If You're Always Optimistic About Relationships, You're Likely One Of These 3 Zodiac Signs

Do you have that friend who — no matter how many breakups they go through, bad dates they go on, or jerks who ghost them — never stops believing in true love? Well then, chances are they are one of the zodiac signs that are always optimistic about relationships, no matter what.

Personally, as a cynical Virgo, I can’t relate. I am a relationship realist, as in: Most relationships really suck, but occasionally they are amazing and, when that happens, I work really hard to make them last. While that attitude has served me well in the past, I've always been secretly envious of folks who just never seem to let a breakup keep them down for long. They're dating again in no time, and are usually the first ones to promise me it will get better when I've got a broken heart. But don't tell them I said that; they are already too dang upbeat.

So, does all that sound familiar? Do you know someone like that? Or are you maybe that someone? Well, if so, then you (or they) could be one of the following signs that just have a knack for always staying optimistic about love and relationships.

Aries (March 21 To April 19)

For Aries, any situation is an opportunity for optimism, including matters of the heart. This enthusiastic and confident sign is driven by their ruling planet Mars, which means they are both aggressive and passionate. This shows in the way they approach love and relationships in that they just simply don’t believe in giving up or having a bad attitude. When things get hard, they know that it will get better if you work hard and hang in there. The Ram just exudes confidence and faith that everything will work out, both romantically, and otherwise.

Libra (Sept. 23 To Oct. 22)

A Libra’s optimism in relationships is borne of the Scales' natural idealism. They truly embody the idea of being the change they want to see in the world. They are upbeat, cheerful, and forever the optimist. They think that so long as you can work toward balance, everything else will just sort itself out. And, TBH, they're not wrong. Libra's have a true love and respect for other people. Not even heartbreak can make them bitter. That's because this sign is ruled by Venus, which makes them both lovers of life and lovers of, well, lovers. When they look at the future, they don't see insurmountable struggle. They just see beauty and endless exciting possibilities that they can’t wait to explore, with the right person by their side.

Pisces (Feb. 19 To March 20)

While Pisces is known for being the ultimate romantic, what often gets overlooked is how optimistic they are — and, honestly, have to be in order to maintain their romantic attitudes. You can't believe in the kind of epic love that this sign believes in without a ton of optimism. People have the tendency to assume everybody thinks like them, so Pisces tends to see the world through rose-colored, kind, and compassionate glasses. They are selfless and open-hearted, which leads them to expect the same of others. They could be negative, but why do that when it’s so much nicer to look at the bright side of life? They want to see the good in others, especially in their romantic partners, so they have a lot of faith that things will work out.

As hard as I might find it be optimistic about relationships, I have to admit that these signs really do inspire me to try a bit harder. There really is something so amazing and freeing about just following your heart and having faith.

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