34 Genius Inventions On Amazon That Will Help Manage The Germ Jungle You Live In

Having your own space is a beautiful thing. It means decorating the way you want and keeping your things exactly the way you like them. But when you're solely responsible for the cleaning, you realize just how quickly mold, germs, mildew, and dust can buildup over time. Cue the genius Amazon products that make your gross stuff way more hygienic, because the world is a germ jungle, and there are better ways to manage it.

Why are these products so brilliant? For one, you won't find them in your average grocery or department store. For another, most of them work without any effort on your part, so your home stays cleaner for longer — even in between chore days.

This list includes both clever items for people who hate to clean and brilliant hygiene products that germaphobes swear by. Whether you enjoy cleaning more than you should or wish you liked it more than you do, these items have you covered.

They zap away bacteria, scrub away mold, and lift away stains way better than your average cleaning supplies. Most of them are even infused with anti-odor and antimicrobial features to reduce the spread of germs. The best news yet? Since they're all available on Amazon, an extra-sanitary space is only a click away.

Entertainment — 34 Genius Inventions On Amazon That Will Help Manage The Germ Jungle You Live In

1. This Humidifier That Prevents The Growth Of Germs And Mildew In The Tank

Honeywell Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier, $58, Amazon

With its three speeds, 24-hour runtime, and whisper-quiet operation, the Honeywell cool mist humidifier helps defeat dry winter air for improved breathing, skin, and overall health. Unlike other brands, however, the internal tank is treated with an antimicrobial layer to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and germs. That means that the moisture coming out of your humidifier is 99.99 percent safer and cleaner, too.


2. A Micelle Spray That Removes Dust, Fingerprints, And Germs On Any Screen

Vius Premium Screen Cleaner Spray, $8, Amazon

It's free of alcohol and sulfates as well as totally biodegradable, but this Vius screen cleaner spray is some powerful stuff. Its micelle technology traps dirt, removes fingerprints, cleans away bacteria, and gets rid of dust — all while limiting static electricity. It works on any screen from cell phones to televisions, and it comes with a microfiber cloth that's durable, reusable, and won't scratch your devices.


3.The Spray Reviewers Call A "Miracle Product" Because It Totally Removes Pet Odors And Gross Stains

Rocco & Roxie Enzyme-Powered Stain And Odor Eliminator, $20, Amazon

Specifically made for organic spills like pet accidents, blood, and vomit, Rocco & Roxie spray eliminates stains and odors with its enzyme-powered formula. The natural bacteria is activated on contact and feeds on the ammonia crystals until smells and discolorations are totally gone. It's safe on rugs, furniture, clothing, and litter boxes, and it discourages re-soiling, because not even your pet can smell it.


4. These Bamboo Air Purifiers That Soak Up Smells, Moisture, And Allergens

Huanlemai Moso-Bamboo Air Purifier Bags, $13 (Set of 4), Amazon

These adorable Huanlemai air purifier bags are filled with activated bamboo charcoal, which is non-toxic and extremely absorbent. As a result, it's a safe way to soak up moisture, odors, and allergens in any room. Since they're tiny and made with a decorative canvas, you can hang them in bathrooms, cars, closets, laundry rooms — or even put them directly in your shoes.


5. This UV Vacuum That Gets Rid Of Dust Mites, Which Is A Life-Saver For People With Allergies

Housmile Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner, $70, Amazon

Because of its powerful UV light, high-frequency vibrations, heat, moisture, and advanced HEPA filtration, this Housmile UV vacuum is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergens. It's safe on all types of fabric and even penetrates the outer structure of your sheets and mattress to prevent reproduction if you have any critters. "I can't believe all of the stuff that this thing picks up from my furniture," one reviewer writes. "I definitely suggest this for people with allergies!"


6. A Plug-In UV-C Purifier That Sanitizes Odors And Germs In Your House

GermGuardian Pluggable UV-C Sanitizer and Deodorizer, $35, Amazon

Clean the air in your house without any effort whatsoever. Simply plug in the GermGuardian and let it sanitize and deodorize any room. It uses a UV-C light to kill germs without the use of nasty chemicals, and it eliminates microscopic airborne molecules to get rid of odors caused by smoke, pets, food, trash, or bathrooms. It lasts for around 5,000 hours without needing a bulb change, it runs on one quiet speed, and there are no filters to replace. One reviewer writes: "I purchased this air purifier for a kitchen in a small apartment. Before buying this, I basically had to clean the kitchen every single day to deal with lingering smells. Now, I don't have that problem. This product is surprisingly effective."


