27 Coachella Puns For Insta, Because Living Your #BestLife In The Desert Really Doesn't Succ

by Kristin Corpuz
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Coachella is coming up in just a few short weeks, and if you're going to the festival, you're probably knee-deep in planning everything from your flights, to your hotel accommodations, to your outfits (because we all know that's the most important part of the trip, TBH). The festival is full of spots for you to grab some fire #content to post on your feed, so you'll need some Coachella puns for Instagram to accompany your pics.

Let's be real: Coachella is an Instagram haven. Outside of the incredible artists you'll be able to see perform at the festival, there are a ton of parties, a giant ferris wheel, and some seriously yummy food for you to snap some pics of. Plus, you'll definitely rock some beautiful desert fashion pieces that will make for amazing #OOTD inspo pics, too.

Whether you're going with a crew, your SO, or just kicking it at the festival on your own, you won't have a shortage of pictures to fill your feed for weeks after the festival is over. So saddle up, and get ready for one of the best weekends ever. Coachella is a totally unique experience that you can't get anywhere else.

For pics of you wearing a flower crown:

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1. "Last bud not least."

2. "What in carnation is on my head?"

3. "What’s up, buttercup?"

4. "Read my tulips: This flower crown is all I needed to complete my outfit."

5. "*To the tune of 'Ridin' by Chamillionaire*: Daisy me rollin', they hatin'."

6. "Oopsie daisy."

7. "Putting the petal to the metal this weekend."

For pics of you living your best life in the desert:

Briana Morrison / Stocksy

8. "Wanderlust and desert dust."

9. "My life would succ without Coachella."

10. "Aloe you vera much."

11. "After all is sand and done, Coachella is pretty great."

12. "I couldn't have sand it better myself."

13. "There's no better place to party than the desert. Enough sand."

14. "I can't be sand when I'm at Coachella."

15. "Dust-n't it make you jealous that I'm here at Coachella right now?"

For pics of you in front of the giant Ferris wheel:

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16. "I wheel pretty, oh so pretty."

17. "Wheeling pretty great now that I'm here at Coachella."

18. "I just know that I wheel have a great time this weekend."

19. "Coachella has got my head wheeling."

For pics of all of your food:

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20. "I'm finishing this whole plate of food — fry and stop me!"

21. "Nice fry, but you can't top the food at Coachella."

22. "If at first you can't finish your plate, fry, fry again."

For pics of you hitting up all the afterparties:

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23. "Giving myself a party-cipation award for lasting through the whole day."

24. "*To the tune of 'Umbrella' by Rihanna*: You know that I'm crushing it at Coachella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh."

25. "Nothing can keep me apart-y from a... well, party."

26. "Will you be my party-ner in crime?"

27. "I'm party-cularly excited to be here this weekend."