32 Solid Products On Amazon That Straight-Up Do An Excellent Job

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night..." — thus begins the unofficial postman's creed, which back in the day, when I actually sent things via snail mail, gave me all the feels. Granted, I had a romantic notion of the mailman slogging through hip-deep snow to deliver a romantic missive to me perched by a roaring fire, but regardless, not many things are as dependable as the mail carriers of old. Except for these solid products on Amazon that straight-up do an excellent job.

Yes, you can find the faddish things on Amazon, and you can always find trendy new things. You can find the most commonly-used staples of everyday life. You can also identify the object of your most obscure desires, and the items on my list today are a little bit of all of the above. They combine style, stellar reviews, best-seller status, and most of all, dependable, bankable performance. These products will be the postmen of your life; they'll be there for you no matter what conditions confront them.

Don't mistake these items for simple yawn-worthy commodities, however: Along with their solid performance, these products all incorporate unique design features that make them noteworthy, whether you're purchasing them for yourself or considering them for gift-giving. So, as the saying goes, do yourself a solid, and add these uber-trusty products to your cart today.

Entertainment — 32 Solid Products On Amazon That Straight-Up Do An Excellent Job

1. This Is The One Lighter That Will Never Fail You

Saberlight Extended Arc Lighter, $16, Amazon

Matches get wet, and handheld lighters and even long reach lighters run out of fuel eventually, but this lighter will never let you down: It starts your fires with an arc of plasma at the end of its extended neck. The plasma wave is generated by a lithium ion cell that you can recharge via any USB port in just an hour, after which time it's good for more than three hours of use. Due to its operating mechanism, this lighter is completely flame-proof, and several reviewers also note that its "cool factor" can't be surpassed.


2. These Towel Hooks Look Cool And Do The Job, Too

RICHYN Kitchen Towel Hooks, $13 (Set of 2), Amazon

Tired of your kitchen towels always slipping onto the floor? These hooks put an end to that problem and look sleek and modern, too. Fitted with super-strong adhesive, they're a snap to install, and they're easy to use, too — just press your towel into the middle of the X-shape, and this hook will grab onto it and hold it for good. It's great not only for use in the kitchen, but also for bathrooms, playrooms, the garage — anywhere you need a hand.


3. A Caddy Will Keep Everything You Need Handy At Bedtime

The Night Caddy Deluxe Bedside Organizer, $40, Amazon

Engineered to fit just about any mattress and bed spring combination you can throw at it, this bedside caddy has space to hold everything you want near at hand when you turn in at night. Crafted from durable plastic and aluminum, it's built to last, and also includes dual USB charging ports — and the caddy comes equipped with its own 6-foot cord so you can power it up. You'll be able to install this in just minutes with no tools, and it's perfect for small spaces where there's just not room for a bedside table.


4. The Tool That Makes Monkey Business Out Of A Bunch Of Small Jobs

Zootility Tools PocketMonkey, $13, Amazon

Who'd have ever thought that you'd be equipped to handle so many tasks if only you had a monkey in your pocket? It's true — at least if it's this multi-tool monkey in your pocket. Featuring three screwdrivers, six standard-size hex wrenches, a bottle opener, a letter opener, a phone stand, a door latch slip, an orange peeler, and a headphone wrap, this tool fits in your wallet and is TSA-compliant.


5. This Microwave Cookware Stays Cool When Your Food Isn't

Joseph Joseph Cool Touch Microwave Cookware Set, $27, Amazon

The design masters at Joseph Joseph have produced another delightful merger of form and function with this cookware set — it's designed to get your foods piping hot in the microwave without allowing it to bubble over — that prevents you from burning your hands when you retrieve them for serving. The lids feature steam vents to enable your foods to discharge the hot air that causes them to make a mess all over your microwave, and the containers feature a double-walled structure that ensures the outside stays cool to the touch. The pieces are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


6. This Flashlight Is Ultra-Durable And Can Light Up Two Football Fields

J-5 Tactical Flashlight, $14, Amazon

When you choose a flashlight for emergency situations at home or on the road, you're looking for two qualities: superior illumination, and unparalleled reliability. This tactical-grade flashlight provides both. It features three settings — high, low, and strobe — and on high, can light up an entire room or provide illumination up to 200 yards away. Testing has shown the flashlight is still operational even after being dropped from a height of 9 feet as well as following a submersion in water, so you know it's tough enough to survive household use and even live through neglect and temperature change in your glove compartment or trunk.


7. These Hooks Keep Your Car Neat And Orderly

i-SMART Car Headrest Hooks, $8 (Set of 2), Amazon

Keep your valuables and your food up off the floor and keep your car neat and tidy with these ingenious hooks that attach to your headrest posts and support up to 22 pounds of weight each. Crafted from high-quality plastic and silicone, they're engineered to attach easily and protect your car seats — all while providing firm support with no danger of detaching. You can rotate the hooks to position your belongings as you like, and you can even hide them when they're not in use.


