3 Texts To Send Your High School Crush After You Finally Hook Up

By Genevieve Wheeler

Not long after moving to New York, I decided to download a dating app for the first time since college. Partly because I was hoping to meet cute guys in the city, and partly because my coworker had seen Ryan Lochte on the app and I was determined to make him mine. Several swipes in, I came across a fellow who looked shockingly similar to the senior boy I’d crushed on as a freshman. I swiped right, and we matched. Cue the frantic Googling: "clever texts to send to your high school crush?"

From there, it wasn't long before I confessed that I'd loved him in high school and asked if he’d like to grab a drink some time. (His Facebook statuses circa 2008 told me this kid liked a confident woman... Not that I still remembered that or anything.)

Now, I’m going to skip past the part of the story where he initially blew off our date, because it is neither confidence-boosting nor worth discussing. Basically, I ended the first night we were supposed to go out making sweet love to some fries at Shake Shack. It’s fine.

Because eventually, we did go out. And all of my freshman year dreams came true.

Of course, as anyone who's ever hooked up with their high school crush can tell you, your emotional state the next day is... confusing. I didn't know whether I was supposed to check him off my list of fantasy hook-ups and return to pursuing Ryan Lochte, or chock our chance Tinder encounter up to fate and start brainstorming wedding hashtags.

Sure, we'd had a good time, but did we really have much in common outside of our shared hometown and Brooklyn addresses? Should I text him, or wait for him to text me, or just send him a link to our wedding registry and go from there?

If you're experiencing the same post-hook up conundrum after reconnecting with your teenage crush, don't stress. I've got you covered. Here are three messages you could send the morning after, depending on how well (or, uh, not well) it went.

If You Definitely Want To See Them Again


In the immortal words of Katy Perry, that hookup just made you feel like you're living a teenage dream. The date was great, your connection is as electric as it was when you were 15, and, is it just you, or is the sky extra blue this morning? You may have just found Your Lobster, and your text needs to strike the right balance between, "Had a great time last night!" and "Can I carry your babies now, please?"

Shoot your crush something sweet, specific, and action-oriented, like, "It was so much fun catching up last night! I'm still laughing about that story from senior prom. Let's do it again soon?"

It shows that you enjoyed their company, loved hearing their high school anecdotes, and definitely want to see them again (without, you know, saying you'll bear their children or anything).

If The Hook-Up Was... Sub-Par


Ah yes, the dreaded "great date, horrible hook-up" purgatory. You had a blast hanging out, but when things started to heat up, there were no fireworks at all. So, how do you say, "Let's be friends, but never put our faces on each other's faces ever again?"

Text something that's gracious but platonic, like, "Hey, it was great hanging out! Next time we should invite some other alum along."

It shows that you had a good time, but don't need any more on one-on-one time with that person. Maybe wait a day or two before hitting send, too.

If It Was The Worst Date Ever


All right, they definitely peaked senior year (and apparently didn't pay too much attention in health class). The date was basically just your high school crush talking about, well, high school — telling five-year-old stories from parties you were never invited to — and they had zero idea how the female anatomy works.

You could ghost them, but, I mean, you're not a monster. Instead, send a straightforward, "Thank you for dinner! I kind of realized I'm not ready to get involved in anything right now, but it was so nice seeing you after all this time! Take care!" and call it a day.

What's that? You've been dying to know how my high school crush hookup turned out?

Welp, homeboy ended up blowing me off again. And when he texted me weeks later to see about hanging out again, I replied with a simple, "Not really one to be blown off twice, but thanks." So, don't worry if the night didn't quite go as planned. Take it from me, the only thing better than hooking up with your high school crush is turning them down.

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