A young Black woman throws confetti in the air while holding a sparkler on a throwback New Year's Eve.

32 Captions For Throwback New Year's Eve Pics & All The Nostalgia

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Celebrating New Year's Eve will be different this year, considering you'll watch the ball drop at home instead of toasting with your besties at a crowded bar at midnight. But, your chill evening spent in your pjs will be the perfect time to reflect on all the memories as you scroll through your camera roll. Post the gems you find and pair them with Instagram captions for throwback New Year's Eve pictures to spread the good vibes and times on your feed.

Nostalgia can put you in your feels and make you wish time travel was a real thing. It can also make you laugh, daydream, or feel so at peace. Especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly advise to stay at home for New Year's Eve and only gather with people in your immediate household, nostalgia can feel incredibly comforting.

Looking back on the champagne you sipped with your SO on a beach last NYE or ringing in last New Year's on a ski trip with all your friends can feel pretty similar to traveling. The best part? You don't have to spend money on a plane ticket, pack a suitcase, or leave your home in order to relive these experiences. On New Year's Eve, take a little time to travel into your past memories and post a throwback on Instagram with one of these captions for throwback NYE pictures. The party vibes and good times deserve to be re-lived on the 'gram.

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1. "Looking back on the past and feeling grateful."

2. "I'm still thinking about how long this sparkler lasted."

3. "Here's to making more memories like this one day."

4. "The vibes were immaculate."

5. "These nights will live in my heart forever."

6. "All about the nostalgia this New Year's Eve."

7. "Would highly recommend digging through your camera roll every once in a while."

8. "I would trade my bed for midnight beach talks any day."

9. "Some moments sparkle years after they've happened."

10. "Where were you this time last year?"

11. "Slightly blurry, but still cute."

12. "365 days later."

13. "How am I just finding this photo in my camera roll?"

14. "Oh, those nights in the city were something else."

15. "Manifesting more memories like these in 2021."

16. "This is probably my happy place."

17. "I could make a scrapbook with the photos from this night."

18. "It feels like this happened yesterday."

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19. "We had no idea what we were in for."

20. "Holding on tight to those late night talks and laughs."

21. "Let's skip ahead to when we can make memories like this again."

22. "A flashback to the days that belong in Polaroid frames."

23. "Look at all of that glitter."

24. "So, where is the world at with inventing time machines..."

25. "From one New Year's Eve to the next."

26. "What I would give for a firework show right now."

27. "TBH, I don't miss this crowd in Times Square."

28. "Good things happen. This is proof."

29. "Waiting for the ball to drop like..."

30. "And it went like this."

31. "Thankful for this."

32. "No regrets, just amazing mems."