8. These Scissors Cut Right Through Challenging Tasks Like Butter

Fiskars Easy Action Bent Scissors, $9, Amazon

Typical scissors can be tricky to use: especially if you're left-handed, have limited hand strength, or if you're using them for an extended period of time. These scissors eliminate those issues by incorporating an ergonomically-designed grip with spring-action handles that open automatically after each cut to reduce hand strain. They feature a precision-ground edge that makes them suitable for any type of fabric, but they're also perfect for paper, cardboard, and other household materials.


9. The Versatile Appliance That's More Than Just A Clothes Steamer

Exagora iSteam, $33, Amazon

Yes, this portable appliance is — first and foremost — a clothes steamer. But it's so much more than that, too. This ultra-powerful unit reaches effective temperature in just 25 seconds and dispenses 10 minutes' worth of steam at a clip. Best of all, it can be used all over your house, from cleaning your furniture and drapes and spot-cleaning your carpets to steam-cleaning to sanitizing hard surfaces like kitchen counters and bathroom fixtures. Looking for a quick and easy way to defrost your fridge? Put this handheld unit to work and you'll be done in a jiffy, after which time you can refill it and give yourself a spa-quality facial. Yep.


10. These Grippers Make Sure Your Sheets Won't Slide Around

Korlon Adjustable Bed Sheet Grippers, $9 (8 Pack), Amazon

It's one of my biggest pet peeves: I wake up in the middle of the night knowing something is amiss, only to discover that I'm not sleeping on my comfortable sheets, but instead am laying on the naked mattress pad. Crafted from heavy-duty elastic and finished with sturdy chrome clips, these bed grippers solve that problem — they hold onto your fitted sheet during the night, so you can rest assured it's not going anywhere. It's great for tablecloths, slipcovers, mattress pads, and more, too.


11. This Wall-Mount Unit Will Organize Your Garage Or Utility Closet

Anybest Mop/Broom Holder, $11, Amazon

If you're tired of your brooms, rakes, shovels, and other tools junking up the floor of your garage — or if they just seem like they're waiting to spring on you out of the closet they're kept in, this handy storage rack can solve that problem. Crafted from heavy-duty plastic, reviewers rave about the no-slip strength of the ball grips on this unit, which also incorporates fold-out hooks for bags, cords, and whatever else you might like to keep on the rack.


12. A Shaver That Has An Ergonomic Design And It's Waterproof, Too

Miserwe Women's Electric Razor, $16, Amazon

Shaped like a scallop shell, this razor is designed to nestle neatly in the palm of your hand for the kind of easy handling that enables a close shave, regardless of what area you're trimming. Cordless operation allows for both wet and dry use, so it's ultra-versatile, and perfect for travel, too. This unit charges via the included micro USB cord, and comes with its own brush, too, for easy cleaning.


13. A Knife Set That's Sharp In More Ways Than One

Home Hero Knife Set, $31, Amazon

Ideal for anyone with a modern-leaning kitchen, this knife set is not only practical but also incorporates a uniquely stylish flair. The difference comes in the fan display and the acrylic knife block that shows off the stainless steel blades in this 16-piece set to perfection. In addition to 13 knives, you'll also get kitchen shears, a peeler, and a sharpener. The blades are coated with non-stick paint for added practicality, and the handles offer an ergonomic design.


14. The Genius Accessory That Will Keep Your Microwave So Fresh And So Clean

Bezrat Easy Grip Microwave Cover, $30, Amazon

Crafted from sturdy glass with a silicone overlay and a silicone grip, this accessory is the answer to the problem of spatter from the delicious foods you reheat in the microwave that leave it a mess after cooking. Tomato sauce, cheesy foods, or anything with the barest hint of grease — they all leave the inside of the microwave looking like a crime scene. This lid catches the spatter while also ensuring that your food is evenly heated, and it's dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up. Pro tip: Also useful for keeping nosy cats away from your food prior to serving. Just sayin'.


15. An Appliance That Will Cook Up Your Whole Dinner And Keep It Warm, Too

Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker/Steamer, $17, Amazon

Don't let the easy, breezy one-touch operation fool you: this device means business when it comes to meal time — it can flawlessly cook your rice, steam your entrée and vegetables at the same time, and then keep it all warm until you're ready to eat, with no need to dirty any other pots or pans. Not only is it perfect for creating full meals, but it's also great for hearty soups and stews as well as chilis, gumbos and the like — and it's a wonderful alternative or add-on to your crock pot when you're entertaining.


