These 3 Personality Types Feel Totally Secure In Their Relationships

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No matter what the perfect relationship looks like for you, whether it's fully committed, casual, open, or poly, the one thing every ideal connection has in common is that you and your partner(s) feel secure. The good news is you don’t have to be one of the Myers-Briggs personality types who feel secure in their relationships to achieve that, but it can certainly help. What does it mean to feel secure in your relationship? It's a little different for each individual, but, at its core, it's about feeling as though you can be emotionally safe with your partner. It also means you can count on them to be there for you, as Dr. Gary Brown, a prominent relationship therapist in Los Angeles, previously told Elite Daily. “For some, it can mean that you're comfortable being your true authentic self,” he added.

Again, anyone can feel secure in a happy and healthy relationship, but these personality types just tend to get to that place faster. That’s because they appreciate being in a relationship but are careful about selecting partners who are on their same page. They're also naturally inclined to be more trusting until given a reason to feel otherwise. If that sounds like the kind of person you want to be in a relationship with, here are the personality types to be on the lookout for.


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ENFP thrives in a relationship, provided it's the right fit. They're endless explorers who want to get the most out of every minute, so they seek out partners who are just as curious about all life as to offer as they are. They tend to see the bright side of life and are drawn to fellow optimists. Once they find the person they feel like exploring with, they're very secure in that connection and are extremely trusting. Their philosophy is one of "why even be in a relationship with someone you have to be suspicious of?" In their mind, it's better to cut it off and allow yourself to be open to the possibility of someone who's a better fit than to try and force something to work. So, when they’re in it, they’re in it.


If someone could be called “good at being in a relationship,” it would be ISFJ. They're committed, loyal, and serious about looking for someone to spend their life with. ISFJ is also an optimist when it comes to love and truly believe that relationships can last a lifetime. They're serious about their commitments and work hard to make their relationships harmonious and loving, while being very trusting — within reason, of course. They aren’t the type to go snooping through your phone, and, until they have reason not to, always give their partner the benefit of the doubt.


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Outwardly, ISFP can seem a bit reserved and quiet. Once you get to know them, however, you discover they're actually a very passionate and romantic free spirit. They want both stability and adventure, along with being loving, committed, and loyal. ISFP is also easy-going, trustworthy, and trusting. They just aren't always great about speaking up when they do have an issue, since they avoid confrontation at all costs. As a result, an intuitive and empathetic partner is their best fit.

Security in a relationship is something that you build together through openness, honesty, and consistency. It does make things easier, however, to be partnered with someone who's naturally inclined to be simultaneously committed, trusting, and optimistic about love, as these personality types are.

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