3 Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Kendall Jenner, A Powerful Scorpio

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When considering Kendal Jenner’s dating history, two words that likely come to mind are hot and mysterious. Between her on-and-off-again romance with Ben Simmons and her recent rumored romance with Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker (Elite Daily reached out to reps for Jenner and Booker for comment on their relationship status, but did not hear back in time for publication), you never quite know what’s going on with Jenner’s love life — except that it's popping. Perhaps the only thing we can know for sure is which zodiac signs are compatible with Kendall Jenner and work back from there to see if someone's a good fit for the supermodel.

Jenner was born on Nov. 3, 1995, under the sign of Scorpio. If you know anything about how this water sign behaves in love and relationships, then all of the ambiguity and intrigue surrounding Jenner suddenly make perfect sense. Scorpio's a sign full of contradiction. On the one hand, they're ruled by Pluto, the heavenly body associated with power and transformation, so they radiate strength, seductiveness, and are in a constant state of evolution. On the other hand, they're a water sign, which means that beneath all the bravado lives a loving and loyal heart that just wants to be seen, understood, and loved for the vulnerable soul they truly are. So, while Jenner has no shortage of suitors, here's the right fit for her from an astrological perspective.

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

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Scorpio craves an emotional connection and partnership with someone who truly understands loyalty, both of which are reasons why fellow water sign Cancer is pretty much their perfect match. When these two meet, they find in one another a kindred spirit. They're both sensitive and slow to open up, but ultimately take their relationships very seriously. They're also both very prone to jealousy, which can either make them extra careful about not arousing those emotions in one another or ticking time bombs depending on where Scorpio’s head and heart are at. Both Scorpio and Cancer can also be a little (OK a lot) sensitive, so it's important that they're kind and conscientious in the way they speak to one another. If they can both get to that place and lead with empathy, these two can form an unbreakable bond built on a solid foundation of emotional intimacy.

Virgo (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22)

Most of Scorpio's connections begin from a physical place, as they're highly sensual and at their most confident in the bedroom. This is what makes their attraction to Virgo unique and refreshing. For these two, love usually starts from an intellectual and spiritual place. They can talk and talk for hours and never get bored with one another. Virgo won’t rush Scorpio, who needs time before opening up, plus Virgo's need to take care of the people they love surprises and nurtures Scorpio's normally skeptical and cautious heart. While Virgo might not be the most overtly sexual sign in the zodiac, Scorpio has a knack for bringing out a side in them they didn't know they had before. Both signs end up feeling more fully themselves when they're together — that is if they don’t let power plays and a need to dominate get in their way. They're both going to have to get comfortable with a balanced and equal partnership for these two alphas to get along for the long haul.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 — Jan. 19)

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When Scorpio and Capricorn fall for one another, get ready for a power couple to emerge as both signs possess endless drive and ambition. They're proud overachievers who feel that anything's within their grasp. For Cap, that comes through their hard work, while Scorpio believes they can will it into existence. When they get together, there's really nothing they can’t achieve. Capricorn's more traditional view of relationships means that Scorpio can feel safe and secure as Cap won’t waste their time. If they say they want to be with you and are committed, Scorpio knows they can take that to the bank. The only problem these two might face stems from their ambition. They can get so busy chasing their dreams that they forget to pursue one another between the sheets.

It's possible Jenner might end up with someone who's none of these signs, since astrology's a guide, not a guarantee. One thing's for sure, though: These signs do have a bit of an advantage when it comes to wooing and satisfying her powerful and seductive Scorpio heart.