3 Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Aubrey Plaza, A Cancer Sweetheart

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I’m still not over Aubrey Plaza in Happiest Season. If there's one great thing to come out of the holidays this year, it's her turn as Riley, the lesbian doctor who rocks a suit like nobody's business. Seriously, I don’t need any more presents — that was enough. The only thing hotter than Riley is Plaza herself. If you share those feelings (and, honestly, how could you not), you might naturally be curious about which zodiac signs are most compatible with Aubrey Plaza.

Plaza was born on Jun. 26, 1984, under the sign of Cancer, which means she's both a very loving and loyal partner — once you've proven yourself worthy of her emotional investment, that is. Cancer's slow to open up to new people because they have a lot of heart to protect, and they're ruled by the Moon, which is associated with emotion. To add to that, Cancer's a water sign, which means they feel everything especially profoundly. Cancer craves deep and profound personal connections, so they're happiest in a relationship so long as it's one that's stable and based on mutual respect. As much as they like being partnered up, they won't stand for anyone who mistreats them. When that happens, out come Cancer's claws. It takes the right type of person to mesh well with a Cancer like Plaza. Here's what other signs vibe well with her romantically, according to the stars.

Virgo (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22)

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Both Cancer and Virgo are accustomed to being the caregiver in their relationships. They pride themselves on being there for the ones they love. They're also accustomed to feeling a bit taken advantage of and for granted from time to time. As a result, it's a total breath of fresh air when these two meet. They both bend over backward to be of service to the other, which can result in some (mostly) good naturing bickering over who'll be the one to do the chores or pick up the check. It’s just a refreshing and affirming change of pace to find a partner who's more eager to give than just take.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21)

Cancer and Scorpio are a water sign match made in the heavens. Sure, Cancer may be wary of Scorpio's mysterious nature at first, but, given a chance to get to know one another, these two find kindred and passionate spirits. Both signs desire a relationship built on trust and absolute loyalty. They both also have jealous streaks and can be a bit possessive, so they must take extra care to be respectful of one another's feelings and avoid playing games. Once they let their walls down, however, this connection can be a powerful one full of passion and romance.

Pisces (Feb. 19 — March 20)

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Pisces brings out Cancer’s true romantic side. Oftentimes, Cancer can be afraid to fully lean into their desire for traditional romance and the grand gestures that come with it. In Pisces, they find a partner who's all for an old-school kind of love and is happy to reciprocate. While Cancer typically plays the role of the supportive and sensitive partner, Pisces' innate intuition and empathy means that Cancer gets to be the one being taken care of emotionally, which is both gratifying and eye opening for the crab. Both signs are fully devoted to their love and are happy for one another. This is a truly loving and supportive connection.

These zodiac signs each have all the characteristics that make them ideal for loving a Cancer like Plaza, but there's technically one more sign that gets Cancer’s emotional and sensitive ways — and that's, well, Cancer itself. Not all signs vibe well with themselves, but in the case of the crab, it's a really solid fit. That's because they naturally understand the needs and moods of others and just how to navigate them. It's worth noting that Plaza's long-term partner, screenwriter and director Jeff Baena, is a fellow Cancer, which means she’s already partnered up with her perfect match. Aww.