35 Of The Coolest Things You'll See This Week That Are Actually Products For Sale On Amazon

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I'm pretty good at shopping. I have a knack for hunting down the perfect cardigan in any thrift store — the kind you spend $6 on and end up wearing for years. That being said, I have friends who are really good at shopping. I go over to their houses and they have the coolest products that have me asking, "Where did you find this?!" I always expect them to respond with the name of some specialty shop I've never heard of, but oftentimes the answer is: "I found it on Amazon." Yep — the coolest products on Amazon have me believing that they're from some off-the-beaten-path store that I've never stepped foot in.

So — I'm always very stoked to hear that's not the case. It reminds me there are other great products on Amazon just waiting to be discovered. And all of the following products? They're very worthy of discovery.

Here's a sneak peek of some of my favorites: a machine that makes soft serve out of fresh fruit. an eyebrow gel with fibers that actually recreate the look of natural eyebrows, and a shelf that hooks onto the side of your bed so that your morning coffee is within easy reach.

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