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3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Shy About Putting Themselves Out There On Dates

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Dating can be an intimidating experience even for the most confident and outgoing people, because it can feel like there's extra pressure to be a bit more vulnerable when you're "on a date." It might require you to open up a bit more with your date and show them whether or not you're interested in pursuing something more. This often goes hand in hand with rejection, which is (hot take alert!) kind of a bummer. So, when you think about it, it's hardly a surprise that there are specific zodiac signs who are shy about putting themselves out there, because letting their guard down is extra difficult.

Listen, we can't all have the natural confidence of an Aries or Leo. It takes a little longer for some folks to work up the courage to open up on a date. Maybe it's because they're naturally introverted and just need a little more time to acclimate, or perhaps it's because they've been hurt before. So, if you're on a date and the person seems to be having trouble opening up about themselves and their interests — or maybe you yourself struggle to put yourself out there — chances are you're either dealing with, or are, one of the following zodiac signs.

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Cancers run the risk of seeming distant or uninterested on a date because they tend to put up walls when they're first getting to know someone — and the more interested they are, the thicker those walls become. That's because this sensitive water sign has a lot to protect. Ruled by the moon, which is associated with emotion, they have a very soft and vulnerable heart and have likely been hurt before. So, getting a Cancer comfortable enough to put themselves out there may take a little (or a lot) longer, but you can trust that they're totally worth the wait.


Virgo may be known for being a bit, ahem, critical, but there is no one they're harder on than themselves. In the best of cases, this trait pushes them to constantly work on being a better version of themselves and grow. But it also means there's usually a critical little voice in their head undermining their confidence. That voice can go from a whisper to a roar on a date, where the chance of rejection makes this naturally worrisome sign feel even more vulnerable. This is why, if you’re interested in a Virgo and don’t want to wait for them to work up the courage, it's probably best to make the first move.


Of all these signs, Pisces is the one that most wants to put themselves out there but they just can’t help being a little scared to do so. This is a sign that leads with their heart, and while they are optimistic about love in general, on a date they can slip back into their secretive nature. It may take a little more work to draw this sign out, but it helps for their date to take the lead.

Putting yourself out there isn't always easy, but for some, it can really be a challenge. It's totally OK to need a little more time and wait until you feel comfortable. So, try and be patient with yourself or your date. When it's really meant to be, there's no need to rush.

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