'You' memes have taken over social media after Season 2 aired.

29 'You' Memes That Will Make You Laugh & Cry At The Same Time


Watching the twisted, murder-filled misadventures of Joe Goldberg is a total thrill, but half of the excitement over You comes from all the hilarious memes that have spawned from the wild series. Ever since Season 2 dropped on Dec. 26, social media has absolutely exploded with jokes about Joe, his very appropriately named new love interest Love, and all the unexpected things that went down in the new episodes. These You memes are the best way to keep fans entertained while waiting for Netflix to hopefully pick up a third season.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Season 2 of You. In the new season of the hit Netflix series, Joe found himself in a new city, with a new name, and a new love interest/target. After his move to Los Angeles, Joe quickly fell hard for Love Quinn... only to later discover he and Love had a whole lot more in common than he initially thought. In the final moments of the season, Love revealed she killed Delilah in order to protect Joe, and she also admitted to killing her nanny back when she and Forty were kids after discovering the woman was sexually abusing her underage brother.

Even though this all seemed to show Joe and Love are really one in the same when it comes to killing for love, Joe recoiled from the admissions, turning on Love and planning to kill her — that is, until Love revealed she was pregnant. In the end, Joe and Love moved into a house in the suburbs... where Joe quickly set his sights on his new neighbor.

Since You has such a passionate fanbase, social media has been blowing up with memes all about Joe's stalking antics, his questionable logic, and all of the new characters Season 2 introduced. Check out some of the very best You Season 2 memes below:

Clearly, You fans are having no trouble finding a ton of humor in Joe's murderous love story, and hopefully these memes will only get funnier if the show continues. Although Netflix has yet to officially pick up a third season of You, that cliffhanger ending definitely seemed to suggest a continuation, plus author Caroline Kepnes is already working on a third and fourth book in her You novel series. On top of all that, Penn Badgely seemed to slip up in an interview and basically confirm a third season was on the way, so get ready for even more hilarious memes to come.