3 Red Flags In A Relationship With A Pisces That May Be Obstacles For Your Connection

Nine times out of 10, a relationship with a Pisces is immensely healing. These are the dreamers of the zodiac; the lovers who are happy to lay out with you talking about the future you wish up for yourselves. A healthy Pisces sees love in every corner of the universe. Their cup is full, and they're willing to keep your water replenished, too. But every sign of the zodiac has positive and negative qualities, and Pisces is no exception. Some red flags in a relationship with a Pisces might include laziness, pessimism, and unhealthy means of escape.

If you see these qualities manifesting in your relationship, know that it is probably not because of what one person is doing, but the attributes you are bringing out in one another. The good news is that, as a healer, there's a good chance that Pisces will want to be invested in making the relationship as good as it can be. There's always a possibility that, as the idealist, they'll assume that nothing will ever be good enough for them. In a grounded relationship, Pisces might need you to bring them back down to Earth and remind them that all relationships are a negotiation between the self and the other.

If you're seeing some of these signs, though, it's time to figure out whether the two of you are up for a challenge.

1. They Use Their Dreams To Hide From Reality

If your Pisces is spending long hours hard at work on projects, they might simply be in pursuit of their dreams. But if Pisces is unhappy, they will literally spend all of their free time in pursuit of their dreams, without any time to check in with you. Because of a deep-seeded avoidant streak, they might not even be aware that they are hiding from a problem. It's up to you to confront them calmly and with their best interest in mind. Just don't expect them to come clean about what they are feeling right away. Pisces sometimes speaks in poetry and leaves it up to you to decipher what they actually mean.

2. They Respond To Idealism With Pessimism

When Pisces is feeling good, their cheerful optimism might seem like it isn't bounded by the constraints of reality. When they're depressed, the limitations of reality hit them super hard. They might feel like their joy is being constricted or like they are unable to keep swimming through the obstacles that life puts in their way. When Pisces is feeling pessimistic, they will find a way to make their nightmares a reality, even closing themselves off to potential partnerships or new opportunities that come their way. You might be able to show them new channels to swim in, but don't be surprised if this water sign chooses to stay stuck.

3. They Can Get Extremely Upset Out Of The Blue

Pisces' sensitive streak is a blessing. They are extremely emotionally available and are happy to hear about how you are feeling. They are never one to shy away from an emotional rainstorm. But when Pisces gets too saturated in their feelings, they sometimes put their sensitivity on others. You might find that you've made a Pisces upset for reasons you don't even understand. Sometimes, Pisces' feelings are extrasensory; they might be picking up on something that you or both of you are feeling, or they might be projecting an illusion on you that simply isn't there. Pisces needs to be able to get to the heart of their sadness before they bring it out into the daylight. Otherwise, it will overwhelm the relationship and leave you feeling like you've failed them in ways you don't even understand.

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