If You Love Valentine’s Day The Most, You’re Probably One Of These 3 Zodiac Signs

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Does the sight of heart-shaped balloons and chocolates taking over every store fill you with joy and anticipation? Or does it summon up a sense of seasonal existential dread? Do you find yourself imagining how you want to spend Feb. 14, or shaking your fist at this blatant capitalist cash grab? If it's the former, then congratulations, you are definitely A Valentine's Day Person. And chances are you're also one of the zodiac signs that love Valentine’s Day the most. These are the signs with a romantic streak a mile wide, who are thrilled to have a whole day dedicated to celebrating love. A day when not only is it acceptable to go all-in on the romance, but it's highly encouraged.

It can also be helpful to know which zodiac signs love Valentine’s Day in case you happen to be dating one. That way, you'll know if they they are secretly hoping you'll make a big production out of the day with some grand romantic gesture. Even if you're pretty Valentine's day ambivalent, you'll want to know if you should be planning a special day for your V-day-loving bae. Here are the signs who are all in on Valentine's Day.

Cancer (June 21 To July 22)
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For a deeply emotional sign like Cancer, Valentine's Day is just the excuse they need to come out of their protective shell and embrace their romantic side openly. This cautious sign may not always be willing let it show, but because they're ruled by the moon, their passions and love run deep. So, if you're celebrating Valentine's Day with a Cancer this year, but aren't sure of what's in their heart, prepare to find out just how intensely they feel about you. The truth about this sign comes out every year on Valentine's day.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 To Nov. 21)

Passionate Scorpio is counting down the days until Valentine's Day. They are ready to wine and dine you, and then, well, let’s just say that all festivities lead to one place: the bedroom. Once you get there, that's when the real holiday fireworks and celebrations begin. Whether you're a Scorpio, or you're lucky enough to be spending the holiday with one, you can count on Feb. 14 to be a very exciting and, ahem, satisfying day.

Pisces (Feb. 19 To March 20)
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For the most romantic sign in the zodiac, Pisces, Valentine's Day is the best holiday of the year. Finally, the rest of the world is on the same page as them! It's a day when they can fully indulge in their romantic side without feeling like they will be judged. After all, they're just getting into the spirit of things, right? If you're dating a Pisces, make sure you have something really special and traditional planned, because whether or not they want to admit it, this sign is hoping for the full Valentine's Day fantasy.

Valentine's Day tends to get a bad rep — but here's the thing: Even the most cynical signs (yes, Capricorn and Virgo, I'm talking to you) can't help but get swept up in the holiday when they're with one of these V-Day loving signs.

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