These 3 Enneagram Types Are Happiest When They’re Single & Free

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Despite what the rom-coms tell you, not everyone's happiest when they're coupled up. For some people, particularly the Enneagram types who prefer to be single, solo life is the way to thrive. Sure, these people can enjoy being coupled up, but they're just as content — maybe even more so — when they're all on their own.

If you aren't familiar with Enneagram types, it's a system that breaks down nine interconnected personality types based on factors such as what people are motivated by, what they fear, and what they prioritize most in life. As you can imagine, they can also tell you a lot about how the types perceive relationships. (Not sure of your type? You can take the test here.)

For some types, their preference for flying solo is due to past experience with people letting them down. They have exacting standards and they struggle to find partners who can meet them. For others, it's just that they truly enjoy their own company so much that dating can feel like a bit of a burden. Or it could simply come down to not really being into that whole, you know, commitment thing. Life's just so full of opportunities for new experiences, after all, so who wants to be tied down? One thing's for sure — none of these Enneagram types will be rushing to any Zoom single mingles anytime soon.

Type 1: The Perfectionist

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Type Ones strive to do what’s right in every situation, which means they leave a major positive impact on the world around them. But romantic relationships can sometimes feel like a burden to this type. They have (impossibly) high standards for themselves and others, so it can be difficult for them to approve of a potential partner's actions.

Furthermore, compromising isn't exactly this type's strong suit. They can be very rigid in their thinking; they see the world in black and white, with very few shades of gray in between. In dating, this translates into people either being the one or not a match at all. And they firmly believe that it's better to be single than in imperfect company.

Type 5: The Observer

Type Five is an intellectual powerhouse, which can be very attractive to potential mates. But this type's so involved in and sustained by their studies that they can sometimes see romantic entanglement as a burden. They pride themselves on being highly logical, so they struggle to understand others' emotional perspective.

Fives are highly private, and so the usual getting-to-know-you dance that takes place during the early stages of dating can feel invasive to them. They crave knowledge more than intimacy, so the single life suits them just fine.

Type 7: The Adventurer

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Type Seven has little trouble finding potential partners, as they're highly charismatic, socially gifted, and the life of the party. They're great communicators and their passion for new experiences means they often live fascinating and exciting lives. But the other side of all that adventure is that they rarely stick to any one thing for long, including people. They avoid the commitment of any kind whenever possible, and they love to follow their passions wherever they lead, so they don’t want anything to hold them back.

They also shift their interest quickly, always seeking the next experience that will excite and intrigue them. To be fully themselves, they need a great deal of freedom, so they don’t want to be tied down to any one place, thing, or person. As a result, relationships aren't typically their speed.

While any of these types can make for great partners if they find the right fit, they aren't the type to yearn for a relationship. If you're coupled up with one of these types — or you're one of these types yourself — have faith in your relationship. If it wasn't working, you probably wouldn't be here.