7. An Ultraviolet Flashlight To Locate Stains You Can't See With The Naked Eye

LOFTEKUV Ultraviolet LED Flashlight, $10, Amazon

Because it emits a large wavelength range of ultraviolet light, this LED flashlight can spot pet urine, bed bugs, and mineral leaks — even if you think you've deep cleaned them. It's a great tool for finding stains you can't see with the naked eye, and will give you peace of mind that every stain you want gone is actually gone, Also, because of its durable aluminum shell and long battery life, reviewers also love it for hiking and camping — oddly enough, it's also great for finding scorpions.


8. This Genius Glove That Replaces Your Paper Towels And Cleaning Sprays

Nano Glove, $15, Amazon

Because it's created with a proprietary fiber that captures liquid, dust, and dirt like a magnet, the Nano Glove just made your chore day infinitely easier. It cleans virtually anything without expensive, wasteful paper towels, and since it slips right over your hand, it allows for full dexterity and control. It also gets rid of things without the use of chemicals — this glove only needs to be used dry or with a bit of water. Best of all, it lasts for up to 400 washes, so you can use it over and over again for years.


9. This Non-Toxic Powder That Kills Bed Bugs For Weeks After It's Applied

Harris Bed Bug Diatomaceous Earth Powder, $16, Amazon

If you have bedbugs, treat hard-to-reach areas with this Diatomaceous earth powder. Insects die within 48 hours of initial contact, and as long as it's kept dry, this formula continues to kill bugs for weeks after application. It comes with a powder duster for simple application, and reviewers love it because it's not toxic to humans and doesn't have a smell.


10. This Non-Scratch Sponge That Will Not Smell No Matter What

The Crown Choice No Odor Dish Towel, $7, Amazon

It lasts seven times longer than average kitchen sponges, and it still stays fresh the whole time. The Crown Choice no odor dish towel is made from triple-stitched polyester that stays durable without scratching your cookware, and it has large-hole patterns that allow food to rinse right out — even the impossible stuff like melted cheese. It's also quick-drying and can be sanitized in the dishwasher or washing machine.


11. A Brilliant UV Light Sanitizer Zaps Away Germs On Your Phone While Charging It

PhoneSoap 3, $60, Amazon

Since we bring our phones everywhere with us (including into the bathroom), they're absolutely teeming with germs, but there's a way to fix that: the PhoneSoap 3. This brilliant little gadget kills 99.99 percent of bacteria with its built-in UV light, which sanitizes your entire phone in a few minutes. It even charges it in the meantime — and you can safely keep it in there overnight. Bonus: there are two ports, so you can charge two things at once.


12. This Mattress Protector That Limits Allergies, Stays Breathable, And Keeps Your Bed Like New

SafeRest Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector, $27, Amazon

Guard your mattress against dust mites, sweat, spills, bacteria, and allergens, all while keeping it comfortable and cool. The SafeRest mattress protector is hypoallergenic, waterproof, noiseless, and breathable. It has a fitted-sheet design that's easy to put on, and it's available in six different sizes to suit any bed. Still hesitant? It has over 29,000 reviews because it keeps your mattress like new and limits allergies in the process. "Best. Purchase. Ever," one reviewer raves.


13. These Silicone Scrubbers With Varying Textures For Every Job

Asiopphire Scrubbers Silicone Sponges, $22 (Set of 4), Amazon

Normal sponges are porous and absorbent, meaning that they're a breeding ground for germs and mildew. These Asiopphire Scrubbers sponges are made from food-grade antimicrobial silicone, which easily rinses clean of germs. They have varying textures that work well for washing dishes, scrubbing vegetables, cleaning bathrooms, or safely removing residue on cookware, and since they're color-coded and come in a set of four, you can designate one for every job.


14. These Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes That Are Tough On Bacteria But Easy On Clothes

Saalfeld Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes, $7, Amazon

Because they don't contain bleach, these Saalfeld hydrogen peroxide wipes have a mild odor and won't ruin clothing. They will, however, kill bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms — even tough ones like norovirus — on both hard and soft surfaces. Reviewers love them because they're a "fast and easy way to sanitize," and they're simple to travel with. They won't leave a residue on your appliances or countertops, either.


15. This Air Purifier That Clips Right Onto Your Toilet Bowl

Cogswell Bathroom Toilet Odor Eliminator, $50, Amazon

The Cogswell bathroom odor eliminator clips right onto your toilet and draws in unwanted smells, purifying them with its all-natural filtration system. It then returns the air to the room smelling fresh and clean, all without unhealthy sprays or neutralizers. It's easy to install, fits most standard bowls, and runs on AA batteries — and it even has a built-in motion sensor and LED light.


16. This Gadget Automatically Dispenses Soap For You So You Don't Get Germs Everywhere

Secura Automatic Soap Dispenser, $31, Amazon

For those times when you've got egg or raw chicken on your hands, there's the Secura automatic soap dispenser. It utilizes infrared technology to detect your hand and dispense the right amount of soap every time. You can fill it with your favorite brand, adjust the volume, and even mount it to the wall if you're short on counter space.


