couple of dogs with halloween costume

36 Captions For Your Dog's Costume, Because It's Ruff Being This Cute

Celebrating Halloween is always a fun time. You can dress up in a fun costume, head to a party, and end the spookiest night of the season eating candy. What could be better than that? Well, for starters, having your dog dress up in costume to celebrate the night with you. There's no way your pup isn't rocking their Halloween best, so you'll need captions for your dog's costume to accompany all of the perfectly paw-some pics you're going to snap.

Whether they do their own take on Chewbacca from Star Wars or they keep it simple with a cute little witch's hat, there's nothing that won't look adorable on your four-legged best friend. They're bound to be the talk of the paw-ty no matter what they have on, but being the amazing pet parent you are, you have to make sure that the costume is absolutely perfect and comfortable for your fur baby.

Life is ruff when you're an adorable pupper, but Halloween is the one night a year when both you and your dog can get dressed up for a really great time. Make sure you take a ton of pics and use some of these captions when you post. Happy Howl-loween!


1. "Witch better have my Milk Bones."

2. "Maybe I ate all the treats... maybe I didn't."

3. "Halloween isn't ruff when I have my furry friend by my side."

4. "No tricks here — the real treat is seeing my dog in this costume, TBH."

5. "Couldn't decide what to dress up as, so I figured mutt as well try to match with my pup."

6. "Creepin' it real since birth."

7. "Matching with my pup is the leashed I could do."

8. "Pup-kin spice and everything nice."

9. "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog." — Elvis Presley, "Hound Dog" (Perfect if you're dressing up as Elvis, or if your dog is actually a hound.)

10. "It truly is a ruff life being this cute."

11. "Hope our Halloween costumes aren't too corgi."

12. "That's one hot dog."

13. "Ready to make this the spookiest Howl-loween ever."

14. "Just here for the tricks and Milk Bones."

15. "My pup's spooky costume is terrier-izing the neighborhood."

16. "Zero fluffs were given."

17. "Doesn't my pup look absolutely fetching?"

18. "Too cute to spook."


19. "Ready to Ewok your Instagram feed."

20. "Cutest pumpkin in the patch."

21. "The apple of my pie."

22. "Witch way to the treats?"

23. "Fur your information, I think my pup looks smashing."

24. "Happy Pug-o-ween."

25. "I don't think it's pawssible for our costumes to be any cuter."

26. "Let's get this pawty started."

27. "[Insert your pet's name here] was feeling pawsh tonight, so we got a little dressed up."

28. "Feelin' spooky."

29. "I hope these costumes teach you the impawtance of dressing up your pup for Halloween."

30. "Paws off my treats, witches."

31. "Halloween 2019: Gone but never furgotten." (Perfect for a good #TBT pic of you and your furry friend after Halloween passes.)

32. "This is my hot date for the night."

33. "Aren't our matching costumes pawsitively adorable?"

34. "Ready for the house pawty."

35. "With my pup, life is just pawfect."

36. "I never met a pumpkin I didn't like."