3 Early Signs That You Just Met Your Soulmate, Even If You're Not Official Yet

by Cosmo Luce

Soulmate relationships begin with becoming well-attuned to who you are and what you want to continue to be. Once you have achieved that inner harmony, your soul seeks out another piece of itself in another person. Keep in mind that sometimes, soulmates take different forms. You can learn the signs you've met your soulmate through experiencing relationships that have some soulmate characteristics, but aren't the real thing. That doesn't mean the relationship isn't a quality one. Every person you meet can teach an important lesson that brings you closer to your self. If you are looking for a soulmate relationship, the best place to begin is within.

Soulmate relationships are inherently special. When you're in a soulmate relationship, you recognize that your inner harmony is aligned with another person's well-being. You are able to recognize your self in the other, and also respect the fact that you are different people, with different desires and needs. To the two of you, your relationship is a dance with the both of you moving around one another. And you don't freak out if you should happen to step on one another's feet.

Even if it's early on, here are the signs that you might be moving toward a soulmate relationship with the person you just started seeing.

1. You Feel Safe With Them, Even When Uncertain

As humans, we crave uncertainty. Uncertainty keeps us on our toes, feeling like we want to keep turning the page. It brings us risk and drama. It floods our body with the the anxiety of surprise, which feels titillating.

A soulmate relationship feels safe, and still has the the right amount of uncertainty to keep you excited about what is happening next. You aren't experiencing the kind of uncertainty where you feel like the rug might be pulled out from under your feet. You don't worry that the person will disappear tomorrow and never return your calls. Your soulmate provides you with consistency and security. They hold your hand to assist you over life's potholes, and want to help you avoid unnecessary pain.

At the same time, you look forward to the surprises that are in store for you. You might feel nervous when you're about to see them, if only because excitement is anxiety's close cousin. You don't know what is in store for you next, but you have faith that at the end of the day, this person is your rock, and whatever happens, you'll make it out and find a way to move forward together, happily.

2. You Can Have Fun Without Spending Any Money

When you're with your soulmate, you don't feel like you have to blow your paycheck on drinks just to keep yourself entertained. The two of you can have fun on a Friday night grabbing a slice of dollar pizza and going for a long walk to the park. And while you treat might yourself now and then on earthly pleasures, you aren't hiding behind status, possessions, or useless objects. When you are each other's soulmates, you're interested in talking to one another and hearing about each other's days because to the both of you, these small facts make for the greatest entertainment.

3. You Don't Feel Like You Have To Pretend To Be Anyone Else When You're Around Them

You and your soulmate experience an organic connection when you are together. You don't feel like you have to put on a facade or be the entertainer. You aren't forcing affection or intimacy if it's the wrong setting. The two of you are able to respect your separate desires and really go with the flow of what you are feeling at any given time.

This takes pressure off of your dynamic, and places less weight on what either one of you are doing at any given time. Both of you recognize one another's intrinsic humanity and individuality, and you don't feel like you have to conform to one another's expectations. Even though you are connected deeply, you don't feel like what you are doing or feeling depends entirely on the other person. The two of you are able to move through life as individuals, joined together by a series of conscious decisions you make for your own health, happiness and well-being. You don't have anything to prove to one another. When you are one another's soulmates, the fact that you exist is enough.