27 Brilliant Inventions That You’ll Freak Out Over If You Have Big Boobs

I love my boobs. They've provided me with much cushioning and cleavage over the years — because they've also been large since day one of puberty. That's why I'm always psyched to hear about brilliant products that make life easier for people with big boobs. Breasts of all shapes and sizes come with their own minor inconveniences, but as someone who has dreaded gym class since I was in middle school, I'm very happy to hear about any items that minimize bounce, sweat, and tenderness.

In fact, up until recently, most well-known lingerie stores didn't even offer bras over DDD cups. As a result, us bigger-chested people had no choice but to turn to the internet for larger cups and plus-sized bands — especially when it came to more stylish options. That paved the way for a niche selection of boob-related items that are now sweeping the internet, and these products will make anyone with big boobs shed a tear and whisper "thank you."

So if you're particularly interested in the best boob inventions, look no further. These things are insanely genius, surprisingly affordable, and will undoubtedly make you ask yourself, "Why didn't someone think of this sooner?"

Entertainment — 27 Brilliant Inventions That You’ll Freak Out Over If You Have Big Boobs

1. This USDA-Certified Organic Nipple Balm To Moisturize Skin And Ease Pain

Honest Organic Nipple Balm, $11, Amazon

Chafed and tender nipples can be an unfortunate side-effect of larger breasts. Honest nipple balm soothes, moisturizes, and protects with USDA-certified organic ingredients like olive oil and shea butter. It's also great for chapped skin in the winter, and reviewers say a little goes a really long way.


2. This Silky Pillow To Keep Your Cleavage Comfortable

Intimia Breast Pillow, $36, Amazon

If you're a side sleeper, you instantly understand the need for this Intimia breast pillow. Not only does it stack and support breasts for a more comfortable night's sleep, but it soothes skin and improves elasticity over time. It's made from a lightweight and silky material that won't cause overheating, and it even has straps to keep it in place all night.


3. These Rejuvenating Collagen Masks For Your Chest

Lior Gold Cosmetics Breast Lift Mask, $15, Amazon

Pretty much eye masks for your boobs, these Lior Gold Cosmetics breast masks are filled with collagen, lavender oil, and hyaluronic acid to tone skin and increase elasticity. They replenish, relax, and rejuvenate your chest for a unique but effective spa night, and reviewers say these made breasts "very soft."


4. This Hypoallergenic Silicone Adhesive Pads For Invisible Coverage Without A Bra

Nippies Skin Hypoallergenic Nipple Covers (Sizes A-DD), $26, Amazon

For added coverage under a bra or without one, there are these original nipple pasties. The hypoallergenic medical grade silicone can be worn over and over again, and they stay put ten times longer than other brands. The adhesive gets sticky again with every wash, and over 1,500 reviewers say these are a must-have for any wardrobe. "I am a D cup and they give me a complete coverage without any visibility or lines," says one person.


5. These Genius Pieces Of Fabric For Some Extra Coverage Without The Bulk

Chemisettes (Sizes S-XXL), $11-$16, Amazon

When you find the perfect dress or shirt, but the neckline is just a little too low for some settings, these Chemisettes can help. They provide a fashionable overlay of fabric for added coverage without any bulky layering, and the clip and elastic loop adhere easily to any bra straps. They're even available in five sizes and eight colors. It also lays flat, so it won't stick out underneath sweaters.


6. This Adhesive Bra That's Offered In A DD Cup

Holisouse Strapless Adhesive Bra (Sizes A-DD), $12, Amazon

If you're anywhere near Facebook or Instagram, you've likely seen one of these strapless adhesive bras. But this one by Holisouse is different for one solid reason: it actually works for DD cups. It's plunging wing design grips more skin while its extra strong medical-grade adhesive stays stuck for hours. It's also incredibly breathable and comfortable to wear throughout the day.


7. These Bamboo And Cotton Bra Liners To Wick Sweat And Stop Chafing

Belly Bandit Sweat-It Bra Liners, $20, Amazon

Those of us with big boobs know that things can get a little hot under there. Go ahead and sweat it with these discreet Belly Bandit bra liners. Not only do they absorb and wick excess moisture, but they prevent bra chafing throughout the day. They're made from a soft and comfortable mix of bamboo, cotton, and spandex, and they come in your choice of three colors.


