Pretty young woman is picking fruits on a blueberry field. Lensflare and vintage toned.

25 Captions For Blueberry Picking That Are Berry Punny & Sweet

by Kristin Corpuz

Fruit is always delicious to eat year-round, but something about the heat of the summer sun makes a fruit snack so much more refreshing. The crunch of a juicy slice of watermelon, the tart sweetness of a chunk of pineapple, and the lightness of coconut water are all flavors you shouldn't miss out on throughout summer. But one of the best fruit memories you can make during this season is to pick your own fruit, and of course, take a bunch of pics. You'll definitely need captions for blueberry picking to accompany all of your fun snaps of you chillin' at the farm.

There's nothing quite like picking your ripe blueberries straight from the bush, taking them home with you, and then whipping up a tasty, Insta-worthy treat. Taking a trip to a blueberry farm will gift you with some of the best summer memories ever. You'll be able to bask in the warm sunshine, snack on delicious fruit, play games around the farm (corn hole is a personal fave of mine), and maybe even stop by the farm's charming store to pick up freshly-made jams or other produce.

You, your crew, your family, or your SO will have a wonderful time going blueberry picking. Not only will you share some laughs and smiles — complete with a ton of new pics for your IG feed — but you'll have some delicious snacks to take home with you.

1. "I'm blue, da ba dee." — Eiffel 65, "Blue (Da Ba Dee)"

2. "Totally ready to make a bunch of berry corny blueberry puns today."

3. "A picking here, a picking there, here a pick, there a pick, everywhere a pick-pick."

4. "Cannot berr-y how much I love blueberries."

5. "Just picking some bloobs, hbu?"


6. "I'll be very blue if I don't get to eat these blueberries berry soon."

7. "When your OOTD perfectly coordinates with your freshly-picked blueberries."

8. "I think Violet Beauregarde would be proud of my blueberry picking adventures today."

9. "The bluer the berries, the sweeter the juice."

10. "Summer means trips to the blueberry farm."

11. "I wore blue to match the berries."

12. "A trip to the blueberry farm means a basket full of deliciousness."

13. "100%, all-natural, organic fun."

14. "Blueberry, blueberry sitting on a bush. Waiting to be picked, but I hope they don't get smooshed."


15. "I love these bloobs berry, berry much."

16. "The sweetness of these berries seriously blue me away."

17. "I tried to make a tiny blueberry pie, but it ended up being a little tart."

18. "If I don't get to bring these berries home, I'm going to cry 'blue hoo.'"

19. "You can find me planted right here this summer."

20. "Having the blues without my bloobs."

21. "Why can't you make a crumble with 3.14 blueberries? Because then it would be a pi."

22. "Who scared the strawberry? The booberry."

23. "Bloob bloob be-doob."

24. "Blueberries for days."

25. "Berry OK with this current situation."