A glowing woman takes a selfie at home, showing off her hair parted in the middle.

Use These Instagram Captions When You've Got A Middle Part & Want To Show It Off

Yulia Petrova/Moment/Getty Images

Middle parts are all the rage right now, and as a style trendsetter, you’re totally into this new ‘do. In fact, you can’t wait to show off your middle part on the ‘gram. Your pics are sure to be chic, thanks to your trendy hair and stunning selfies. But you want your post to shine as much as your new look does, so you'll need these Instagram captions for middle parts to pair with your pics, because you're cool like that.

With the right pose and accessories, all eyes will be on your new middle part. You can add trendy butterfly clips or hair claws to emphasize your flawlessly parted locks while also dressing up your attire. Or, put your phone on self-timer and take a plandid shot of yourself flipping your hair for a sassy post. If you're in the mood to keep it casual, take a photo while running a hand through your mane to make it look more effortless. However you choose to style your tresses, these captions for middle parts will help you show it off.

And the best part? Your followers will be positively impressed by your trendy pics paired with these Instagram captions for middle parts. Your post may even inspire some side-parters to try out this trend, too.

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1. "Slaying this middle part trend."

2. "New part, who dis?"

3. "Waving goodbye to side parts like."

4. "This middle part is hair to stay."

5. "New hair, new me."

6. "Who knew parting your hair down the middle could make such a difference?"

7. "Can you tell I'm a fan of this hair trend?"

8. "Feelin' fab with this middle part."

9. "Whippin' my new middle part back and forth."

10. "My middle part's on point today."

11. "Made for middle parts."

12. "Had to hop on the middle part wagon, but can you blame me?"

13. "Middle parts > side parts."

14. "New hair just dropped."

15. "It's like this hair trend was made for me."

16. "Hair? Parted. Feeling? Chic."

17. "Unstoppable in my middle part."

18. "How stylish is this middle part, though?"

19. "Forever rocking the middle part from now on."

20. "If you saw me in a side part in the past, no you didn't."

21. "Just got a new part, cue hair flip."

22. "The best part is the middle."

23. "Cool hair trend alert."

24. "Hi from me and my middle part to you and yours."

25. "BRB, admiring my middle part."