3 Things You Should Definitely Know About Your Partner Before Meeting Their Parents

by Korey Lane

One of the more stressful parts of being in a relationship can often be meeting your partner's family. It can honestly be intimidating no matter how long you've been with your significant other, so it's totally normal to feel anxious. You want to make a good impression and hopefully get them to like you — it's nerve-wracking! But having the things to know about your partner before meeting their parents in your back pocket could definitely help you out in making a solid first impression. You don't want to be caught off guard during such an important relationship milestone.

No matter what your significant other has said about their parents, there's no way of knowing whether you'll get along with them or not. But according to experts, it's a good idea to know some essential things about your partner going into your first meeting with them. After all, if this relationship ends up leading toward marriage or co-habitation, then you're probably going to want to have a somewhat solid relationship with your partner's parents, as you'll likely be seeing more of them in the time to come.

Here's what experts say you should know about bae before you meet their parentals.

You should definitely have defined the relationship with your partner at this point.

If you're meeting the parents, then you've probably already discussed how serious this relationship is to you both. But, if you haven't, then author and relationship expert Alexis Nicole White suggests doing so, "so you’re prepared to answer those tough questions," she tells Elite Daily.

Yes, many parents will be curious about how serious you and their son or daughter are, so they're probably going to ask. And if you and your partner haven't defined the relationship, then it could get real awkward, real quick.

You might also want to know how close your partner is to their parents.

You can tell a lot about what the vibe will be like when meeting the parents if you know how close your partner is to them. If they don't see them very often, it might be a little more of a strained get together, especially if they aren't that close. Why is their relationship like that? You might want to know. On the other hand, if your partner is super close to their relatives, you'll probably be preparing for a totally different kind of meeting.

"The more you know about your partner and his or her relationship to their parents and siblings, the easier your first meeting will go," online dating expert Julie Spira tells Elite Daily.

Ask your partner about their past.

OK, so maybe you don't have to know everything about your partner at this point, but you should probably know the big things, in case their parents bring them up.

"One thing that will happen when you meet your partner’s parents, is they’ll go down memory lane to talk about your partner’s childhood growing up," Spira says. "You might find out a few skeletons in the closet, but that’s not a reason to get alarmed."

At the end of the day, meeting your significant other's parents will probably turn out just fine. But, Spira also recommends going in with some basic knowledge about your partner's parents themselves. "Before you meet your partner’s parents for the first time, ask them what quirks they have, or how they’d react if someone asks how serious your relationship is," Spira advises. "You might find yourself in the hot seat answering rapid-fire questions, or they might welcome you with a warm hug. Knowing the personalities of your partner’s parents will help you understand how to react when you meet for the first time."

Just have an open and honest conversation with your significant other, and go in with an open mind. Odds are, they'll end up loving you. How could they not? You're a gem! Know the basics about your bae and be your wonderful, kind self. You're going to kill it!

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