3 Zodiac Signs That Give The Worst Wedding Speeches

Wedding season is officially here, which means you're likely doing a lot of RSVP-ing or even donning a bridesmaid dress or two. Between you and me, I actually love this time of year. What can I say, I like weddings, whether I'm a guest or when I've been a part of the bridal party — including a time when I was a pinch flower girl after the bride's niece backed out. But one thing I've never had to do is give a toast. Which, as one of the zodiac signs that give the worst wedding speeches, is probably a blessing.

Listen, some folks thrive in public speaking situations. They love to take the mic and delight the audience with hilarious anecdotes about the couple, and then bring everyone to tears with a heartfelt message for the future. But not everyone has that particular gift, so being asked to give a speech at a wedding could be really anxiety inducing. Or maybe it isn't, but the person you ask isn't the most reliable and, instead of preparing, decides to just wing it. Either way, those folks may not be the ones you want to hand the mic to. Now don't get me wrong, any sign in the zodiac is capable of giving a great or, ahem, disastrous speech, but here are the signs most likely to miss the mark.


There is a reason you love your Aries friend so much, because this passionate fire sign is an absolute blast to be around and they know how to help you get out of your comfort zone and try new and exciting things. Chances are you have a million and one hilarious stories together — but they probably aren't the kind you want them sharing with all your friends family and inlaws on your big day. While they may not mean to let one of those anecdotes slip, there is a good chance that this impulsive sign will figure they can just wing it on the wedding day and who knows what they’ll say. So, maybe it's best to put your Aries bestie in charge of the bachelorette party instead.


Rarely does public speaking and Virgos mix well. We are introverted people who prefer to be on the sidelines and working behind the scenes to help create the perfect day. That is why Virgos make amazing bridesmaids. If you want someone to help you go over every minute detail of the wedding planning with, you can count on this earth sign. But getting up in front of a crowd is likely to send this highly self-critical sign into an anxiety tailspin. Sure, they can do it, and they will be beyond prepared on the day of. But ask yourself: Do you really want to put your Virgo friend through this?


Sagittarians make for amazing wedding guests. They know how to bring the fun and are usually the first ones out on the dance floor. That's because this jovial sign knows how to have a great time no matter where they are or what they are doing. However, while they may be the life of the party, Saggitarians tend not to be the most reliable sign in the zodiac. So, there is a chance they either will have nothing prepared on the day of the wedding (because, honestly, they kind of forgot they were supposed to speak today) or they just won't take the duty seriously and rely on the luck they often have, thanks to their ruling planet Jupiter. Either way, this sign can be a bit of a gamble.

Again, while no sign is guaranteed to bomb a wedding speech — in fact, any of these signs are capable of crushing it — it all depends on the individual themselves. Still, it never hurts to consider the personality type of the people you are asking to take on important roles in your wedding day and play to their strengths. That way, everyone is likely to have an amazing day. Most of all, you.