8. These Flexible Silicone Cushions That Prevent Shoulder Pain

Vekey Silicone Bra Cushions, $11 (4 Pairs), Amazon

Big breasts typically translate to heavy breasts, which means bra straps digging into your shoulders. These Vekey cushions are made from flexible and non-toxic silicone that prevents slipping — and it stops those irritating and often uncomfortable indentations from your straps. They also come in two discreet colors, and they're washable and reusable.


9. The Bralette That Actually Supports

Mae Women's Hi-Neck Lace Bralette (Sizes S-XL), $16, Amazon

To me, most bralettes feel like a handkerchief across my boobs. The Mae bralette, on the other hand, actually offers some support with its full coverage neckline, stretchy fit, and slight padding. "I am super impressed with this bralette!" says one reviewer. "It's hard to find one that works for 32 D, but this one does!" It comes in five colors and even has adjustable straps, unlike most other options.


10. This High Impact Band That Controls Movement During Your Workouts

Buband No-Bounce High-Impact Support Band (Sizes XS-XL), $40, Amazon

If you can't find a solid sports bra, the Buband has you covered. It's an elastic strap that prevents bounce even during the highest impact exercises. It's also made from high-performance fabric that's quick drying, non-chafing, and totally washable, so it's as practical after your workout as it is during. It's also made with durable elastic that won't stretch out over time and should last for years.


11. This Strapless That Goes Up To An H Cup And Actually Stays Put

Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra (Sizes 30DD-38H), $30-$65, Amazon

What's so monumental about a strapless bra? For one, it actually stays up. The Wacoal Red Carpet strapless has reviewers so wildly excited: "It's comfortable, holds itself in place, and it is able to hold up my 38Gs," says one buyer. It's all due to its contoured cups and thick band, and since it comes in three colors and goes up to an H cup in some sizes, the ratings are really impressive.


12. This Fresh Anti-Chafe Cream Specifically For Your Breasts

Fresh Breasts Lotion, $10, Amazon

This Fresh Breasts lotion is like a deodorant, anti-chafe balm, and soothing cream all at once. It goes on like a moisturizer but dries as a non-talc powder, which then prevents moisture and stops your clothing from rubbing up against sensitive breast tissue. It also has soothing ingredients like oatmeal and tea tree oil to act as an antibacterial.


13. This Flash Tape Fixes Button Gaps And Slipping Straps

Braza Flash Tape, $8, Amazon

Secure deep plunging necklines, gaps between buttons, or slippy straps with this Braza flash tape. It's double-sided and made from safe medical-grade adhesive that secures to both fabrics and skin without causing irritation. Use it once, and it might just become the most important item in your fashion-fix-it arsenal. Reviewers say this even stays in place when they're jumping around, and works on a bunch of different fabrics.


14. For A Longer Lasting Solution To Wardrobe Issues, Try Velcro Buttons

Sticky Back Velcro Coins, $13, Amazon

These tiny little Velcro buttons adhere to just about anything, including fabric. That means they're an incredible solution when it comes to that gappy space between two buttons on your shirt. The loops and hooks are so well engineered that they can support pounds, and since there are 500 pairs in the set, you'll be using them for everything.


15. These Bra Extenders Make Every Bra Fit Perfectly

Janext Bra Extenders, $7 (Pack of 6), Amazon

Sometimes your boobs just need a little extra room to breathe. These Janext extenders make all your bras a bit roomier with almost two inches of extra band length. This pack of six comes with three hooks and two hooks (all in black, white, and nude), so they'll effortlessly blend in no matter what color or size.


16. This Bra That Actually Helps You Improve Your Posture

Playtex Front Close Back Support Posture Bra (Sizes 36B-46DD), $13-$32, Amazon

If you tend to slouch due to your chest, this brilliant bra can help. The Playtex posture bra has a special X-shaped compression fabric in the back that pulls your shoulders up and together, improving your posture throughout the day. It also has a front-close feature for better convenience, as well as magic ring cups and smoothing fabric for lift and support.


17. These Genius Clips That Keep Bra Straps Right Where You Want Them

Strap Tamers, $13, Amazon

These ingenious little clips are called Strap Tamers, and they're like safety pins with a groove that keep your straps right where you want them. Use them under tank tops, off-the-shoulder sleeves, or strapless dresses to ensure that your straps stay invisible no matter how much you move. Best of all, since they're made from stainless steel and the same plastic as bullet-proof glass, they'll last years — even when put through the laundry.


