28 Multi-Use Products On Amazon That Are Basically Life Hacks

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Figuring out a truly good life hack is one of those things that, once it happens, can make you see the whole world in a totally different light. That's sort of what discovering these multi-use products on Amazon for the first time is like, too.

From a hair clip that doubles as a multi-tool to a blender that turns into a to-go bottle, buying stuff that has more than one purpose is a great way save space, time, and money. Hell, some of these multi-use products even find ways to make tedious tasks easier, too. And while an umbrella with a flashlight for a handle might seem like a gimmick, these weird but genius inventions are backed up by rave reviews from Amazon users who swear these products are indeed life-changers.

Want to find ways to simplify ordinary tasks and maybe save a little money along the way? You don't have to spend hours searching for life hack tips online. All you need are a few of the items included in this slideshow. Each product is so much more than meets the eye and can help ensure that no matter what life throws at you, you have the tools to come out on top.

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