24 Weird Bras & Underwear On Amazon That Are Actually Genius

By Maria Cassano
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When you get dressed in the morning, you probably don't think twice about your bras or underwear. Neither a stretchy triangle with three holes or a sling with padded cups are anything to write home about. Wrong. Amazon is loaded with weird but genius bras and underwear that are vastly improving upon your standard undergarment designs, and people are pretty psyched about it.

At first glance, these bizarre pairs of underwear and unusual bra designs might baffle you a bit. Upon closer examination, however, you'll find that people are buying them for a solid reason: whether they're extra comfortable, especially well-designed, or because they have unique features, they're making life just a little bit easier for those who wear them.

Personally, if one product solves multiple problems, I'm sold — and that goes double for articles of clothing. Whereas I used to struggle to find comfortable bras and practical panties in the department store, the internet has created a whole new platform for niche undergarments. Now you can wear any kind of neckline while your bra stays virtually invisible, prevent leaks from your period, and even store your liquor right next to your chest. Intrigued? I don't blame you — these are some of the weirdest, most brilliant bras and underwear you'll ever see.

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