creative and dress up however you want. Halloween is on a weekday this year, and that means you might have the chance to wear a costume to the office party. There will likely be plenty of candy to go around, a tasty cauldron punch to sip, and spooky treats for all. Be sure to pose with your favorite coworkers, and then use these Instagram captions for office Halloween party pictures.

In my opinion, office parties are seriously underrated. The best work days are during the holidays when everyone in the office gets to wrap up a little early. These days seem to be a bit more relaxed, and everyone is in high spirits. And when you have a really awesome crew of coworkers, the experience is even better.

Be sure to arrive with an empty stomach, and be prepared to eat all of the festive treats. Bring your camera and create some incredible memories with the people you work with on a daily basis. Check out these captions if you need some Instagram inspiration. Happy Halloween!

1. "Hocus Pocus, I need coffee to focus." — Unknown

2. "Creepin' it real in the office." — Unknown

3. "Witch way to the office candy?" — Unknown

4. “Work party #ghouls.” — Unknown

5. "No tricks, just office treats." — Unknown

6. "Let's get spooky." — Unknown

7. "Boo from the best work crew." — Unknown

8. "Enter at your own risk." — Unknown

9. "It's a spooktacular day at work." — Unknown

10. "It's a boo-tiful day at the office." — Unknown

Duet Postscriptum/Stocksy

11. "Happy Halloween to my witches at work." — Unknown

12. "This party is monster-ific.” — Unknown

13. "Keep working and scary on." — Unknown

14. "Come as you aren't.” — Unknown

15. “Dress code: costume casual.” — Unknown

16. "What a wicked day at work." — Unknown

17. "I put a spell on you." — Unknown

18. "If the broom fits, fly it." — Unknown

19. "Bewitched." — Unknown

20. "Let's get spooky." — Unknown

21. "Bring out the pumpkins." — Unknown

22. "A bit of fun before fright night." — Unknown

23. "I wish Halloween could last forever. Who's with me?" — Unknown

24. “Halloween shenanigans with my coworkers.” Unknown

25. "BRB, off to eat some Halloween candy." — Unknown

26. "Working with the boo crew." — Unknown

27. "This party is too gourd to be true." — Unknown

28. "Let's get a bit batty." – Unknown

29. "Every day is Halloween, isn't it? For some of us." – Tim Burton

30. "We have a new pumpkin in the patch." — Unknown

31. "En route to the Halloween party." — Unknown

32. "Clothes make a statement, costumes tell a story." — Mason Cooley

33. "Hanging with my ghoul crew." — Unknown

34. "I want candy." — Aaron Carter, "I Want Candy"

35. "Pick me up a pumpkin spice before you come into the office." — Unknown

36. "Just call me the Hallow-queen." — Unknown