27 Brilliant Inventions That You’ll Freak Out Over If You Have Big Boobs

By Maria Cassano
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I love my boobs. They've provided me with much cushioning and cleavage over the years — because they've also been large since day one of puberty. That's why I'm always psyched to hear about brilliant products that make life easier for people with big boobs. Breasts of all shapes and sizes come with their own minor inconveniences, but as someone who has dreaded gym class since I was in middle school, I'm very happy to hear about any items that minimize bounce, sweat, and tenderness.

In fact, up until recently, most well-known lingerie stores didn't even offer bras over DDD cups. As a result, us bigger-chested people had no choice but to turn to the internet for larger cups and plus-sized bands — especially when it came to more stylish options. That paved the way for a niche selection of boob-related items that are now sweeping the internet, and these products will make anyone with big boobs shed a tear and whisper "thank you."

So if you're particularly interested in the best boob inventions, look no further. These things are insanely genius, surprisingly affordable, and will undoubtedly make you ask yourself, "Why didn't someone think of this sooner?"

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