3 Surfer Beauty Tips From A Hawaiian Native To Help You Achieve That Effortless Beach Look

by Stephanie Montes
ambermozo on Instagram

I was 10 when the Disney Channel original movie Rip Girls aired — remember that one? — just weeks before I went on a family trip to Hawaii. It was then (again, I'm 10 years old!) that I dealt with my very own identity crisis. I aspired to be a surfer girl so badly. Then, a couple years later, the movie Blue Crush released and totally rocked my 12-year-old world once again. My search history was packed with phrases like "surfer beauty tips," "surf lessons in Los Angeles," and "where to get Michelle Rodriguez's board shorts from Blue Crush." Needless to say, I wanted to emulate the effortless vibe of every surfer girl I set my eyes on.

Having never stepped foot on a surfboard before, I'm not sure why I have such an affinity for island life, but 18 years after my first Disney-administered introduction to surf culture, I'm still low-key obsessed. I don't use surf jargon in my everyday life anymore, but I love a beachy wave in my hair, a silky tan on my skin, and barely there makeup. So in an effort to live my dreams of being the surfing beauty I've always wanted to be, I tapped the coolest of cool — Hawaii native, surfer girl, and Red Bull photographer (I told you she was cool!) Amber Mozo — for her beach-friendly beauty tips.

Let me just paint the scene for you really quick: Mozo and I are both at North Shore in Oahu chatting it up. (I'm in town to watch the Volcom Pipe Pro surf competition and to soak up as many island vibes as possible. You can tune in to all the surf action from home on She sits on the lounge chair next to me, barefoot, looking effortlessly beautiful as ever. Her wavy hair is running down her back with ribbons of natural highlights throughout. I immediately jump at the chance to ask her about her biggest beauty tips so I can start trying them myself.

Keep the hot tools to a minimum.

When it comes to her waves (the ones in her hair, not the ones on the beach), Mozo doesn't have to work hard to get them — her hair isn't naturally straight. She has a few key products that help her define her curls, but otherwise, she keeps the styling products (read: hot tools) to a minimum.

"I wash my hair with Sun Bum's Curl & Waves Shampoo and Conditioner because I have really curly hair. After I get out of the shower, I put in this Sun Bum 3-in-1 Conditioner and I brush my hair while it's wet. Afterwards, I put oil just on the tips because sometimes it gets dry," she jokes. "My hair is a challenge because it gets dreaded — girls with curly hair would know."

From there, she says she lets her hair air dry, and she admits she only busts out the blowdryer when she has a meeting or dinner to go to. If you've ever wondered how to keep your hair healthy, this tip is key!

When it comes to skin, SPF and water are life.

On beach days, Mozo wears a hat and sunglasses for extra protection, and of course, she piles on SPF 50. Although it protects her from harmful rays, she admits, "I get this caked-on sunscreen and my pores get clogged from using it every day." Still, I'd agree that you can never go wrong with a heavy SPF, especially if you live your life like Mozo and spend days on end in the sun.

As for the rest of her routine, Mozo seems to keep things natural and fairly minimal. A good face wash and moisturizer with natural ingredients get the job done — and they're easy on your skin. "I use this sandalwood face wash oil — it's really good for removing sunscreen. I love the brand called Oshan because it's made in Hawaii with all Hawaiian plants and natural ingredients," she says. "I use Oshan's Antiaging MINOY oil to moisturize after I wash my face."

Another major skincare tip of hers? "Drink a lot of water," she says. And she's not wrong. Drinking more water can help rid your body of toxins and can keep your skin from looking and feel dry and flaky.

When it comes to makeup, do what makes you feel your best, and feel free to embrace your natural beauty.

"I don't really wear makeup," Mozo tells me, which immediately prompts me to run through the list of products I used this morning alone. "I get eyelash extension here and there so that it kind of feels like I'm done up ... I don't go for length, I go for fullness." She continues that eyelash extensions and microblading are actually fairly popular on the island. "I [get microblading] so [my] eyebrows look full and have a shape to them."

When it comes to where she's from, Mozo says she thinks "the natural look is considered beautiful here." She says that things like plastic surgery or enhancements, while popular in other areas of the world, haven't really soared in popularity in her circle at least. However, her approach to makeup and beauty in general is one we could all do well to listen to. "I totally believe that everyone should do what they think makes them feel beautiful. It's their body."

To sum it all up, if you, too, are itching to achieve that surfer girl vibe in your beauty routine, take a cue from Mozo and do what you love with confidence, but don't be afraid to embrace your natural hair, skin, and beauty look as it comes.