30 Tweets About The 'Scandal' Finale That Will Make Fans Sob

by Ani Bundel

After seven years, Scandal finally draws to a close. Thursday, April 19's episode didn't go gently into that good night, though. As befitting a show in which every episode is rocked by, well, scandal, this series finale is entitled "Over A Cliff" and the final hour lived up to that name. The final episode, penned by Shonda Rhimes herself, features every character sitting down to testify under oath as to the truths they've been hiding. And from the tweets about the Scandal finale, no one was ready, especially not Twitter.

Shonda promised fans when Season 7 was declared to be the final season last year that the show couldn't end any other way.

[W]e are going all out. Leaving nothing on the table. Creating this world in celebration. We are going to handle the end the way we like to handle the important things in our Scandal family: all together, white hats on, Gladiators running full speed over a cliff.

And it will be running full speed over the cliff, in what will be a last-ditch effort to save the presidency of Melody "Mellie" Margaret Grant, the 45th president of the United States, as well as the legacy of Fitzgerald Grant, the 44th.

No one was ready for this testimony. Or for that matter, how the show opened, with a suicide.

Then there was Papa Pope's arrival and his lecture to Olivia that she was being used because it's not an episode for the ages if we don't have Pope family members butting heads. (Joe Morton, I will miss you.)

By the way, Joe Morton had opinions.

The show still made sure to have its funny moments.

And the soundtrack that played during the hearing montage was on point.

Just in case this hour wasn't already feeling like a whirlwind, there was the fastest wedding since The Princess Bride in the jailhouse.

Meanwhile, David Rosen was given a parting speech that was worthy of a Shakespearean play and the most memorable line of his career.

And Jake got a speech to match.

Rosen taking the meeting with Cyrus was dumb. But drinking that drink was the dumbest move ever.

Fans knew they weren't getting through this episode without at least one death, but after a suicide and a murder in under thirty minutes, this episode was giving it both barrels.

But there was one light in the darkness. Abby told fans to pull themselves together.

Quinn wanted to escape prompting the best line of the night.

That's when Olivia decided this was all her fault. The problem has always been her. Like everyone else this evening, she too got a speech, reaching back to the very beginning of the show and how Fitz should never have relied on her because all she's done is bring those around her down.

But Fitz was wearing his sweater, and we all know what that means.

And then Eli Pope swooped in like M'Baku, demanding to be called Rowan and declaring it his kill name. He created B-613, he built it from the ground up.

God bless America, right? Yes, that *was* Ray Charles rendition of "America" playing too.

It was the most ending.

Quinn, Abby, and Huck might be safe. But Jake is going to jail, in the corn belt of all places. So much for getting out of flyover country.

But what about Cyrus?

But in the end, he didn't die.

And Olivia rode off into the sunset, letting Mellie be her own woman at last.

Farewell Scandal. You will be missed.