If You’re Not A Fan Of Casual Dating, You’re Probably One Of These 3 Zodiac Signs

How do you feel about keeping things casual when you date? Is it actually what you prefer, or are you someone who really doesn't have time for dating when it doesn't have the potential to grow into something more serious? If it's the later, it could very well be that you happen to be one of the zodiac signs that aren’t meant to date casually. Now, that's not to say that you aren't capable of keeping it light and breezy, or that you haven't even done so in the past, just that it's not really your preference, which is totally fine. There is no wrong way to feel about casual relationships; all that matters is that you are true to your own heart, and are are comfortable embracing how you feel.

To help with that, it can be good to understand why you feel the way you do. Some of it may just come down to your birthday and the astrological sign you were born under. While your sign doesn't dictate who you are or the choices you make, it can help to understand how it can influence you. That can include why it is that you just aren't down with a laissez-faire attitude towards relationships. If that's resonating with you, then you're probably one of these signs.


For Taurus, matters of the heart are serious business. This Venus-ruled sign really values love and security, and that is basically the antithesis of a casual relationship. This is a sign that looks toward the future and that wants to create a life with the person who has their heart, which is why, oftentimes, friendships turn into romances for Taurus, because the bond that is fostered during the friendship gives this sign the sense of safety they need to open their heart. It also doesn’t hurt that all their friends are at least a little in love with this warm-hearted sign already. Really, can you blame them?


To Cancer, the scariest part of a new romance is when they have to open up and let down their defenses. That's because, for this Mercury-ruled water sign, what hides behind their tough outer shell is a tender, loving, and oh-so-vulnerable heart. You might think the fact that this sign is likely to have been hurt before, and still bears those emotional scars, would make them want to push away love and keep it light. But for a sign so brimming with emotion, all they want is to make a real connection with someone who will help protect their heart. They are extremely wary of anyone who plays games or who has commitment issues, because they know all too well where that inevitably leads: heartbreak.


For goal-oriented Capricorn, there is no halfway or casual when it comes to relationships — or really anything else, for that matter. This is not a sign that has to be in a relationship; Cap is very independent. However, when they decide that the time is right to settle down, they will suffer no wishy-washy casual daters. They have an agenda and they expect the same from anyone who makes it through their rigorous vetting process. This sign is also one that really values relationships of all kinds, which is why they make incredible friends. The same goes in their relationships. They invest everything into the people the love, so why would they put up with someone who doesn’t reciprocate? The answer is: They won’t.

Again, that’s not to say that any of these signs can’t keep it casual, should the choose to. They just don't usually make that choice. There is definitely nothing wrong with refusing to settle for less than what you want and will make you happy. If that means casual relationships aren’t for you, then so be it.