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31 Captions For Halloween Movie Night Pics With Your Boos

by Kristin Corpuz

With the year's spookiest holiday quickly approaching, you and your ghoulfriends have probably been getting in the mood to prep. From carving pumpkins, to wandering through corn mazes, to stocking up on candy, you're ready to take on Halloween like the queen witches you are. Of course, no spooky season is complete without an epic marathon of movies to get you in the mood, so here are some captions for Halloween movie night with your boos that will make your pics look fangtastic on your feed.

Regardless of whether or not you would actually go see a scary movie in the theater, there's no better way to get into the Halloween mood than by having your entire crew come over for a scary movie night. If you're feeling particularly spooked, you can even play funnier ones like Hocus Pocus or Young Frankenstein in between the scary ones. But no matter what your technique is for getting through your Halloween movie marathon, you're bound to have a spooktacular evening.

So grab your best ghoulfriends, break out the candy corn, and get ready to feel all the scaries. Just don't forget to take pics (and use some of these captions when you post). Happy haunting.


1. "Let's creep it real: Halloween movie nights are the best kind of movie nights."

2. "To be honest, we're just here for the boos."

3. "A real witch is nothing without her best ghoulfriends."

4. "Too cute to spook."

5. "These are some serious #SquadGhouls right here."

6. "These witches better have my Halloween candy."

7. "Resting witch faces: on."

8. "Bow down, witches."

9. "We're all lookin' pretty boo-tiful tonight, even if we are just staying in."

10. "Boo, Felicia."

11. "Ready to hang with my ghouls and get a little spooked."

12. "No tricks, just treats here."

13. "Nothing better than a night surrounded by all of my ghoulfriends."

14. "Ready to feel all the scaries."

15. "It's the most spooktacular time of the year."

16. "Halloween movie: on. Candy: distributed. Us: feeling pretty fangtastic."

17. "Keep calm and carry a wand."

18. "Halloween movie nights are always wicked awesome."

19. "Current situation: scary good."

20. "Life is gourd when you've got friends like these."

21. "Ready to have some spooktacular fun."

22. "I always love it when my friends aren't afraid to be a little (candy) corny."

23. "Ready to eat all the Halloween candy and I-scream."

24. "This group of ghouls is just un-boo-lievable."

25. "Pumpkin-scented candles and popcorn? Check."

26. "It's just a bunch of hocus pocus." Hocus Pocus

27. "These witches need their chocolate."

28. "If you can't stir with the big girls, you can always step away from the cauldron."

29. "I scream, you scream, we all scream for [pumpkin-flavored] ice cream." — a festive take on Howard Johnson, Billy Moll, and Robert A. King's "I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream"

30. "Hocus Pocus and chill?"

31. "But first, pass the candy corn."