34 Wacky Products On Amazon That Are So Much More Useful Than You Think

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When I was a kid, I used to love going into those gag gift shops in the mall and browsing the shelves of entertaining (but utterly useless) products. A pack of gum that resembles a box of bandages? Yes, please. A flute you can play with your... nose? I was into it. I still get a kick of out these zany products, but can't persuade myself to buy any of them, because, well, I'm trying to spend my hard-earned money like an adult. (Sigh.) But while shopping online, I found a whole slew of wacky products on Amazon that are actually useful — items that are remarkably odd or unique, but also serve practical purposes.

There are more than a few odd products I've found that are on my must-have list. Here are some examples: an alarm clock that gently shakes you awake (I have a terrible time forcing myself out of bed in the morning). A cell phone sanitizer that cleans your phone the help of UV rays (I'm a bit of a germaphobe). And perhaps my favorite: wine wipes to help you get that Malbec stain off your teeth (I'm going to pack these in my purse the next time I go to happy hour).

See what I mean? These products are novel and useful. Click through for more wacky and wonderful must-haves.

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