32 Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics About Sex, Dating & Loving Your Body-Ody-Ody

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Feminist poet Megan Thee Stallion consistently blesses her fans with wise words on sex, dating, and body positivity. No matter your situation, Megan Thee Stallion's lyrics about sex and dating can help boost your confidence and carry you through each phase of your love life. Does your ideal night consist of club-hopping and d*ck appointments? Listen to her 2017 mixtape Make It Hot. Coming into your own as a sexually liberated person? Stream 2018's Tina Snow to match your blossoming baddie spirit. Of course, every season can feel like a Hot Girl Summer with Fever, Megan's 2019 release. And her 2020 mixtape Suga can affirm all your sassy, moody, nasty feelings, with every listen of "WAP" bestowing new wisdom upon fans.

And if she hasn't done enough to turn this dumpster fire of a year around, Megan gave fans her latest album, Good News, on Nov. 20, 2020. Not only did it come with viral TikTok dances and stunning visuals (Alexa, play "Body"), but it also provided plenty of one-liners about sex-scapades, the trials and tribulations of dating around, and the journey of loving the skin you're in. Here are all the relatable lyrics from Good News on hookups, breakups, body image, and everything in between.

On Heartbreak

Even celebs' love lives aren't all VIP sections and hotel room sex. It can absolutely suck, and Megan has the perfect lyrics to remind fans that she has more in common with us than we might think.

1. "My clothes fit tight, but my heart need a seamstress / Look, why you wanna do the bad b*tch wrong? / 'Bout to make this every bad b*tch song." — "Circles"

2. "His friends and his dad hate me / I broke his lil' heart, he a crybaby.""Crybaby" ft. DaBaby

3. "I would never trip about any old d*ck / If my heart broke, it's nothin' that my jeweler won't fix.""Do It On The Tip" ft. City Girls

4. "Just come get all your stuff, I guess my love ain't good enough / You act so hard with me, but I just saw you in a picture lookin' soft with her." "Don't Rock Me To Sleep"

5. "It's been about six months / Since I threw out all your stuff / You never stood a chance with me / Now it's looking like you're way better off with her." — "Don't Rock Me To Sleep"

On The Quest For Mr. Right

Stars, they're just like us: They go on terrible dates, they don't always communicate, and they fall back into situationships they'd be better off without. Here are some iconic Megan lines about the often-tumultuous journey of finding a romantic partner.

6. "Lookin' for a Mr. Freeze to get froze like me / Got a lot of cold stones, and I ain't talkin' ice cream." — "Do It On The Tip"

7. "Buy me everything in my cart if you my boyfriend / Invest in this p*ssy, boy, support Black business." — "Sugar Baby"

8. "Why you askin' why I'm playin' when you know you got a girlfriend?" — "Sugar Baby"

9. "That ain't my man, but that's my man, though, so watch your hands, hoe / He tryna holler when you ain't looking, just stop shakin' his hand, bro.""Movie" ft. Lil Durk

10. "Tell him spend it, you ain't got no money, keep your hands off... I'm a boss, I could buy the same thing my man bought." — "Movie" ft. Lil Durk

On Enjoying Single Life

When it comes to romance, Megan's lyrics strike a balance between being eager for love, and being comfortable flying solo. Here are her best Good News lyrics about enjoying singledom and happily peacing out of unfulfilling relationships.

11. "The only L I hold got that V right there next to it." - "Movie"

12. "If I wasn't such a player, probably be somebody's wife." — "Freaky Girls" ft. SZA

13. "I wouldn't call it mackin', I call it speakin' with passion / I don't call it seducin', I move on it, then I have it." — "Freaky Girls"

14. "Why would I lie and say I wanna be your only one? / Knowin' that I'm young and gettin' to the money, havin' fun." — "Freaky Girls"

15. "Thinkin' that he Future, I'ma leave him in the past tense." — "Sugar Baby"

16. "All my friends like, 'Girl, what you doin' different?' / Guess that f*ckboy-free glow hittin.'" — "Don't Rock Me To Sleep"

On Sex

If there's one thing Megan is good at, it's shattering misogyny by wielding her sexuality. From BDSM nods to metaphors about nature, Hot Girl Meg spits some delightful bars about S-E-X on Good News.

17. "Lay on my stomach, toot it up, do the crybaby / Look back, hold it open, now he annihilated." — "Crybaby" ft. DaBaby

18. "Choke me, spank me, look at me, thank me." — "Crybaby"

19. "Deeper, deeper, I need a reaper / Thought I was in trouble how he tearin' them cheeks up / Keep me a freak, who the flavor of the week?" — "Crybaby"

20. "I think all these n*ggas stupid, but I still want the head, ayy." — "Sugar Baby"

21. "Bust that p*ssy wide, let him adventure inside / If my p*ssy was a beach, he get swept up by the tide." — "Freaky Girls"

22. "He like it when I work that, twerk that, serve that / And ride it like a rodeo / He like it when I lick that, sit down, look back / When I ride him like a rodeo." — "Work That"

23. "Why you askin' if I like it when you know that you don't hear me?" — "Work That"

On Body Confidence

As reported by Rolling Stone, "Stallion" is Southern slang for a tall, "voluptuous" woman. At a curvy 5' 10" with medium-brown skin and prominent Black features, Megan doesn't fit into narrow, patriarchal, eurocentric beauty standards, and she's totally OK with that. In Good News alone, here are all the times Megan talks about loving her body and the importance of loving yours, too.

24. "Real bitch, but that body built like a doll." — "Do It On The Tip"

25. "Saucy like a barbecue but you won't get your baby back / See me in that dress and he feel like he almost tasted that." — "Body"

26. "You know I'm the hottest, you ain't ever gotta heat me up." — "Body"

27. "The category is body, look at the way it's sittin' / That ratio so out of control, that waist, that ass, them t*tties." — "Body"

28. "If I wasn't me and I would've seen myself, I would have bought me a drink / Took me home, did me long, ate it with the panties on." — "Body"

29. "Shake that booty." — "Movie"

30. "Long legs, he intimidated, Amazon, I'm elevated." — "Freaky Girls"

31. "If you in love with your body, b*tch, take off your clothes." — "Work That"

32. "I mean my body so out of this world / Change my at name to ASTROGIRL / People say I'm way too full of myself / You're right, and I ain't even made it to dessert.""Don't Stop" ft. Young Thug

Here's to Megan's booty-shaking bops, body-ody-ody-positive anthems, and bawdy ballads that make the perfect soundtrack to your Hot Girl Summer and beyond.

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