31 Products On Amazon With So Many 5-Star Reviews, You'd Be Silly Not To Take A Look

Crystal Pepsi. Google Glass. Segways. There's a lot of stuff out there that just never lived up to the hype. Not the case on Amazon though, where literally some of the best and most talked-about products around have so many five-star reviews, you'd be silly not to check them out for yourself.

Reviews are pretty much everything on a site like Amazon, and once a particular product starts picking up a cult following, there's just no stopping its momentum. When shoppers genuinely love something, it shows in the form of truthful, utterly candid feedback and rave reviews where folks just can't stop gushing over how much a certain item has been a life-changer.

The beauty of all thee products is even though they're seemingly random, they all have one thing in common: absolutely fantastic ratings. So whether we're talking about a bamboo cutting board or an super popular storage container for onions, the reviews you'll find on Amazon can be a fantastic way to see what real people are actually saying about how something works.

Ready to try out some of the ridiculously popular items featured below? Find out what you've been missing with some of these absolute gems that will soon be your personal favorites.

Entertainment — 31 Products On Amazon With So Many 5-Star Reviews, You'd Be Silly Not To Take A Look

1. A Super-Dependable Bamboo Cutting Board That's Recommended By Actual Chefs

Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board, $18, Amazon

This extra-large bamboo cutting board is an incredible investment for your kitchen. Designed to be completely crack- and splinter-resistant, it's an all-natural and completely anti-microbial option that you'll be able to use for years to come. It comes with juice grooves for catching liquids, is slip-proof, and is seriously recommended by professional chefs, who love it because of its resiliency and industrial-quality strength.


2. This Simple But Effective Rack For Organizing Pots And Pans

SimpleHouseware Cabinet Organizer Rack, $15 (2 Pack), Amazon

Pots and pans can lead to serious cabinet clutter if you're not careful. The great thing about this organizer is that it literally makes storing and finding your cookware easier than ever before. Made from heavy steel, this three-compartment rack can fit most cutting boards, cookie sheets, pans, and lids, plus it comes with rubber feet to protect any surface wherever they stand.


3. A Pasta Pot That Actually Comes With A Built-In Strainer

Gotham Steel Pasta Pot, $28, Amazon

Save yourself time and money with this 5-quart pasta pot from Gotham Steel. This nearly five-star rated item is like getting two for the price of one, because it not only provides a way to cook pasta, but has a built-in straining hole, so you won't need to worry about burning yourself or making a mess — and of course, one less dish to clean. Because it's made with non-stick ceramic coating, no butter or oil is needed to prevent sticking to the bottom. It also has twist-and-lock handles, which always stay cool to the touch.


4. These Exfoliating Gloves That'll Make Your Skin Feel Amazing

SmitCo LLC Exfoliating Gloves, $13 (Set of 4), Amazon

Give yourself the spa treatment with these exfoliating gloves, which are excellent for getting rid of dead skin cells and improving the look and feel of skin. Using these gloves can help increase blood circulation, which as a result can help your skin get rid of toxins more precipitously. These machine-washable gloves are also colorful, fuzzy, and perfect when you're looking for a little scrub down.


5. This Five-Star Rated Pillow That'll Ensure You Have The Sweetest Of Nights

Sweetnight Memory Foam Pillow, $45 (Queen Size), Amazon

You'll love drifting off to sleep with this memory foam pillow under your head: That's because it's hypoallergenic and made with completely soft and moldable memory foam. Sensitive sleepers or those with allergies can rest easy knowing they won't be exposed to harmful chemicals or allergens in sleep — and another benefit is that it's ergonomically designed and can easily be adjusted to fit your preference. One reviewer raved: "This pillow took care of my morning stiff neck and sore shoulders. Great pillow!"


6. A Tool Kit For Removing Blackheads And Splinters Painlessly

FIXBODY Blackhead & Splinter Remover Tools, $7, Amazon

Stubborn splinters and blackheads that won't go away are a bummer, but with this extractor kit, you can actually make these blemishes disappear with ease. Made from stainless steel, these removers were designed for perfectly precise plucking and come with a small rubber cover so the tips stay protected. They also come with a steel carrying case, so you can take them with you anywhere.


