25 "Walk Of Shame" Instagram Captions That'll Show You Did New Year's Eve Right

The holiday season is filled with celebration and tradition. From Thanksgiving to the midnight kiss as the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, we all indulge in the customs that are the framework of this time of year: dutifully documenting it all on social media. But there’s one tradition that you won’t see on any holiday cards, or in any holiday specials, and that is the annual migration taken by thousands every year, known as the New Year's Day "walk of shame"... which means it's also time get your walk of shame Instagram captions polished up, because it’s time to let everyone know there’s nothing shameful about kicking of the new year by getting lucky.

Before we go any further, let's quickly dispense the shame portion of this idea, because seriously, there is nothing shameful about having a good time and having sex. Instead of slinking home with our high heels in hand in last night's ~lewk~, I say let's hold our heads up high and make 2018 the year of the Stride of Pride. Because there's nothing like the shine of sequins in the 6 a.m. sun to say, "Yep, I did New Year’s Eve right." And if you cross paths with another post-coitus pilgrim, give that girl a high five.

Need some Insta caption inspiration? Here are 25 ideas to get you started.

1. It it isn’t a "walk of shame." It's the "I just got laid New Year's Day parade.”

2. I don’t call it the walk of shame. I call it the stride of pride because there ain’t no shame in my game.

3. It's not a walk of shame; it’s a victory lap. Happy New Year!

4. Yeah I did it. So what? You jealous?

5. I call this my walk of NO shame.

6. Kicking of 2018 with a walk of pride.

7. You know you did NYE right when you walk home with your shoes in your hand while the sun comes up.

8. Just getting in my morning cardio. #NewYearsResolution

9. What a great day for a Trek of Triumph. #noshame

10. What you are seeing right here is my single-lady strut. Happy New Year's!

11. Starting 2018 right with a walk of shame.

12. Still slaying on the post-coitus catwalk. This is how you do New Year’s Day.

13. High-fiving myself all the way home. #NYEWalkofShame

14. Happy New Year’s, everyone, and may everyone’s walk of shame be short and warm.

15. #NYEWalkOfShame #blessed #YouJustJelly

16. Walk of shame? Nope, just going on a personal New Year’s Day parade.

17. Yo, where my New Year's walk of shame girls at? Let's brunch! I need a New Year's Day mimosa.

18. Here's to the first stride of pride in 2018! May there be many more!

19. I love to take in the sunrise of a New Year... as a walk home with no shame.

20. I don't do walks of shame... I do "after-sex saunters home." #NYE2018 #GotLuckyAF

21. My New Year’s resolution is to do more walks of NO shame in 2018.

22. Walk of Shame? Nah, just working on my fitness in last night’s NYE outfit.

23. It's lovely weather for a Trek of Triumph. Happy New Year’s!

24. I came, I saw, I conquered... then, I came again. #NewYears2018

25. My New Year's resolution was to give no f*cks, but to get plenty. So far, so good. #HappyNewYear #WalkOfShame

If you're looking for a resolution you can keep, make this year's to fully own your sexuality and to not let anyone make you feel shameful about it. Because feeling shame about going after what you want? That's some 2017 nonsense.

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