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28 Reindeer Puns For Instagram For When You Want To Make It Rein

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Reindeer don’t get enough credit this time of year. Sure, Rudolph has his own song and movie, but the rest of the reindeer need their praise as well for bringing us so much Christmas joy since day one. After all, where would Santa be without his reindeer? Well, first of all, he'd be stuck at the North Pole, unable to move his own sleigh. That's why we should be so grateful for the reindeer, and you can totally show off your appreciation by using reindeer puns for Instagram captions when you want to post that cute holiday pic of yourself this season.

This is the time of year for making memories, which means you'll be snapping so many pics that you’ll want to share immediately with your friends. That’s why you need fun Instagram captions to go along with every snap of you playing in a winter wonderland, drinking hot cocoa, or checking out the Christmas decorations in your neighborhood.

Taking pics is the easy part, but coming up with a great caption can be difficult. Luckily, puns are always a safe bet. And just like the reindeer, I’ve come to deliver these 28 reindeer and sleigh puns for you to use. Now you can get back to your reindeer games without hesitation, and post that holiday ASAP.


1. "It looks like rain, my deer."

2. "I love you deerly."

3. "You are so deer to me."

4. "Here’s a holiday pic of my deer family."

5. "Another day. Another sleigh."

6. "You'll never know deer, how much I love you."

7. "I’ll be there in a Blitzen."

8. "I deerly love this time of year."

9. "How rude-olph me for eating the last cookie. Oops."

10. "Merry Christ-moose!"

11. "How do you get into Donner's house? Ring the deer bell!"

12. "Make it rein with holiday cheer."

13. "Oh deer, Christmas is here."

14. "Watch me whip. Watch me sleigh, sleigh."

15. "Be a deer, and fetch me some hot cocoa."

16. "Frankly, my deer, I don't give a damn."

17. "The forecast this Christmas is cloudy with a chance of reindeer."

18. "Sleigh my name, sleigh my name."

19. "Someone call Santa Claus, because I'm about to sleigh this workout."

20. "I slay every day, but on Christmas, I sleigh all day."

21. "Hey Rudolph, you light up my life."

22. "Think I totally sleighed this outfit."

23. "Sleigh hair, don't care."

24. "It’s staggering how much I love you, my deer."

25. "I plan on sleigh-in it."

26. "Another day, another sleigh."

27. "Hey Santa, I see you over deer."

28. "I deer you to have the most holly jolly Christmas ever."

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