16. This Toothbrush Has All The Bells And Whistles — And It's Cute, Too

Kipozi Sonic Electric Toothbrush, $24, Amazon

Providing the ability to remove twice as much plaque as your manual toothbrush, this electric toothbrush has a sleek, futuristic design that hints at its capacity to roll off a remarkable 40,000 revolutions per minute in the interest of your dental health. It also features a timer that will help you ensure you're brushing for the full 2 minutes recommended by the ADA, while also pulsing at 30-second intervals to remind you when to switch areas in your mouth so you'll cover all of your teeth. It comes with three color-coded brush heads so you can share the hygienic love with your family members.


17. This Memory Foam Pillow Is Totally Chill

Save&Soft Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow, $35, Amazon

Whether you're always looking for the cool side of the pillow or seeking relief from a headache, you'll appreciate the gel insert in this memory foam pillow that adds a soothing touch of coolness to the firm support it provides. Engineered to provide orthopedic support to your cervical spine, it stays firm and maintains support for months at a time, while the gel pad simply has to be refrigerated to keep you cool throughout the night — even in hot and humid climates. It's great if you're recovering from an injury, if you're a restless sleeper, or if you like your sleeping conditions just so.


18. A Straightening Iron Made From Titanium To Deliver A Smooth, Silky Look

Kipozi Professional Straightening Iron, $36, Amazon

Crafted with ultra-smooth titanium plates, this straightening iron delivers professional performance for with all of the features: It's quick-heating, has adjustable temperature to suit all hair types and styles, and comes with a rounded-edge handle design that means no pinching or crimped edges. This design means you can use it as a curling iron, too, so you get dual usage out of just one tool. It's engineered with a cord that swivels 180-degrees to permit a comfortable operation at any angle, and operates on dual voltage, so it's great when traveling, whether you're at home or abroad.


19. This Shelf Resolves The Problem Of That Outlet That's In The Weird Place

Kinbird Power Perch, $14, Amazon

There's one in every room: That weird outlet in the place where no one and nothing could ever reach it. This shelf makes that outlet usable again, as it affixes around the face plate and incorporates a foldable shelf that's capable of holding up to 10 pounds, so it's great for charging your wireless devices or playing host to your home assistant or other small appliances. The shelf can be folded up so that it's nearly flush with your wall when at rest, thereby taking up next to no space — so it's great for tucking away behind furniture or behind a door.


20. A Toiletry Bag Will Keep You Organized While You're On The Road

D&D Products Hanging Toiletry Bag, $32, Amazon

With plentiful pockets including mesh, zippered mesh, plastic, and zippered plastic, this bag is the one travel accessory you need to keep all your toiletries in order while you're on the road. It's crafted with a main compartment that's large enough to store full-size bottles of items like contact lens solution and shampoo, as well as an extra-large swivel hook that lets you turn the bag around to view your items from a 360-degree perspective without ever removing them. It's finished with heavy-duty zippers so you can trust everything to remain inside while you're in transit.


21. This Handheld Vacuum Really — Wait For It — Sucks

Bissell Cleanview Handheld Vacuum, $36, Amazon

Technically, all vacuums suck, but this handheld vacuum, with its high-powered 4-amp motor, is better at busting dust and dirt than most — and it's so lightweight that it's easy to handle wherever you're using it. It features comprehensive filtration to screen out household allergens and remove them from the atmosphere, and an easy-empty dust cup to catch pollutants and grime and make them simple to dispose of. The 18-foot cord gives you a long reach, and it comes equipped with a 2-foot hose with a rubber contour nozzle and a hose-adapter nozzle, as well as a wide-mouth tool and a crevice tool.


22. These Clippers Will Trim Down Even The Toughest Of Nails

Kohm Nail Clippers, $16, Amazon

Great for anyone with hand injuries or decreased hand strength, these clippers are oversized and engineered with thick, rubberized handles to give you the best leverage possible on tough-to-trim nails. Additionally, they open to a width of 1-inch, which provides you with a further advantage when you're tackling tricky clipping. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, they're easy to clean and sanitize to ensure hygienic use every time out.


23. This French Press Goes Where You Do

Bodum Travel French Press, $14, Amazon

Coffee aficionados will truly appreciate the brewing quality provided by this French press that's all contained within a compact travel mug that fits in any standard cup holder. The spill-resistant lid encapsulates the built-in plunger mechanism, and the body is crafted from double-walled BPA-free plastic, so it's insulated to keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. It's perfect for brewing loose-leaf tea as well, this mug is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


24. This Little Stand Will Keep Your Pantry Picture Perfect

YouCopia WrapStand, $15, Amazon

If your pantry looks like someone plowed into the food storage aisle of your local market with a grocery cart and upended all the boxes, this storage stand will get it organized in a snap. It comes with eight adjustable plastic-coated steel wires that you can configure to fit boxes of any size, including those family-sized versions you get from the warehouse store, and it's crafted from durable plastic to stand up to everyday use. It is easy assembly with no tools needed, too.


