3 Zodiac Sign Pairings You'll Love To Third-Wheel Because They're So Fun

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All too often, third-wheeling with a couple can be a bit of a drag. Maybe it's because they bicker constantly or, worse, get so wrapped up in their PDA they forget you're even there. But on the flip side, some couples are a blast to hang out with and never make you feel as though you're extraneous. With them, you're part of a squad, rather than a couple plus a single person. If that sounds like a dynamic duo you know, then chances are they're one of the zodiac pairings who are the most fun to be around.

These are the zodiac signs who tend to be enjoyable to spend time with on their own, but who, when paired with the right partner, become even more fun. For some couples, it's about creating a balance of energy. For others, it's a case where they enhance and bring out each other's best traits. Either way, the result is the same: great times and a good vibe is even more infectious when multiplied. So, if you want to have the best time ever, add hanging with these zodiac couples to your social calendar ASAP.

Aries & Taurus

If you're looking for the perfect couple to go on vacation with, look no further than an Aries and Taurus pairing, because they know how to create the perfect blend of adventure and luxury. Aries is highly energetic and adventurous, so they bring a ton of energy to any interaction. They always have something fun up their sleeve and their enthusiasm is infectious. Taurus, while also up for new experiences, has a balancing effect that means you'll get some relaxation to take in some of the finer experiences. Think great cocktails, a gourmet meal, or a nice hot stone massage. Being friends with these two is like having the best of both worlds, all in just one couple.

Gemini & Aquarius

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If you want to have a great laugh, spend your time third-wheeling with a Gemini and Aquarius couple because these two know how to bring the funny. Honestly, just hanging out with them and doing absolutely nothing else is guaranteed to be a laugh riot. Both of these air signs have a true gift of wit. While Aquarius may skew a bit darker and edgier, Gemini keeps things light and balanced. Plus, you never know where the conversation will go with these two clever and curious minds. There's never a dull moment when spending time with a couple composed of these signs.

Libra & Sagittarius

The ideal couple for a night out on the town (or any social gathering, really) is Libra and Sagittarius. These two gregarious and fun-loving signs thrive in every social situation and tend to be the life of any party. They're both natural social butterflies that can talk to anyone and bring lightness and breeziness to any interaction. This lighthearted vibe gets picked up on by anyone in their orbit, so you never know what new friends you'll make when you're together or what exciting doors will open. The night is full of possibilities and adventure when you're hanging out with these two.

Being a third wheel can definitely be a bummer if the dynamic is off, but these couples prove sometimes the best things really do come in threes.

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