17. This Shower Curtain That's Antibacterial, Mildew-Resistant, And Really Durable

LiBa Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain, $11, Amazon

"I have waited six months to write this review and my original liner looks as good as the day I hung it. No mildew or rust," one reviewer writes. No wonder the LiBa mildew-resistant shower curtain has over 4,000 reviews and is the number-one best selling option. It's made from a non-toxic PEVA material, has heavy magnets on the bottom, and comes with rust-proof grommets for convenient hanging. Since it's durable and translucent, you can use it alone or as a liner for a secondary curtain.


18. These Color-Coded Antimicrobial Cutting Boards That You Can Also Microwave

Top Home Choice Antimicrobial Cutting Board, $35 (Set of 3), Amazon

This is not your average chopping mat set. These Top Home Choice cutting boards are made from BPA-free material that's also antimicrobial. They're microwave-safe to zap away any remaining germs in less than a minute, and purposefully designed with food icons to prevent cross-contamination. When it's time to transfer your food, they bend and snap into convenient chutes to reduce spills while pouring.


19. These Microfiber Towels That Dry Faster, Absorb More, And Stay Extra Soft

Jml Microfiber Bath Towels, $19 (2 Pack), Amazon

These microfiber bath towels are way more sanitary than your average cotton ones. That's because they dry much faster, so you don't have to worry about the growth of mildew and germs. They also absorb seven times their weight, stay soft even after countless washes, are extra lightweight for easy travel, and are available in multiple colors. No wonder tons of buyers love them for sports, beach days, and camping.


20. This Brilliant Tool Lifts Stains And Dirt Right Off Your Carpets Or Rugs

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Vacuum, $70, Amazon

Charge the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser, fill the tank with the included solution, and bring it anywhere to effortlessly scrub away pet stains and messes. It works on carpets, upholstery, stairs, rugs, and car interiors, and can also be used for wine, coffee, motor oils, and makeup. Reviewers love it because it's portable, not at all bulky, and really effective. One writes: "So far I'm pretty impressed with how effective this little thing is. I had some pretty tough stains that wouldn't come out while using traditional cleaning methods and my carpet was a bit rough as a result of failing to effectively treat these spots, The Pet Stain Eraser not only got rid of the stains but left my carpet smooth and soft like before."


21. This Concentrated Gel That Gets Rid Of Mold And Mildew Virtually Anywhere

Skylarlife Home Mold And Mildew Remover, $13, Amazon

For any and all mold-related stains, there's this Skylarlife mildew remover. It's a concentrated gel that quickly kills mold on tiles, sealant, showerheads, sinks, and more. The squeezable thin-tipped bottle makes it easy to apply, and it even clings to fixtures (without residue) to prevent re-growth.


22. The Grout Brush Reviewers Say Might Be The "Best Purchase [They've] Ever Made On Amazon"

Fuginator Joint Cleaner, $13, Amazon

Get deep into grout, window tracks, and corners with the Fuginator joint cleaner. This universal brush easily removes dirt and mold with its thin line of durable bristles, and it's easy to hold with its ergonomic handle. "I wasn't expecting it to work so well," one reviewer writes, while another raves, "This may be the best purchase I have ever made on Amazon."


23. These Safe Utrasonic Pest Repellers With A 4.8-Star Rating

Ultrasonic Pest Repellers, $40 (4 Pack), Amazon

Instead of harsh chemicals and inhumane traps, these pest repellers use ultrasonic frequencies to deter mice, roaches, and bugs of all kinds from entering your home. That being said, they're small, plug right into your outlet, and won't affect humans or pets. With this set, you get four units that protect up to 1,200 square feet each, and they have a 4.8-star rating for a reason.


24. This Essential Oil Blend For Clear Breathing, Sinus Relief, And Tackling Airborne Bacteria

Breathe Essential Oil Blend, $8, Amazon

The combined ingredients in this Breathe blend naturally work as an antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-allergenic. It utilizes essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, lemon, lavender, and cardamom in order to promote clear breathing and fight viruses and bacteria in the air. "I use this in my essential oil diffuser each night," one reviewer writes. "I have not had to take any decongestants and I have awakened clear."


25. A Well-Designed Brush Set That Cleans Every Nook Of Your Water Bottle

OXO Good Grips Water Bottle Cleaning Set, $10 (Set of 3), Amazon

Reusable water bottles are often better for both you and the environment, but they're not always easy to clean. The OXO Good Grips bottle cleaning set comes with a long brush, a straw brush, and a detail brush so you can get in every nook and cranny. Narrow necks, curvy lids, and intricate mouthpieces are no match for this set — it even stores together on a convenient ring.


