27 Captions For Paddle Boarding When You Take A Pic That's Fresh To Depth

by Kristin Corpuz
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When it comes to summer activities to partake in, a few ones probably first come to mind: barbecuing, planning a beach day, and renting bikes to explore a fun city. But one you should definitely add to your list, if you haven't already, is paddle boarding. Not only is it a great excuse to spend quality time at the lake or beach, but you can catch a tan and take some pretty epic pics, too. You'll definitely need captions for paddle boarding to accompany your fun snaps from your excursion on the water. I've rounded up more than a few for you to choose from.

Even though paddle boarding might be a little difficult at first — take it from someone who knows all too well — it's definitely worth a try if you have the opportunity. There's nothing quite like standing on a board and feeling like you're flying over the water after you finally get your balance. Whether it's on a lake, a river, or an ocean, paddle boarding is a totally unique experience.

So, if you're headed on some fun adventures this summer, make sure you add a paddle boarding experience to your list. You'll have the time of your life, even if it means you fall off a time or two to get it right.

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1. "Stay salty."

2. "I'm always fresh to depth."

3. "The only shot I got of me paddle boarding without falling over."

4. "Keeping it reel at the lake."

5. "Forever attempting to just stand up on the paddle board."

6. "I need a good paddling."

7. "Don't make fun of me if I stay seated on this thing the whole day, OK?"

8. "Hooked on this. Like, for reels."

9. "Honestly, I'm just going to use the paddle board as a spot for me to catch a tan."

10. "This girl just wants to have sun."

11. "Can we photoshop a wave into the background so I can look like I'm surfing?"

12. "Lake hair, don't care."

13. "You know it's finally summer when you can get on a paddle board."

14. "Water you doing on a paddle board on a day like today?"

15. "Lake day? No problem."

16. "Good times and tan lines."

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17. "Give me a summer day in the sun on a paddle board, and I'll have the best time of my life."

18. "Reading while sunbathing."

19. "I'm never bored on a paddle board."

20. "I like big boards and I cannot lie."

21. "Skateboard, longboard, snowboard, paddle board... Give me any kind of board, and I'll figure it out."

22. "Just a day on the water is all I need."

23. "Never not wishing that I was on a paddle board."

24. "There's something so magical about paddle boarding. You get on your board, sit out on the open water, and just let the current take you."

25. "Paddle it out."

26. "How do people do yoga on these things?!"

27. "Does this paddle make my board look big?"

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