Ariana Grande's new album is called "Positions"

30 'Positions' IG Captions For Pics Of You & You Partner

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Ariana Grande never fails to release songs with catchy, swoon-worthy lyrics — the kind that make excellent social media captions. Been feeling extra appreciative of your partner lately? There are plenty of Positions Instagram captions to draw from when showing your boo off to your followers. Because even though Grande has released plenty of riveting love songs before, Positions is extra special.

Fans know Grande's happy as can be with fiance Dalton Gomez, and Positions makes it so clear. She ended 2020 with a bang by casually revealing that she and Gomez were engaged after dating for less than a year. This quintessential Cancer has been feeling all the feels lately, and her most recent body of work totally reflects that. Keep your bookmarking fingers at the ready, here are 30 lines from Positions that would make perfect Instagram captions.

1. "If I put it quite plainly, just gimme them babies." "34 + 35"

2. "So what you doin' tonight? Better say, 'Doin' you right.'" — "34 + 35"

3. "Watchin' movies, but we ain't seen a thing tonight." — "34 + 35"

4. "Thirty-four, thirty-five, can you stay up all night?" — "34 + 35"

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5. "You know I keep it squeaky, savin' up my energy." — "34 + 35"

6. "Even though I'm wifey, you can hit it like a side chick." — "34 + 35"

7. "Done at the same time, but who's counting the time when we got it for life?"— "34 + 35"

8. "You can only stay mad for a minute, so come here and give me some kisses.""six thirty"

9. "Put some ice on you, girl, let it thaw out." — "six thirty"

10. "No more playin' safe, let's take it all the way." — "nasty"

11. "Know I would sign on the line for ya." — "nasty"

12. "Boy, you know the vibes, I don’t waste no time." — "nasty"

13. "Take what's on your mind, make it real life. Get all the homies to bounce, switch from the bed to the couch." — "nasty"

14. "So much conversation, words so sweet. Been so well-behaved, but, boy, I'm weak." — "nasty"

15. "I’m gonna be your new favorite." — "west side"

16. "I don’t want it if it ain’t your touch." — "west side"

17. "You ain’t gotta bring no stuff, we got all we need right here." — "west side"

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18. "Been a minute since I had something so sweet." — "love language"

19. "If you're gonna keep speaking my love language, you can talk your shit all night." — "love language"

20. "Leavе my baggage at the door, I'll claim you mine." — "love language"

21. "Head over my shoes like woah, know you like an inside joke." — "love language"

22. "Heaven sent you to me. I’m just hopin’ I don’t repeat history.""positions"

23. "Boy, I’m tryna meet your mama on a Sunday, then make a lotta love on a Monday." - "positions"

24. "I'm in the Olympics, way I'm jumpin' through hoops." — "positions"

25. "I get tired of runnin’, f*ck it, now I’m runnin’ with you." — "obvious"

26. "I love the thought of us in the evening. Crave the feeling, the way you feel, somethin' 'bout it's healing." — "obvious"

27. "It's like you got superpowers, turn my minutes into hours." — "pov"

28. "You know me better than I do, can't seem to keep nothing from you." — "pov"

29. "How you touch my soul from the outside." — "pov"

30. "'Cause nobody ever loved me like you do, I'd love to see me from your point of view." — "pov"

If you're in the same boat as this pop queen, it only makes sense to borrow Grande's words in celebrating your relationship on Instagram.

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