7. An Incredible Nail Formula For Peeling, Broken, Or Split Nails

Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein, $13, Amazon

This nail care system can work wonders if you've got naturally soft, peeling, or split nails — or even ones that just won't grow. Formulated with a unique blend of keratin, gelatin, and calcium, this protein stimulates natural growth and immediately helps to strengthen nails by creating a protective layer over them, so you'll see results quickly.


8. A Silicone Baking Sheet That'll Make Baking A Breeze

Frazoni Nonstick Silicone Baking Mat, $9, Amazon

Do you love to bake but hate wasting tin foil or parchment paper to do it? You can reduce your waste but still get the same great non-stick results with this silicone baking mat. Heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, these mats are safe to use in the oven, microwave, and even freezer — helping to evenly distribute heat and protect food from burning. "Once you have these silicone baking mats, you use them for everything," wrote one reviewer. "I line metal pans with them because they clean up so easily. I use them to roll out dough or assemble wontons, or by themselves."


9. This Bag So You Can Transport Your Makeup In Style

habe Travel Makeup Bag with Mirror, $26, Amazon

Planning a big trip and don't know what to do about your makeup? It's no problem whatsoever with this travel makeup bag, which is spacious enough to fit virtually any product you have. This three-in-one design is great for holding cosmetics, makeup brushes, and toiletries — and it comes with adjustable dividers, so you can separate products and spend less time searching for what you need. This bag also comes with a built-in mirror, too.


10. An Onion Holder With Almost 1,000 Stellar Reviews On Amazon

LOCK & LOCK Airtight Onion Storatge Container, $6, Amazon

What's so great about a storage container that holds onions? Well, according to nearly 1,000 reviewers on Amazon, pretty much everything. This leak- and waterproof container is airtight, and also comes with a four-hinge storage system and silicone lid, so it really does keep onions fresher for longer. "No more onion smell in the fridge," described one reviewer. "And onion stays fresh."


11. This Hanging Pantry Organizer For When You're Short On Space

SimpleHouseware Over the Door Hanging Pantry Organizer, $13 (2 Pack), Amazon

When you're short on space and need a place to keep your extra pantry goods, this hanging organizer can feel like a huge relief. Instead of stacking up things so they're impossible to find — or adding to the clutter that already exists in your cabinet — this clear organizer hangs over the door and ensures everything stays visible. It also comes with 15 pockets and is deceptively spacious, so it can feel like having another cabinet to access on top of the one you already have.


12. A Professional-Quality Flat Iron That'll Make Frizz Non-Existent

KIPOZI Professional Flat Iron, $37, Amazon

If you want super-sleek and straight hair but are worried about damaging your hair, this flat iron is the right one for you. It's made with an advanced ceramic heater that maintains a steady and high temperature without depriving your hair of essential nutrients. It heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and works well on all types of hair — including naturally thick or very curly hair — and will give you a salon-style finish every time you use it. This flat iron also heats up in 30 seconds and has worldwide dual voltage, so it's excellent for international travel.


13. This Antiperspirant For Protection For Up To Seven Days At A Time

ZeroSweat Antiperspirant, $19, Amazon

Sweating is a totally natural bodily function, but if you are looking for away to control how much you sweat, then try using this antiperspirant from ZeroSweat. It's incredibly strong, won't stain your clothing, and is safe to use on sensitive skin. Tested and FDA- approved to help treat the symptoms of hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating, this blend can reduce sweat for up to seven days at a time, and one bottle can last you for at least two months.


14. A Knife Sharpening Rod That'll Prolong The Life Of Your Cutlery

Utopia Kitchen 10-Inch Steel Knife Sharpening Rod, $13, Amazon

It might seem odd, but you actually should be sharpening your kitchen knives on a regular basis if you want to make them last. This cheap but super-effective sharpening rod is a terrific investment because it can sharpen everything from standard knives to pocket, sporting, and other household knives. Easy to use whether you're left- or right-handed, reviewers recommend using a non-woven oil cloth soaked in cooking oil to wipe this rod down and get it ready for use.


