Drop Everything & Celebrate These 25 Things About Your Quarter-Life With Your BFF

There's a lot of commotion and taboo associated with reaching your quarter-life. Many people like to assume that your mind should be in crisis mode, because you're a quarter of a century old. But who's thinking that far ahead? You're living in the present with your ride or dies who are going to make this year even better than the previous one. You may already be brainstorming the things to celebrate about your quarter-life with your best friend (because she isn't going to get super analytical about your new age), and I'm here to help a girl out.

Turning 25 isn't the end or middle of anything. It's what you are right now, and you definitely don't want to mark your present with remorse about how many years you're racking up. It's a time to be grateful and perceptive of the person you are right now. There's no better way to celebrate this joyous time in your life than with your best friend.

Anyone could pop bottles with you on any birthday, but your BFF is going to give you the celebration you need — the kind of celebrating that leaves you mentally and emotionally satisfied with your quarter-life situation. I'm not saying there won't be streamers and cupcakes, but you and your bestie should celebrate these 25 things about your quarter-life.

How Far You've Come

Each year brings change. You've come such a long way, and should be so proud of everything you've accomplished thus far in life. Your quarter-life is a milestone worth reliving the journey that got you to where you are today.

The Fact That You Can Rent A Car

Road trip without having to put hundreds of miles on your car, anyone? Car renting companies basically love you at this age. Of course, your bestie gets shotgun.

How Adult-Like You Feel

Remember when you turned 18 and legally you were an adult, but you didn't quite feel like one? That feeling comes once you hit 25. You and your BFF can bask in your new adult feels.

Every Lesson You've Taken To Heart Thus Far

By now, you know you're a professional student for life. Celebrate what you two have learned together. Even consider the stuff you've taught each other, and toast to it all.

The Fact That This Is Only The Beginning

Turning 25 isn't the end of anything. It's a fresh start to a new year, with a revamped age. It's only the beginning of so many adventures and new opportunities.

How Long Gone Those High School Days Are

Oh, high school. You sure thought it was the center of your everything back then, huh? Now look at you. It's such a thing of the past.

Your Self-Growth

Your self-growth is only going to increase after your quarter-life. It's something you should value and place on a pedestal. You can always be a better version of yourself.

How Much This Age Is Totally NOT A Crisis

Age ain't nothing but a number. This includes turning 25. You're not in crisis mode at all. In fact, you're actually thriving by living your best life.

All Of The Things You Did As A Kid That You Still Like To Do

Sure, you are 25, and very much an adult, but you still find so much joy in savoring scoops of ice cream on a summer afternoon and building sandcastles at the beach. You may always find fun in those activities that make you super nostalgic. Don't ever lose that.

How Dramatically Better Your Taste In Wine Has Gotten

Those days of only drinking sweet and bubbly wines are so over. You're basically a wine pro now, and have gotten into the flow of Merlots. And just like fine wine, you're only getting better with age.

Your Plan To See Parts Of The World

Your wanderlust should still be in its prime once you reach your quarter-life. Celebrate your passion to see the world with your bestie. I see a few passport stamps in your near future.

The Close Friends Who Never Left

Adulthood has a way of showing you who your real friends are. You're only going to be more perceptive of it. You're celebrating with your main chick, so you already know how lucky you are!

The Fact That It's OK If You Aren't In A Relationship Right Now

Enjoy how much you are cruising at your own pace. You aren't racing against society's standard of what your age should produce. You're writing your own story, and will find your own happily ever after when the time is right.

The Wisdom This Age Will Bring

With another year behind you, you will likely be wiser in your love life, career, friendships, and about the world as you know it. Bring on the wisdom, because you are so here for it.

The Fact That You Two Are Still Learning

With each passing year, you are still learning so many new things. And even though you don't know everything quite yet, you're totally OK with that. By now, you're open to soaking up life's lessons until the end of time.

How Done With The Past You Are

You've let things go, and moved on. Celebrate how much the past doesn't affect you. You're all about the present, and don't plan on looking back.

The Small Things That Bring You Happiness

Life's all about the little things. The people and experiences you surround yourself with are all that really matter. Big or small — you can celebrate whatever brings you happiness.

How Content You Are With Being Yourself

Loving yourself is only going to amplify. It's not being selfish. You've had 25 years to learn how to do it, and you look forward to embracing yourself even more in the years to come.

How Much Joy Your Birthday Still Brings You

Age is inevitable. If you still have the same zest you had for your birthday when you were 10 years old, you're in good shape. Your birthday deserves excitement, no matter how old you turn.

The Idea That You Are Living For You

Your birthday, your life. You aren't living to appease anyone and there's so much freedom in that. Keeping living for you.

The Path Of Your Choosing

Be content with the path you're on. Are you still living at home to save up with your own place? Great. Still have roommates? Awesome. You're going down your own path, and it's filled with whatever elements you want it to have. Don't compare it to anyone else's.

Your Style

Your birthday outfit is going to showcase your own unique fashion sense. Acknowledge what that is at this point in your life. It may change, but you're owning your quarter-life look like a total boss.

Your Hustle Towards Your Dreams

You're working towards your dreams every single day. (You know, those things you gush about to your BFF on the reg.) Appreciate your hustle, because you're a dream chaser and achiever.

Every Single Candle You Get To Blow Out

You had me at cake. Some people don't like to put individual candles on their cake to symbolize the years they've racked up — but you're blowing them all out and eating your confetti cake, too.

Life Itself

Every day is a gift. The fact that you're celebrating another birthday with your favorite people is something to be so grateful for. You and your bestie know that days spent together aren't to be taken for granted.

Your quarter-life is not a tragic age. You and your bestie have every reason to celebrate this milestone, so get to it.