25 Cozy Instagram Captions For Pictures Of Your Partner At Home

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If there's one thing being in lockdown is good for, it's bringing into focus the things that matter most in your life. Before, life was often so busy you couldn't capture all of its special moments. In some ways, being in quarantine forces you to slow down and zero in on what matters, like the love you share with your partner. So it's really no surprise if you're inspired to share these moments on social media. But the perfect snap deserves the perfect Instagram captions for pictures of your partner at home. You know, something that says how you feel, but also speaks to the uniqueness of the moment the two of you are living through.

So, whether you're memorializing a special date night at home, or just another day of snuggling up the one you love and aren't sure what to say, here are some ideas to help inspire you.

1. Playing house and winning the game.

2. Better days will come, but fortunately I’ve got this [guy/gal/one] to make these days pretty great, too.

3. Just keeping calm and carrying on together.

4. Not gonna lie, we may have cabin fever.

5. Quarantine time = cuddle time.

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6. This [guy/gal/one] helps me to appreciate the simple things in life.

7. Date night IN is the new date night OUT.

8. You don’t have to get into pajamas if you stay in pajamas.

9. All dressed up with nowhere to go.

10. Officially in a throuple with Netflix.

11. Quality AND quantity time.

12. I may be stuck inside, but I don’t feel stuck with this [guy/gal/one].

13. This is what quarantine couples goals look like.

14. Home is where my heart is.

15. Another night in with my favorite person.

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16. Just a couple of weirdos in love.

17. Home is wherever you are.

18. Loving this one is easy like a Sunday morning.

19. Quarantine definitely isn't boring-intine with this [guy/gal/one].

20. Just us, quietly planning world domination once this is all over.

21. There's no one I'd rather be spending every single waking hour in the same room with.

22. I love doing everything and nothing with you.

23. Two peas in a (quarantine) pod.

24. You’ve got my heart on lockdown.

25. Stuck with this [guy/gal/one] and couldn't be happier.

Coming up with the perfect caption that embodies how much you care about your partner can be a challenge, but it's worth the extra effort because its takes your 'Gram to the next level — which is where it belongs anyway.

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