Vacation Mode On: 30 Captions For Your Pool Floaty Pics This Summer

If you live for the summer, you're probably planning on spending as much time in the water as possible. Pool floats have been all the rage, and we're so here for the trendy shapes and vibrant colors there are to choose from. But before you stretch out blissfully on your pink flamingo, you'll need a few pool float Instagram captions for all of your cute pics. If there's no proof, did your floating even happen? Give your emoji floaty the epic debut it deserves by posting on the 'Gram.

It's worth noting that even though your mascara is waterproof, your phone may not be. So, you might want to recruit your bestie to snap those candid shots of you floating the afternoon away on your rosé floaty. (She's got your best interests at hand.)

Pool floats have been fun since you and your friends were playing on them way back when. You know, the days when diving for rings and playing Marco Polo were competitive AF. Now, pool floats have received a makeover, and you can cruise on a life-size avocado, diamond ring, unicorn, or a huge bottle of merlot. It's safe to say that the pool floaty game is on point, and you aren't against it at all. I mean, how could you be? They're incredibly photogenic, even when they're photobombing your bikini pics. Even your Mai Tai and fur baby can have a floaty, so obviously these fun water accessories are here to stay for the long haul.

Since the themes only seem to be getting doper, you need to keep track of how many you actually get to float on this summer. You can even make a game out of it with your girls and see who can rack up the most floaty pics during your mini vacays. Whether you're at the lake, beach, or a pool, a floaty will truly complement the occasion and your pictures. Even if your floaty is already super extra, you'll need a caption to complete it.

Jovana Rikalo/Stocksy

1. "Now don't you worry we'll all float on alright." — Modest Mouse, "Float On"

2. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." — Muhammad Ali

3. "You float my boat." — Unknown

4. "Sometimes you need to just chill." — Unknown

5. "Chill mode, please." — Unknown

6. "When in doubt, vacation." — Unknown

7. "Life is so much easier when you chill out." — Unknown

8. "It's the weekend, baby." — Unknown

9. "Enjoy the little things in life." — Unknown

10. "Sometimes the most productive thing you can do it relax." — Unknown

11. "I chill harder than you party." — Unknown

12. "Make every day a cloud nine kind of day." — Unknown

13. "Do whatever floats your boat." — Unknown

14. "Chillin'. You should try it some time." — Unknown

15. “Happiness doesn't have to be merely has to be chosen.” — Mandy Hale

16. "I'm happiest when I'm floating." — Unknown

17. "Young, wild, and free." — Unknown

18. "Summertime and the livin' is easy." — Ella Fitzgerald

20. "Every summer has a story." — Unknown

21. "No diving, please." — Unknown

22. "We lived in the sun." — Unknown

23. "I need summer to be longer so I have more time to do nothing." — Unknown

24. "Keep it simple, babe." — Unknown

25. "Live a colorful life." — Unknown

26. "Hello, summer." — Unknown

27. "The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever." — Unknown

28. “Soak in the sun.” — Unknown

29. "Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes." — Unknown

30. "On an island in the sun." — Weezer

Pool floats are here to accessorize your summer in the best way possible. Take your pick, and float into a state of utter relaxation.