15. These Half Socks That Are Great When You Want To Show A Little Ankle (But Stay Comfy Too)

TeeHee Seamless Toe Topper Liner Socks, $10 (5 Pack), Amazon

Feel comfortable without letting your socks show with these half socks. Seamless and designed so they absolutely won't slip off your feet, each pair comes with a non-slip grip and is one size fits all. One reviewer wrote: "These half sock foot liners are just what I have wanted but not been able to find. They are light and comfortable. They stay on my feet! NO sliding. NONE!"


16. A Set Of Travel Bags For Your Shoes So You Have A Few Pairs To Choose From

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags Set, $12 (4 Pack), Amazon

Sick of always being unsure how to pack and travel with multiple pairs of shoes? This set of shoe bags is the solution you've been waiting for. Ideal for big trips, this set of four bags is spacious enough to fit virtually any kind of shoe. You can also use these bags for toiletries, makeup, or other essentials. Made from waterproof nylon, these are also lightweight and come with a strong zipper that won't break or get damaged easily.


17. A Face Mask Made From Dead Sea Mud That Works Wonders On Oily And Acne-Prone Skin

InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask, $16, Amazon

With this facial mask — which is made from pure mud from the Dead Sea — you can reduce the appearance of your pores and cleanse away breakouts and blemishes, giving your skin an intensely clarifying boost. This soft blend can help ease the feel of dry skin, while the detoxifying elements in the mud help nourish even the most delicate of complexions.


18. A Clear Organizer That Will Streamline Your Makeup Station

Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case, $30, Amazon

Display and store all your lipsticks, foundations, powders, creams, and other products in this clear storage case. Large enough that it can be used to also stash jewelry, this sleek and stylish container has four large drawers, two small drawers, and 16 clear slots. Functional and convenient, this fits most dressers and countertops and can help seriously reduce clutter.


19. A Bottle Cleaning Set That Reviewers Totally Swear By

OXO Good Grips Water Bottle Cleaning Set, $10, Amazon

The roughly 2,800 perfect reviews left on Amazon for this product basically speak for themselves, but if you're having any doubts, allow me to change your mind: This water bottle cleaning set totally rules. It comes with a long bottle brush, straw brush, and detail cleaner. The long brush is perfect for cleaning inside of bottles, while the straw brush really gets into sports bottle straws and helps keep things hygienic. All three are made with durable nylon brushes, and store together so they're always easy to find.


20. A Camping Lantern That Works Great Whether You're Outdoors Or In The Middle Of An Emergency

Etekcity LED Camping Lantern, $23 (4 Pack), Amazon

You'll feel prepared for anything with this four pack of LED-powered camping lanterns within reach. Extremely lightweight and collapsible, each lantern is good for 12 hours of regular, continuous use and carries 360-degrees worth of luminous light. Built with military-grade materials to be supremely heavy duty, these lanterns are ideal for camping or outdoor trips, but can also be a good option to fill out your emergency kit.


21. These Knit Leggings That Are So Unbelievably Comfy

Daily Ritual Women's Ponte Knit Legging (XS-XXL), $20, Amazon

Get back to basics with these comfortable and stretchy leggings from Daily Ritual. Featuring clean lines and a pocket-free back, these high-waisted leggings come in three sizes and are made from ponte knit with a wide waistband, so they really are a joy to wear. "Absolutely love these leggings. They are much thicker than your basic average leggings so it keeps you warm!"


22. An Innovative Foam Roller For Relieving Aches And Pains In Your Feet

TriggerPoint NANO Foot Roller Massager, $23, Amazon

For annoying pains and aches you just can't shake in your feet, you need a foam roller like this one from TriggerPoint, which is specifically designed to get rid of discomfort. Made with a dense foam surface — which helps to channel blood directly to tissue for better mobility — this roller was designed to replicate the feel of being massaged by a therapist and comes in different densities, so you can choose which one will best suit you.


23. An Eye Gel That'll Help Reduce The Look Of Fine Lines, Wrinkles, And Dark Circles

AsaVea Eye Gel, $20, Amazon

Restore and rejuvenate the sensitive skin under your eyes with this deeply hydrating under eye gel, which works to instantly awaken and tighten skin. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and other ingredients, this advanced eye gel can be used as a day or night cream — but it also works effectively on oily and sensitive skin, delivering a cooling effect to skin that helps to calm down reddened areas and relieve puffiness.