25. A Foot Massager That Gives You The Real Shiatsu Treatment At Home

HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager, $40, Amazon

Featuring four rotating heads with 10 massage nodes, this foot massager delivers a way-down-deep shiatsu massage to ease foot pain and relax not just your feet but your whole body. It has controls you can manipulate with your toes that enable you to toggle between modes and activate the optional heat function to pair with your massage if you choose. This massager is great for stimulating circulation by restoring blood flow in your feet at the end of a long day, and assuaging troublesome conditions like plantar fasciitis and nerve pain.


26. This Scrubber Gets Off The Grime Without Scratching Your Dishes

e-cloth Washing Up Pad, $8, Amazon

Dual-sided for streak-free cleaning and powerful scrubbing, this pad will get all the grease and grime off of your dishes, pots and pans without leaving a single scratch. The secret to its scrubbing muscle lies in advanced microfiber, which easily removes stuck-on food residue; the reverse, also crafted from microfiber complemented by nylon netting, provides a more gentle scour that traps and gathers grease. Use it to clean not only your dishes, but also scour your bathroom, garage, or other rooms in the house without the application of harmful chemicals, then toss it in the washing machine for quick and easy cleanup.


27. This Acne Treatment Is An All-Natural Cult Favorite On Amazon

TreeActive Invisible Acne Spot Treatment, $18, Amazon

"A godsend," "amazing," "life altering" — those are just a few of the comments that this acne treatment has earned from reviewers on Amazon. Crafted from a blend of all-natural ingredients led by tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils, it goes on clear and is absorbed into your skin, meaning it can be worn under makeup and reapplied throughout the day as necessary for optimum effectiveness. Handcrafted in the U.S., all the ingredients are non-GMO, cruelty-, palm oil-, and paraben-free, and vegan.


28. This Mop's Microfiber Head Grabs Dirt Instead Of Scooting It Around

O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop, $20, Amazon

Sure, those spray mops with the disposable wipes and disposable spray bottles are handy — but they're punishing on the environment, and do the wipes really pick up the dirt, or are they just moving it around? The microfiber head on this mop won't leave you with such questions: It grabs the dirt and traps it so it doesn't stay on your floor. Plus, the head flips 180-degrees so you can clean for a good long time, and once you're done, simply throw the pad in the wash and it cleans easily. Meanwhile, fill the onboard spray bottle with the solution of your choice — so it's good for the environment and for your floors.


29. These Balls Soften Your Laundry, Naturally

SheepSheepSheep Laundry Balls, $9 (6 Pack), Amazon

Oversized caterpillar eggs? Fuzzy juggling balls? No, these balls are crafted from 100 percent pure imported wool, and are for your laundry — just throw one in the dryer with your clothes and it will make them fluffy and soft without the use of chemicals or dryer sheets. Naturally hypoallergenic, these balls work by increasing air circulation and separating the layers of your garments, and for an enhanced effect, you can scent them with a few drops of your favorite essential oil before each load.


30. The Tablet Stand That's Portable, And It Swivels Like A Boss

Halter Swivel Tablet Stand, $10, Amazon

Lightweight and foldable for easy transport around the house or office, this stand has all the features you want if you use your tablet for binge-watching or reading on the regular: You can use it in either portrait or landscape mode, it's adjustable to a handful of angles, and, best of all, it features a super sturdy 360-degree swivel base. Suitable for any tablet up to 10 inches, the rubberized edge will hold your device in place so you don't have to worry about it slipping, too.


31. This Kettle Filters Your Water While It Boils It

Ovente Glass Electric Kettle, $26, Amazon

Not only will you get your hot water fast with this electric kettle, you'll also get it super pure thanks to the combination of a concealed, mineral-preventative heating element and an integrated, removable and washable filter that deliver fresh-tasting healthy water every time. The kettle itself is crafted from BPA-free, shatterproof glass that's stain-resistant and won’t crack under heat, and it's aesthetically pleasing. It's offered in seven delightful colors and has an LED light that illuminates the boiling water.


32. These Military-Grade Lanterns Will Get You Through A Storm — Or A Sleepover

Etekcity Portable Camping Lanterns, $24 (4 Pack), Amazon

Whether you're a camper, live in a place with frequent weather emergencies, or just like telling ghost stories or reading under the covers late at night, you should get your hands on these lanterns. Here's why: First off, they're super bright, and since they're LED lights, they'll burn for 12 hours continuously on one set of batteries. They're also lightweight and collapsible, making them a great choice for carrying on the trail, or for small hands to manage. Their military-grade build means they're highly durable, which the company backs up with a 10-year warranty.

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