18. This Brilliant Snap-On Pouch To Hide Stuff In Your Bra

Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Bra Stash, $11, Amazon

Use a larger bra to your advantage with this Eagle Creek undercover bra stash. It snaps onto your bra (straps, center, or band) to create a handy pocket that holds your cash, credit card, or key. It's also made from extra soft and washable silk that won't irritate your skin while traveling or jogging.


19. This Foam Pillow With Cutouts For Your Boobs

Royal Massage T-Wedge Pillow, $52, Amazon

The Royal Massage T-wedge pillow was originally designed for more comfortable massages for women, but any stomach sleeper with breasts will vastly appreciate it. It relieves pressure on the breast area with its unique cut-out shape, and the non-chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) foam is both supportive and cloud-like. It even has a durable vinyl cover that's easy to wipe down. Many reviewers say it's comfortable just to lay on.


20. This Trigger Point Massager To Help With The Back Stress

LiBa Back and Neck Massager Tool, $20, Amazon

Unfortunately, big boobs can do a number on your back. The LiBa back massager tool is a must because it uses six trigger points to alleviate knots, loosen tight muscles, and improve circulation in hard-to-reach areas — without the help of someone else. The ergonomic design allows you to use leverage from your own body for a thorough neck and back massage, and it's durable as well as made from safe materials.


21. This Sports Bra That Actually Stops Bounce (Even For F Cups)

Enell Maximum Control Wire-Free Sports Bra (Sizes 0-8), $46-$78, Amazon

Even though it doesn't have any wires or padding, this Enell maximum control sports bra keeps boobs totally bounce-free, no matter the size and no matter how high impact. The secret is the secure but comfortable microfiber that also wicks away moisture and glides against skin instead of chafing. "As an F cup I have been through MANY sports bras to find one that compresses, encapsulates, and minimizes any bounce," says one reviewer. "I'm pleased to say that this more than meets my expectations."


22. These Pasties And Adhesive Tape For Braless Coverage And Shaping

Bare Lifts Adhesive Tape, $23, Amazon

I'm of the belief that all sizes should be able to go braless, but sometimes a little extra support just feels more comfortable. This Bare Lifts adhesive tape comes with pasties and wing-shaped body tape that's specifically designed to offer coverage and lift without showing through clothes. They're hypoallergenic, designed for one-time use, and allow you to lift and shape your breasts as much (or as little) as you want.


23. This Chest Pillow That Sits Comfortably Over Your Seat Belt

The Breast & Chest Buddy, $20, Amazon

If your seat belt has ever caused your breasts discomfort, this one's for you: The Breast & Chest Buddy makes every ride comfortable with shock-absorbing cushioning and super soft material. It works on any seat belt in any car (left or right), is a breeze to install, and is also great for post-surgery and chest pain.


24. These Temperature Therapy Breast Pads For Chaffed Nipples Or Sore Boobs

TendHer Reusable Soothing Breast Pads, $25 (Pack of 2), Amazon

While these TendHer reusable soothing breast pads are great for those with period sensitivity, chafed nipples after a jog, or those who just tend to overheat. The cold compress stays pliable when frozen for better comfort in your bra, and the moisture-wicking sleeves are soft and washable. They can also be warmed in hot water or used at room temperature.


25. This Memory Foam Pillow For Massages, Post-Surgeries, Breastfeeding, Or Stomach Sleepers

Descansa Breast Comfort Pillow Memory Foam, $54, Amazon

There's nothing discreet about this Descansa breast comfort pillow (there are literally two boob-shaped holes), but reviewers don't care: "Great idea for any woman who has large breasts," says one, while another writes, "I honestly can't sleep without it anymore." It's made from super soft memory foam and has a 100 percent cotton cover that you can remove and wash.


26. Stop Slipping Bra Straps With These Adjustable Clips

CAKYE Bra Strap Holders, $7 (Set of 4), Amazon

If your bra straps are constantly slipping off your shoulders or peeking out of your tank tops, these CAKYE bra strap holders can help. They're fully adjustable elastic bands that clip together in the back, so your straps stay exactly where you want them to. They come in four colors, and reviewers say they're one of the most durable options out there.


27. This Breast Massager That Gets Things Moving And Improves Skin Elasticity

SUNMAS Breast Massager, $40, Amazon

This SUNMAS breast massager enhances circulation, gets lymphs moving, and helps with skin elasticity in the breast area. It runs on batteries, so it's totally wireless, and it even comes with electrode gel and has multiple settings for a personalized massage. "Feels good and relaxing," says one reviewer, while another writes, "I use this unit anywhere I need muscle relief. It works really well."

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