26. This Oven And Grill Cleaner That Won't Fill Your Place Up With Fumes

Goo Gone Oven and Grill Cleaner, $19 (28 oz), Amazon

For baked-on grease stains and crusted food debris that just seriously won't budge one bit off your stuff, this foam is a must-have. It's totally fume-free and doesn't give off any of the overwhelming stenches that other heavy-duty cleaners can, but it's still just as effective. This cleaner penetrates and breaks down tough spills, and is safe to use on ovens, indoor/outdoor grills, and so much more.


27. These Brilliant Attachments That Turn Your Favorite Drill Into A No-Effort Cleaning Tool

Drillbrush Scrubber Kit, $12 (Set of 3), Amazon

For those jobs that require more elbow grease, the Drillbrush scrubber kit applies all the effort so you don't have to. These three attachments fit your favorite cordless drill for use on tubs, sinks, tiles, baseboards — whatever needs a deep clean. Their nylon bristles break up dirt and residue without scratching, and the three different sizes help you tackle all sorts of jobs around the house.


28. These Adorable Microfiber Shoes For You Do Your Chores, Too

Selric Bear Mop Slippers, $12, Amazon

Dust your floor while you walk with these adorable bear slippers. They feature microfiber chenille on the bottom, which traps dust and absorbs moisture. When they get dirty, simply pull off the Velcro bottoms and throw them in the washing machine. They're available in four sizes and several colors and designs, including bunnies, frogs, and pigs. This set even comes with a free set of socks.


29. These Step-And-Leave Pads That Remove All Sorts Of Stains From Your Rug

Bissell Stomp 'N Go Pet Stain Lifting Pads, $25 (20 Pack), Amazon

Permanently remove stains like coffee, wine, pet messes, mud, and soda, all without bending down. These Bissell Stomp 'N Go pads release their oxy-cleaning formula as soon as you step on them. Just leave it on the stain for 30 minutes and it lifts the discoloration right off the rug. Reviewers say, "I've tried so many different sprays and cleaners and they've never worked like these pads."


30. This Mop Gets Rid Of Bacteria, Grime, And Residue Using Nothing But Water

E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop, $40, Amazon

The E-Cloth deep clean mop requires only water to get rid of 99 percent of bacteria. It contains millions of fibers that are a thousand times finer than cotton to remove grime, grease, and germs. As a result, you can stop worrying about toxic ingredients, chemical residue, and damage to your wood, bamboo, or stone floors. When the mop-head gets dirty, simply throw it in the washing machine and it's like new for the next time.


31. A Nourishing But Antibacterial Body Wash That Checks All The Boxes

Hose Off Natural Antimicrobial Body Wash, $15, Amazon

Impurity-absorbing clays, antibacterial essential oils, and nourishing plant extracts come together in this Hose Off two-in-one body wash. Not only does it cleanse, but it balances and hydrates skin for a healthy complexion — and the best news? It's natural, cruelty-free, and gentle on the environment. "I've been looking for something that isn't full of The Usual Suspects (parabens, SLS, "fragrance"), gets me clean, keeps my skin happy (I'm prone to breakouts) and doesn't cost a fortune," one reviewer writes. "Hose Off checks all the boxes."


32. Thanks To Its Enzyme-Powered Formula, This Spray Is Both Natural And Really Effective

Puracy Natural Stain Remover, $12, Amazon

Looking for something that's natural and effective? This Puracy natural stain remover has nearly 2,000 reviews and a super high rating. It's an enzyme-based formula that's non-toxic, biodegradable, and vegan — but it completely eliminates stains from grass, sweat, oil, tomato sauce, red wine, and pet accidents. It's also safe on all washable fabrics, doesn't need to be rinsed right away, and won't cause fading over time.


33. This Portable Steamer That Cleans Grills, Clothes, Cars, Furniture — You Name It

Comforday Multi-Purpose Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner with 9-Piece Accessories, $29, Amazon

Steam clean your way to serious peace of mind with this multi-purpose handheld device, which comes with nine cool accessories and can help you manage literally any cleaning job. With 1050 watts of power, this releases up to 270 degrees Fahrenheit of hot steam in 20 minutes or less and can cut through virtually any type of stain. Whether you're cleaning a mattress, car, shower curtain or more, this has got you covered, plus it's cheap AF too.


34. This Biodegradable Stain Remover That Works On Red Wine And Ink

Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover, $7, Amazon

Whether the stain is fresh or set-in, Chateau Spill red wine remover works wonders, according to reviewers. Even though it's made without peroxide, chlorine bleach, or phosphates, this spray breaks down stains at the cellular level to lift them from clothes, carpets, and linens. It also works on juice, makeup, and ink — and it's totally non-toxic.

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