25 Black Love IG Captions To Celebrate Your Anniversary

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Anniversaries with your partner are fun and meaningful. They're meant to celebrate the years you and your beloved have "weathered the storm" together. But if you're a Black couple, that "storm" probably looks more like a hurricane. You've survived everything from microagressions at work, to institutional racism and state violence by each other's side. As far as Black love anniversary captions go, you can totally embrace the fact that your love is a radical act of resistance.

That's definitely something to not-so-humble-brag about. Whether you go for a caption that's soft and sweet or a bit more playful, you can't lose with the following phrases and song lyrics. Here are some ideas as to what words you can marry to the divine photos you'll share celebrating your Black love.

1. "Do you know what today is? It's our anniversary / Made for you and me." — "Anniversary," Tony! Toni! Tone!

2. Happy to have this hottie by my side.

3. Black love is resistance.

4. Annual reminder that we're your Black couple goals.

5. "That’s just the way you make me feel." — "Make Me Feel," Janelle Monáe

6. [XYZ] years down, forever and a day to go.

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7. Extra thankful that we get another year to celebrate our love.

8. "Tell 'em you're my girl / And anything you want is yours." "Girl," The Internet

9. That Big Sean & Jhené Aiko kind of love.

10. That Gucci Mane and Keyshia kind of love.

11. That Quavo and Saweetie kind of love.

12. That Tessa Thompson and Janelle Monáe kind of love.

13. Good things are better with you.

14. Happy to have my melanin pop with yours.

15. "To be young, gifted, and Black / Oh, what a lovely precious dream." — "To Be Young, Gifted, and Black," Nina Simone

16. In honor of our anniversary, here's some #BlackGirlMagic & #BlackBoyJoy for your feed.

17. In honor of our anniversary, here's double the#BlackGirlMagic for your feed.

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18. You and me forever, please.

19. "I can't believe we made it / This is why we're thankful." — "APESH*T," The Carters

20. Alexa, play “Love On The Brain" by Rihanna.

21. Even when you're getting on my last nerve, I'm happy to have you.

22. "I'm a ride-or-die and I don't need the keys." — "Ride or Die," Megan Thee Stallion and VickeeLo

23. Thank you for making this thing called life suck a little less.

24. Gladly by your side — through through thick, thicc, and thin.

25. #BlackLoveMatters

Dating is far from easy, especially if you and your partner cope with stressors like systemic racism, trauma fatigue, and the threat of violence. Still, you're probably glad you have a kind, thoughtful partner (who understands all of it) by your side. So, go on, use one of these Black love captions to celebrate that. Happy anniversary and happy posting!