25 IG Captions For When You Want To Put Your Fist Up & Show Black Love

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As a Black person, dating someone of your own race doesn't mean your relationship will be perfect. Every relationship has its ups and downs, regardless of your cultural backgrounds. But, more than likely, your partner will comfort you in the face of white supremacy and hold space for related trauma — no explanations needed. If you want to celebrate this bond and heed Beyoncé's call to "put your fist up and show Black love," like she sings in "Black Parade," bookmark these Black love Instagram captions, ASAP.

Because you and your partner share the same race, you both move through life with centuries of pain in your history. Therefore, relishing every bit of wonder life brings you two and shouting about that joy from the (digital) rooftops are radical acts. Here are 25 captions for when you want to show off the triumph of Black love.

1. "Tell 'em you're my girl / And anything you want is yours." "Girl," The Internet

2. "If I told you that you rock my world, I want you around me / Would you let me call you my girl, my girlfriend, my girlfriend?" "Girl," The Internet

3. "I can give you the life you deserve, just say the word, baby / And I got you, darling, I got you." — "Girl," The Internet

4. (Queer) Black love matters.

5. "Said I wanna be fluent in your love language.""Love Language," Kehlani

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6. “Don’t ever think I fell for you, or fell over you. I didn’t fall in love, I rose in it.” Jazz, Toni Morrison

7. "Shea butter baby, f*ckin' up your pillow" "Shea Butter Baby," Ari Lennox

8. "To be young, gifted, and Black / Oh, what a lovely precious dream." — "To Be Young, Gifted, and Black," Nina Simone

9. "A generous heart is always open, always ready to receive our going and coming. In the midst of such love we need never fear abandonment. This is the most precious gift true love offers — the experience of knowing we always belong."All About Love, bell hooks

10. "I can't believe we made it / This is why we're thankful.""APESH*T," The Carters

11. "Mess me up, yeah, but no one does it better / There's nothin' better." "Make Me Feel," Janelle Monáe

12. "We can go anywhere we want / Drive down to the coast, jump in the sea / Just take my hand and come with me, yeah.""Eastside," Khalid & Halsey

13. "We know that love is how all these ideas came to be / So baby, run away with me." — "Eastside," Halsey & Khalid

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14. "My love is yours if you're willing to take it / Give me your heart 'cause I ain't gonna break it." "Eastside," Khalid & Halsey

15. "Our instinct is to think about the bad things happening in our lives, but at the end of the day it's always more about the people who love you." Zendaya

16. Enjoy these snaps of your favorite melanin hotties blessing your feed.

17. "Not even Marilyn Monroe / Who? Cleopatra? Please / Not even Joan of Arc / That don't mean nothin' to me.""Marilyn Monroe," Pharell

18. "In the flush of love’s light / we dare be brave / and suddenly we see / that love costs all we are / and will ever be. / Yet it is only love which sets us free."Touched By An Angel, Maya Angelou

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19. "Thank you for this journey, no matter how it ends."Queen & Slim

20. Don't mind us: We're just being Black and excellent together.

21. "You take me higher, higher than I've ever been, babe." "Higher," Rihanna

22. "Love, love, love, love / Long as we got.""Love Galore," SZA

23. "Now here we come on our thrones, sittin' high ."— "Black Parade," Beyoncé

24. "Stroll line to the barbeque / Put us any-d*mn-where, we gon' make it look cute." — "Black Parade," Beyoncé

25. "Black love, we gon' stay together / Curtis Mayfield on the speaker." — "Black Parade," Beyoncé

Your complexions may vary, you may hail from different parts of the diaspora, and your intersectional burdens may diverge, but your partner is someone who knows you and your racial struggles intimately. Take solace in that and be proud of the solid, nurturing relationship you two have built.

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