24. This Blouse Tree Hanger That Can Hold Up To Six Shirts, But Takes Up Way Less Space

Organize It All 6-Tier Blouse Tree Hanger, $11, Amazon

Work shirts stay crisp and wrinkle-free when you've got this six-tier blouse tree, which is the stylish and space-saving way to hang a bunch of button-downs at once. It contains non-slip grips, so shirts stay in place, and is made with a sleek chrome finish. One reviewer writes: "I don't even want to imagine how much closet space I would lose if not for these blouse tree hangers, I have two of them: one of them holds my cardigans and the other holds my camis."


25. An Organizational Guidebook That'll Help Break You Of Your Messiest Habits

Organize Now!, $11, Amazon

Need a little help downsizing or changing your chronically messy habits? Clutter can be aggravating because it really does deprive you of storage space, while also robbing you of precious time and energy. Luckily, with this easy-to-follow guide, you can get valuable tips for organizing — and learn how to set long-term goals that'll keep the clutter away for not just months, but years to come. "This book is written in a way that does not overwhelm the overwhelmed disorganized person," described one reviewer. "It made me introspect about the root of clutter in simple way."


26. This Tablet Stand That You Can Use With Almost Any Electronic Device

Prepara iPrep Adjustable Tablet Stand, $19, Amazon

Wish you had a way to prop up your tablet or smartphone when you're trying to use it? Well, this super affordable and incredibly versatile stand is a solid investment that offers a hands-free way to use your tablet around your home. Compatible with most devices, including iPads, Android devices, Kindles, and Nexus tablets, this also includes an integrated stylus pen in the base for more convenient access. This stand also has four adjustable angles, so you can position the tablet to get your best view.


27. A Set Of Soap Bars That Leave Dry, Sensitive Skin Feeling Pampered

Southern Natural Bamboo Charcoal Soap Bars, $16 (2 Pack), Amazon

Whether you've got acne, eczema, dry skin, or rosacea, this nourishing set of soap bars won't irritate your sensitive skin. Instead, these handmade bars help leave skin feeling more pampered than ever. Made with activated charcoal, goat's milk, Dead Sea mud, rosemary, and olive oil, this will feel hydrating, refreshing, and incredible on the skin. These bars also come with a soap sock, which is a great bonus for really exfoliating the skin.


28. This Travel Cup That'll Keep Your Coffee At The Exact Perfect Temperature

Chill Cups Insulated Travel Coffee Cup, $13, Amazon

"I love this thing," raved one reviewer of this 30-ounce insulated travel coffee cup. "Ice stays solid literally all night into the morning!" Designed to keep temperatures thanks to its vacuum-insulated construction, this cup is made from thick and durable stainless steel. It also comes with an extra-long stainless steel straw and has a BPA-free lid, too.


29. A Cold Brew Coffee Maker That You Can Take With You On-The-Go

County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $27, Amazon

Make delicious cold brew even when you've got to run out the door with this cold brewer. All you have to do is add coffee, steep it overnight, and drink it as you're on the run. It comes with a stainless steel filter, which keeps grounds from entering coffee or messing with the flavor, plus a bell mason jar for brewing. Reviewers also say you can use this to infuse teas, which makes this a multi-functional gift even non-coffee drinkers can love. It makes 2 quarts of liquid, too — which is a heck of a lot of java.


30. This Acne Treatment That's Infused With Soothing Ginseng And Aloe Vera

Essy Acne Treatment Cream, $19, Amazon

Made with healing all-natural ingredients, this powerful acne treatment works on all skin types to minimize the look of redness and to reduce acne within just four hours, for a clearer, smoother complexion. This cream quickly absorbs and dries on clear, and helps to stimulate a healthy oil balance because it controls excess sebum production. Reviewers of this highly rated cream say it starts to leave lasting results in just four weeks.


31. A Silly Game For Tapping Into Your Inner Spy

Czech Games Codenames, $17, Amazon

This party game is lots of fun to bust out when friends are around, and although it has a simple premise, it's challenging in the most clever of ways. Groups split up into two teams, while two rival spymasters know the identities of 25 agents. Teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first, despite only knowing their codenames. "This is my favorite board game now," wrote one reviewer. "Everybody loves it. It's intense, requires some thought, and always fun for a big group. Would highly recommend!"

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